Girls’s cushioned group socks (10 p. C.)

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  • 83% cotton, 14% polyester, 2% fiber, 1% spandex
  • imported
  • pull on closure
  • device wash
  • smooth stretch spandex for advanced healthy
  • smooth toe seam
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from the manufacturer

amazingly smooth, especially cozy.

all at a price that received’t destroy your finances.

product description

fruit of the loom womens socks are amazingly tender, particularly comfortable, and at a rate that may not smash your price range.


Shoe Size: 4-10, Shoe Size: 8-12


White, Black, Gray

8 reviews for Girls’s cushioned group socks (10 p. C.)

  1. May Max

    I loved that there are 10 pairs, and that a few of them had colored soles. They’re comfy to stand on tile and wood floors and warm. However the ankles are tight. I’m delicately boned, and I don’t have extra weight on my ankles, and hardly any on my calves. After a couple hours of wear, I had creases in my skin. They are so tight, that it begins to itch. Al day wear, (16 hours) and I can still see faint creases on my skin in the morning from these socks. I don’t understand why the ankles need to be fitted. Also, two of the colors were entirely too similar that even I thought they were the same shade, and I can tell lavender from violet. So unless you’re only just a skeleton with no muscle, these will work out for you. I don’t see how anyone who wears skinny jeans would opt for these, the ankles are still thick, just child-sized ankles. Read more

  2. GeezerWench – MizzRick

    Just don’t like them. The foot part fits well enough. The sole is cushioned, but the top part (over the arch of my foot) is rather thin. That really isn’t a problem. My problem with them is the ankle part is so darn tight! They’re actually uncomfortable. I’ve tried pulling them up, folding them over (like bobby socks, which is how I normally wear crew socks) and they’re so tight they bother me. I tried to buy more of the Fruit of the Loom socks I’d bought before and they are unavailable. They were grey crew socks with the brightly colored heel and toe. I previously bought three packs of them, and bought them as gifts for others. I thought these crew socks with the colored sole would be like them. Nope. i won’t buy them again. Read more

  3. SpikeysMommy

    I had thought this brand name would be held to higher standards and deliver a great value for my money. Unfortunately I was wrong. Extremely thin, almost “see through”, fabric feels cheap, does not hold up through several washes, and they just plain look cheap! I also purchased the “No Nonsense” ankle socks for just a few pennies more at the same time and discovered there is no comparison, the Fruit of the Loom socks are now in the bottom of my drawer, and I only use them when working in the garden, or around the yard, as they are pretty much useless to me. Given the choice, I would never purchase this brand again, as you truly get what you pay for in the quality and dependability category, which in this case is very little. Read more

  4. yukicharley

    Really really disappointed in these socks. I’ve been wearing FOTL for a long time and rotate between those and Gold Toe. These socks have been my go-to for years and I would buy them in the bags of 9, 10 or 12. I don’t know if FOTL has just decreased their quality on the products on Amazon or if they have as a whole, but these are not the socks I’ve come to known. They are still cushy on the bottom. Not AS cushy as they usually are, but there is still some cush to them. But they are thin – so much thinner than the FOTL socks I’ve always worn. I sent these back because I was so disappointed in the quality. I don’t see myself ordering any more in the future. I will spend a little more for Gold Toe and be happy. I don’t think these socks would last as long as they used to because they are so thin. Sad. Read more

  5. Amazon Customer

    I must admit I am a plus size girl. With that being said I have a hard time with clothing especially those that say they are plus size and I swear they are made for petites. Socks for me have been something I just suffered though because I could never find proper fitting ones. I got these and was so shocked. There was no bind in the ankle and they fit my foot as if someone knitted them just for me. It has been a long time since I felt this comfortable with my socks but no more. I will return for more and will look at any other lines of undergarments from this company. Sure is nice not to feel like your circulation is being cut off. thanks so much for finally putting out a line that is truly for plus sizes. Read more

  6. Holly Robison

    Wonderful!! Amazing fit!! When I first bought these I thought they wouldn’t fit. They looked really small, but they are wonderful! I wear a size 9.5 wide shoe and I bought the 8-12 socks. Read more

  7. Kelly

    Description: 82% Cotton, 15% Polyester, 1% Lycra Spandex, 2% Other Fiber. VS product received: 92% Polyester 3% Spandex. For those with foot sweat issues, it’s important to get cotton. I’m furious that I now have to pay return shipping for something that was falsely described! Read more

  8. Anna

    Nothing on package on website or actually says its for plus-size, but it is. I can’t wear regular crew socks because the leg part of them really is too small. I don’t, however, have diabetic or medicine build-up of water on my legs, so these fit and don’t roll or slide down when on. I can see that they might not work for some folks. Also when putting them on I immediately thought they were going to be too small because the leg part was tighter than I expected; once on they were fine. I know crew socks are supposed to be shorter, still, I wish FotL had similar knee socks. Maybe they do; maybe I need to check. In any case, these work for me. And they’re comfy! Read more

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