Girls’s canvas pirouette ii dance shoe

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  • a hundred% stretch canvas
  • imported
  • leather sole
  • 4 way stretch canvas
  • 1/2 sole design with blanketed feet
  • suede sole patch with pleats
  • soft elastic binding continues shoe in region with out pinching and 5/eight” one-sided plush primary elastic pre-attached at the sides three/8″ secondary elastic attached underneath the arch
  • capezio brand on sole
  • start half of – 1 length up from avenue shoe length. Size be aware: half sizes or excessive ft are advocated to move as much as the next length
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product description

pirouette like the pros in our stretch canvas pirouette ii shoe. The half of sole layout gives the excellent of each worlds. Ultra soft canvas hugs the forefoot while the open heel affords a whole lot wanted breathability. Elastics across the sides and beneath the arch of the foot maintain you solid at the same time as turning non-stop. Capezio brand on ballet-style sole patch adds an exclusive contact. 저희의 스트레치 캔버스 pirouette ii 신발을 신고 프로처럼 피루에트. 하프 솔 디자인은 두 가지 장점을 모두 제공합니다. 매우 부드러운 캔버스가 발 앞쪽을 감싸주고 오픈 힐은 필요한 통기성을 제공합니다. 측면 주위와 발 아치 아래의 탄성이 멈추지 않고 안정적으로 유지합니다. 발레 스타일의 밑창 패치에 capezio 로고가 독특한 터치를 더합니다.

salvatore capezio changed into born in 1871 in muro lucano, italy. Uninterested in following in his father’s footsteps as a construction engineer, he became an artist of his very own right, a cobbler. In 1887, on the age of 17, he opened his shop on broadway and thirty ninth road, diagonally throughout from the antique metropolitan opera house in the big apple city. Quickly, the store became a assembly region for dancers who might prevent by means of to discuss their desires and to get a couple of his shoes. As capezio’s reputation grew, dancers from round the sector made it a factor to go to him and buy his footwear. The innovation of the products that salvatore capezio created and the camaraderie he shared with the dancers molded the path that his agency could observe. On this photo, the capezio brand became mounted to sell and recognize ongoing achievements and participation in dance. Capezio merchandise remain inside the leading edge in first-rate and in technological advances with improvements just like the split-sole, the stretch-insert, the dansneaker and the tapsneaker. Capezio believes that their fulfillment relies upon the man or woman dedication of each client to continually set new requirements of creativity and performance, at the same time as keeping a recognition for dependability and difference. Capezio pledges their aid and dedication to the advancement of dance, theater and exercise in communities international.


Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 4-5 Women/4-5 Men


Nude, Black

8 reviews for Girls’s canvas pirouette ii dance shoe

  1. R. Gick

    These work wonderfully and as expected. They arrived in great condition and promptly. My daughter claims they are comfortable and they’re easy to put on for her too. We got a small and she wears a women’s size 5 comfortably (depending on the brand). Definitely order a size up for the smaller kiddos. The following size chart comes from another website and helps when trying to figure out sizing. XS – women 4-5 S – women 6-7 M – women 7.5-8 XL – 8.5-9 XXL- 9.5-10.00 Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    I danced all throughout school days and decided to get back into it as an adult, and got these for my contemporary class. I wear a size 7.5-8 in street shoes and got the large, and they fit pretty well – a tiny bit tight at first but since they are canvas they have stretched out and probably will continue to. They turn really well, and so far the straps stay in place very well. Capezio has always been a pretty dependable company in my experience, so hopefully they last a while. Have also used them for Barre classes and other such fitness classes at my gym and they work nicely. Read more

  3. Tasha

    These shoes fits true to size. My daughter wears a shoe size 8 in women’s, so I ordered 2 pairs of these shoes. I ordered a size 6-7.5 and I ordered a size 8-9.5. The 6-7.5 were too small but the 8-9.5 fits good. She said they feel good on her feet as well. Read more

  4. Jami

    I always feel like buying Capezio brand shoes is so hard because their sizing is just strange. I knew that these were adult shoes, and I was buying them for my 7 year old (because this is the style her teacher wanted, and I couldn’t find anything in kids sizes) . My daughter wears a size 13 in kids for street shoes. I was going back and fourth between the small and the extra small, but decided to go with the small hoping that they wouldn’t be too big. It is a toss up. I think the extra small would have been good for her because the small is just slightly loose on the sides, but I know had I ordered the extra small, she would have grown out of them pretty fast. I think once she dances in them and her feet get warm, they will swell just enough to fit perfect in the shoe. So, if you have a child that is kids shoe 10-12, I would order the extra small Size 13- 1, I would order a small. With that, I just really want to know why Capezio categorizes these shoes as adult sizes? If I was ordering these for myself, I would have no idea what to order, and wearing a size 6.5 shoe, I would probably order the small, thinking that my shoe size is on the small size of the women’s shoe spectrum. But, if the small fits my 7 year old, obviously that would cause some frustration. Overall though, the quality is very nice on these. The leather on these seems thicker than the Capezio brand leather ballet shoes. Read more

  5. A. Stephens

    THese are a good dance shoe, but the sizes are way off. I wear a 6.5 so I ordered the small which says for up to 7.5. It was way too small. It actually started making my foot tingly within a few minutes of wearing it was so tight. I ordered the next size up, and it fits much better, but for a 6.5 to need something for a size 9 as listed?? sizes are definitely not accurate. IT is a bit uncomfortable still at this point wear the binding comes around the foot, but Im hoping that will get better as they break in. Its not too bad, so will give these a try. Read more

  6. Xtina

    I’ve never had twylas before but needed tan shoes for recital so instead of investing in expensive jazz shoes I was able to order these instead. I’ve always seen them used in the studio by other classmates but never tried them myself. So as far as how they compare to regular jazz shoes, I’ll leave that unsaid until I can actually try them out. Seems like a great quality overall. Nice heavy duty canvas with the suede type bottoms. I’m a size 8 sneaker and ordered the Medium. They are pretty snug and a little too tight …but…these will stretch, I’m sure. So the fit seems like it will be perfect for when they do. I would not want these falling off my feet! Read more

  7. ELB

    These run a bit small and narrow…but fortunately I was able to order more than one size and return the size that didn’t fit. They are required for my daughter’s dance classes, so we order often because they wear completely out after about 20 hours of use. If you can choose what you wear, there are half soles that are made of high tech fabrics that contour to the foot better and wear longer. Read more

  8. D.A.

    She wears a girls 2, and I ordered the small 6-7.5. They won’t fit her for long, she will definitely grow out of them soon. If we didn’t need them the day they arrived, I would have exchanged them for a medium. Overall, the leather on the bottom looks sturdy and well sewn. The elastic is thick and comfortable. Overall, a great shoe, just be aware of the small sizing. Read more

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