Girls’s 3-p. C. Lightweight comfortsoft mid-calf crew socks

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  • polyester/spandex/other fibers
  • imported
  • device wash
  • crew duration socks live up and hits at mid-calf
  • made with a hint of spandex for stretch and a amazing match
  • to be had in a handy three-%
  • lightweight construction for no delivered bulk.
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product description

awesome tender group socks are the suitable everyday socks 매우 부드러운 크루 양말은 완벽한 일상 양말입니다


5-9, Shoe Size: 5-9, Shoe Size: 8-12


Assorted, Black, White, Ivory/Pink, Ivory, Ivory/Pink, Pink/Khaki/Ivory, White – 6 Pack

8 reviews for Girls’s 3-p. C. Lightweight comfortsoft mid-calf crew socks

  1. Folantin

    I used to buy my socks at Target but lately I haven’t been able to find the sort of socks I really like. I like them to be thin with lots of stretch, preferably with a little shine, or at least not to look like dull cotton/wool. All the old socks I liked so much have worn out and lately I’ve been trying to find socks here that I like. I tried another brand recently and while the look and material was great, they were too tight around the top. Fast forward to Hanes: I ordered these and honestly didn’t expect much. But they are PERFECT. Very thin (the way I like them) and they fit extremely well. Not too tight, not too loose. Honestly for some reason I overlooked Hanes brand, but these socks are exactly what I’ve been looking for. Edited to add: I’ve had these for two months now. I also bought some black ones (same material etc) from a large store whose name begins with M. While the coloured, patterned ones have held up well, the all-black have not. Someone left paper tissues in a pocket and the socks came out looking like they have dandruff. I CANNOT get rid of it no matter how many times I wash them and stick them in the dryer. Read more

  2. Sarah Nelson

    Upon first wear, these socks were great. Soft, non-binding. However, after washing they have turned into lint magnets. They are full of fuzz, strings, you name it. They pick up everything around them and do not let go. (See photo) Also, they feel weird on my hands as I pull them on now, like they are tugging at my dry skin. I would not buy these again and do not recommend. Two stars only because they are well-constructed. Read more

  3. njeri d

    I bought these for my daughter and they were so soft that i bought some more myself…a big mistake and waste of money…i should’ve read all the reviews as someone said don’t wear without shoes as they collect everything.. yes, EVERYTHING! and they don’t wash well, so I’ll need a lint collector to get the stuff off…I’ve never had an issue like this with socks…very disappointing… (Photo is after washing) Read more

  4. Arianna

    First reaction; love these socks! I got two different sizes to see which would fit, I wear size 8 in shoes. Both the 5-9 & 8-12 fit perfectly. These are super soft, just enough stretch, airy, perfect for me since I hate wearing socks lol Read more

  5. Diane L

    I generally buy Hanes anklets but I bought two sets of Hanes Crew socks on the same day. This set is the “Hanes Women’s ComfortSoft Crew Socks 3-Pack”. The other was “Hanes Women’s Comfortfit Lightweight Crew Socks 3-Pack.” Similar names, same price, but I prefer this type, the ComfortSoft. The ComfortSoft, is a softer sock and pulls over my foot with ease and feels good all day. The other type, the Comfortfit, is a heavier sock and I suspect it will hold up better over time. But the socks are tight and hard to get over my foot. Once I get it on, it’s noticeably tighter and uncomfortable around my foot. (I wear a 6.5 wide shoe size so it may be my wide feet.) I always wear socks with shoes and so I don’t have the problems that some people are complaining about in other reviews. Read more

  6. CD

    This is after the very first wash. I even washed them inside out. None of the other socks in the same washed had this. Read more

  7. Roogs

    I dislike thick socks, abhor athletic tube socks but wanted a thin white sock to wear with walking shoes and sneakers. Nothing with lace trim around the ankles like girly church socks or anything that went too high up the calf. Upon arrival and first wearing, these seemed like the socks of my dreams; thin but not flimsy, soft as kitten fur, not athletic looking. The length was above ankle, not binding and no sliding down to bunch up in the heel of my shoe. My feet did not sweat excessively in these. Sounds great, right? The first time I washed these, the amount of pilling post wash was astounding. I washed these in a small load of delicate whites, cool water, mild liquid detergent, hand wash cycle. Line dried, too. The pilling on the socks made it look like I had been wearing them for years instead of one day. I will save these for use as gardening socks and won’t repurchase this brand. Read more

  8. NinaSchatzkamerMiller

    Not at all what I was expecting. These are thin, dress socks, not comfort crew. While they are soft, they are very thin. I have other Hanes crew socks that are thick and comfortable – that’s what I was looking for. They have a band around the top to hold them up, and that makes them rather uncomfortable – it’s very tight. Read more

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