Girls’s 459 suede sole jr. Footlight man or woman shoe

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  • one hundred% leather-based
  • suede sole
  • heel measures about 1. Five inches”
  • leather character shoe proposing slim buckle strap with elasticized inset and shapely mid-peak heel
  • brushed micropoly lining
  • cushioned insole for shock absorption
  • minimum shank board for added guide and versatility
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product description

capezio’s jr. Footlight shoe is perfect for any performance, whether it is individual or theatrical. The shoe functions a conventional buckle closure for custom fitting, and a shapely, mid-reduce heel it’s simply the right top. The suede sole makes it less complicated to waft throughout the floor.

salvatore capezio became born in 1871 in muro lucano, italy. Bored with following in his father’s footsteps as a construction engineer, he became an artist of his personal proper, a cobbler. In 1887, at the age of 17, he opened his shop on broadway and 39th street, diagonally throughout from the old metropolitan opera house in new york city. Quickly, the store became a assembly place for dancers who would stop by using to discuss their desires and to get a couple of his footwear. As capezio’s reputation grew, dancers from round the arena made it a point to visit him and purchase his shoes. The innovation of the goods that salvatore capezio created and the camaraderie he shared with the dancers molded the path that his corporation would comply with. In this photograph, the capezio emblem changed into hooked up to promote and apprehend ongoing achievements and participation in dance. Capezio merchandise stay in the forefront in nice and in technological advances with improvements like the split-sole, the stretch-insert, the dansneaker and the tapsneaker. Capezio believes that their achievement is dependent upon the man or woman dedication of every patron to continually set new requirements of creativity and performance, while retaining a reputation for dependability and distinction. Capezio pledges their aid and willpower to the development of dance, theater and activity in communities global.


4, 4 Wide, 4.5, 4.5 Wide, 5, 5 Wide, 5.5, 5.5 Wide, 6, 6 Wide, 6.5, 6.5 Wide, 7, 7 Wide, 7.5, 7.5 Wide, 8, 8 Wide, 8.5, 8.5 Wide, 9, 9 Wide, 9.5, 9.5 Wide, 10, 10 Wide, 10.5, 10.5 Wide, 11, 11 Wide, 11.5, 11.5 Wide, 12, 12 Wide


Black, Caramel

8 reviews for Girls’s 459 suede sole jr. Footlight man or woman shoe

  1. Nina R. Franco

    The shoe itself is fine, the problem is the heel. It is completely uncovered wood-looking material with a nail in the middle. Ballroom dancers know that turns are done on both the ball of the foot AND the heel. An uncovered heel is slippery and the nailhead will ruin a ballroom floor. In my case one of the heels has the nail in in a slight angle-the nailhead is slightly offset making it protrude just enough to scratch the floor. I won’t bother to return the shoes–otherwise they are fine–I will hammer in the nail a bit more and take the shoes to the cobbler and have him put suede over the heels -which is what Capezio should have done in the first place. Read more

  2. Mom of 3

    After 3 pairs in the last 3 years for middle school choir my daughter broke her shoe with 2 shows left. She was not looking forward to having to break in a new pair when she was never going to need them again (high school uses higher heels). These were perfect. She said they felt like they were worn in straight from the box. Also we didn’t notice that this had a suede bottom but makes them quieter and less slippery than the leather on the other pairs she’s had. I didn’t know I was buying a different shoe (wasn’t paying attention to anything other than what it looked like) would definitely recommend these to anyone Read more

  3. Athena G.

    They fit true to size. I usually wear a 9.5 and the 9.5 feel great. They kind of look like a pair of black ballet slippers with a heel on them, the toe is a little more rounded than I was expecting (but that also means more room in the toe area which is nice). The heel is strangely lacking suede and you can see nails (like other reviews mentioned.) They bulge out a lot on the inner side when I flex my foot. There is almost no support under the arch. They are nice and light and a pretty black matte color. I bought these for swing dancing lessons. I think they will work well, I just hope they hold up well, I’m eying the thin strap warily that is absolutely needed to keep these on. Read more

  4. Maria Wolf

    I ordered both the Capezio Women’s Suede Sole Jr. Footlight and the Capezio Women’s Jr. Footlight Character. Both models fit me like the description from Capezio predicted (one like street shoe size, the other half a size up). I normally wear a 7.5. Luckily, I got free returns so that I could order several sizes and I did not have to rely on the review only, but I would recommend to order several sizes when you are unsure like me. The shoe is quite narrow, which I liked because I have slim feet. Maybe that is why some people find it smaller than street shoe size or maybe the deviation from street shoe size is larger when you go up in size. One issue that I had with all four pairs of Capezio shoes that I ordered is that the heel seems to be at a slightly different angle than the front part of the shoe. So when I had my toes/the ball of the foot on the ground, the back part of the heel does not touch the ground. When I have the weight on the heels, the toes/ball of the feet do not touch the ground – which feels very unstable. Maybe this is because these shoes must also work for tap dancing (they have a hole in the heel so that you can put a tap heel on it). I hope that the heel will not break because of the uneven weight distribution. The Suede sole is nice, good for (ballroom) dancing probably. I couldn’t keep this pair because the good size was not available and kept the Capezio Women’s Jr. Footlight Character instead. Both are comfortable. Read more

  5. KH

    I am very disappointed. I was headed to a dance festival and couldn’t wait to have real dance shoes. The shoe doesn’t fit right at all. Too much room in back, yet foot slides forward and toes are squished. So initially when putting the shoe on it appears that it’s too large because of the spacing and back. Yet, after wearing them I had to take them off because they hurt my toes. Now that I’ve worn them though I’m unable to return them. Something’s wrong with the style or the way the shoe fits. Read more

  6. Mike S.

    The shoes looked good, my daughter wanted comfortable character/dance shoes in tan, and she prefers Capezio. The first pair lasted 3 practices and the heel detached from the shoe. She was distressed as this was one week before open. Amazon handled the return with aplomb and efficiency,as always, and the new shoes seem to be holding up better, but time will tell. Maybe just poor quality control, but I expect better from Capezio. Read more

  7. ThatGuy

    The product claims to fit street shoe size. It definitely does not. Just like another reviewer says, you should order a half size up. I ordered it one day shipping with Amazon Prime and was excited to get it in time for my next dance class, but was very disappointed that the item did not fit as described. I’ve had it for less than 5 minutes and already have it boxed up for a return. While if it fit correctly it seems like it would be comfortable, the construction looks very flimsy and cheap. Read more

  8. Tdog137

    The fit in bare feet is slightly loose, so when I use nylon or cotton pedis it’s just right. I dance Argentine tango, not the dancing with the Stars type. This is my first time using a suede sole shoe and I will never go back to leather. The suede makes it easier to cross my feet and turn while my balance feels solid. I preferred the shorter heel Don’t wear these shoes on any surface except a proper wood dance floor or it will ruin the smooth suede sole. Read more

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