Girls womens dance shoe pink ballet pointe slippers ballet flats shoes with ribbons toe pads black crimson purple

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  • cloth: satin, durable complete sole: the only is the usage of germany thick paper, that’s flexible and put on-resistant. It’s miles printed with the particular logo of wendywu
  • ladies womens all season pointe ballet shoes size us12. 5c-us11
  • please cited: length 12, size 12. Five, length 13 are for little kids
  • ballet footwear with natural high excellent ribbon, perfect for regular practice, provide sufficient assist for the the beginners and expert dancer, an excellent birthday present & christmas present
  • care coaching: pointe footwear are consumables and can’t be wiped clean (inclusive of dry cleaning and washing). They may decrease after touching the water. A bit stain may be wiped gently with a damp fabric. Do no longer use excessive force to suppress
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product description

approximately us

our employer has more than two decades experience in best dance wear layout and manufacture. With pleasant craftsmanship, we have been making shoes and apparels that inspired greatness in dance faculties and expert dance academies.

our merchandise consist of: ballet leotards, ballet dresses, ballet tights, ballet footwear, jazz shoes, ballet footwear and many others.

colors & sizes

shades: professional ballet powder, crimson and black are to be had

length: 12c m us little kids to 11 m us girls

if you need to wear it with toe pad, please pick one size up

occasion: it’s miles the first-rate desire for each day ballet sporting activities and ballet performances.

recommendation: commonly one of a kind hardness soles are appropriate for distinctive revel in of ballet dancers. This sole is tough-bottomed and is commonly advocated for skilled ballet dancers.


satin, durable complete sole: the only is the use of germany thick paper, that’s flexible and put on-resistant. It’s far printed with the specific brand of wendywu


this kind of excessive quality ballet dance footwear is manufactured from satin, smooth, comfortable and sturdy.

new professional ballet pointe dance footwear with ribbon


gentle & comfy & extraordinarily glamorous. Get the greatest attraction while you are dancing!

high consolation of fabric, desirable luster and softness, very suitable for regular practice.

12c=18cm=7. 08″

12. 5c=18. 5cm=7. 28″

1 b(m) us=19cm=7. 48″

1. Five b(m) us=19. 5cm=7. 67″

2 b(m) us=20cm=7. 87″,

2. Five b(m) us=20. 5cm=8. 07″

three b(m) us=21cm=8. 26″

four b(m) us=22cm=8. 66″

5 b(m) us=22. 5cm=8. 86″

6 b(m) us=23cm=9. 05″

7 b(m) us=23. 5cm=9. 25″

8 b(m) us=24cm=nine. Forty four”

9 b(m) us=24. 5cm=nine. Sixty four”

10 b(m) us=25cm=9. 84″

11 b(m) us=25. 5cm=10″


1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 12.5, 13


Pink, Black, Red, Blue, Pink 11-2

8 reviews for Girls womens dance shoe pink ballet pointe slippers ballet flats shoes with ribbons toe pads black crimson purple

  1. Kate Marie

    For those thinking these are for professional dancers or even semi advanced dancers these shoes are not for that. These should only be for beginners or used as a prop for pictures etc. These are a step up from the super cheap ones you see on amazon. But i will say the Shank in these is plastic. you will not be able to get a good bend in the shoes arch to help you because it constantly moves or just goes back down to flat once you start moving around in the shoe. The box is more wider so if you have wide feet and are trying out pointe this would be a good start before you look into professional shoes. im a size 6 and ordered a size 6 and its pretty big in the back its really baggy i can fit atleast 3 fingers between my back heel to the shoe since the box is so wide my foot just sank in it. So id order a size before your normal shoe size to make a better fit. The packaging is really nice came with a mesh bag for the shoes to breathe and gel toe pads which are extremely nice quality ( be careful if you have pets pet hair sticks to them easy and is hard to get off). Its super nice to have the ribbon already sewn on loved that. but would’ve liked some stretchy elastic bands to be sewn on them as well but i can do that myself. Other than that i liked the shoes and they worked great for what i needed them for. I have been a dancer for 15 years and only needed them for a photoshoot. but please look into professional quality for shoes for pointe unless being used as a prop or photo session etc. Read more

  2. JA

    Vanassa Pointe Shoes Amazing professional level quality,amazing price,AND super fast delivery! Comfortable and true to street size! Who I am: level 1 advanced pointe; curvier(heavier) than the avg dancer. Delivery details: I placed the order Thurs night and got them Sat morning. Details upon delivery: When I opened the box I was very impressed by the detail and high quality!Includes ribbons already sewn in! Recital or class ready-no break in period!Just add your own toe padding and elastics then you’re ready to go! Plus it came with a (good quality) cute breathable cotton drawstring shoe bag to keep them clean,dry,and pretty between wears. Shoe details: Fit: Buy these shoes in your street size-they’ll fit perfectly! I am a street size woman’s 7 (my feet are medium narrow with high arches). I bought 7 medium (W 41 Queen 1) .Right out of the box they are comfortable and beyond perfect fit!.They seriously felt like a pair of specially made custom dance company professional pointes. Visually-Have a beautiful curved soles with medium hard, mid heel shanks.Sturdy smooth satin, wide double stitched boxes,elegant scoop v-vamp, and perfectly placed pre-sewn sturdy (not stretchy) ribbons. Read more

  3. Amanda Fort

    They are beautiful and very comfortable. The sizing is very accurate although I will need to add elastic to help keep the heels on better. They came with the ribbons sewn in which is nice and toe pads which are really comfortable. They also came with the cutest bag!!! Read more

  4. cathryne r

    I bought my Grandaughters each a pair of these for their Birthday. They love them! Make sure to follow the size chart and measure the feet and you will be happy with the sizing. They were twirling around the house on their toes right away! Neither one has had any pointe training so these are great for beginners or even just for play. Great buy. I bought the toe protectors two but was nervous that they would make the shoes too tight but they were fine Read more

  5. Heather

    Bought for my daughter for Christmas and she really enjoyed them a lot! She had been wanting ballerina slippers for some time and I wanted a good pair but not to invest a bunch of money into them just in case she didn’t like them. Her toes cramp after using these for some time but that’s to be expected as she wasn’t used to it and that’s not typically how one walks everyday, but she really enjoyed playing around the house in these and took them to her friends house too. I recommend for beginners or kids trying to get a feel for what ballet shoes feel like. Read more

  6. Robin S.

    For the price, the quality of this pointe shoe is quite good. That said, it just didn’t fit my foot as a pointe shoe should. I ordered both a 7 and an 8 for my street shoe size of 7 to 7 1/2. Even the 7 was a tad too big, lengthwise. However, the real issue for me was in the toe box, and specifically, the profile height (top-to-bottom measurement of toes/front of foot). Even with toe padding, there was not enough support and my foot slumped inside the shoe. A smaller size would not have fixed the problem. My primary reason for purchasing these these was to use in my spare time drawing hobbie, but I did want the shoe to fit. I wouldn’t recommend this shoe for serious pointe students. They may be okay for starting out, but only if it really fits properly–something that should be undertaken in person with someone who knows about pointe shoe fitting. For most, this should really be no more than a novelty item. Read more

  7. Cara Scanlon

    Bought these for my daughter. She has been dancing for a while now and just uses them primarily for practice at home. It’s a great beginner point shoe. She has been dancing around the house for a month now in them and they have not fallen apart. Read more

  8. Kate C.

    Great pointe shoes for the price and being an online purchase. They’re well made and perfect for anyone just starting out en pointe. Read more

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