Footfitter top class 3″- 6″ excessive heel shoe stretcher (women’s large (8. 5-eleven))

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  • ensure this suits via getting into your version range.
  • beech wooden
  • made in usa or imported
  • high heel stretcher: stretches the width of high heel footwear!
  • 3″-6″ heels: designed specially for 3″ – 6″ high heel footwear!
  • bunion plugs: comes with 3 adjustible bunion plug pieces!
  • strong creation: premium polished beech wooden and chrome steel components!
  • unmarried stretcher: sold as single stretcher.
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Women's Small (4 – 6), Women's Medium (6.5 – 8), Women's Large (8 – 10.5)

8 reviews for Footfitter top class 3″- 6″ excessive heel shoe stretcher (women’s large (8. 5-eleven))

  1. Annalisa Wallace

    I bought this to stretch out a new pair of expensive heels I bought. It was very had to turn the crank to expand the stretcher and when it came time to take it out of my heel the wood stuck to the inside of the shoe and I had to basically rip it out of the shoe (and yes I did turn the crank to collapse it and it still stuck to the inside of the shoe). I didn’t think I expanded it that much so I don’t know why it stuck to the inside of the shoe. It did the job but destroyed the inside of the shoe. My mom has a much older shoe stretcher (probably 30+ years old) and i used that one on the other heel and it worked much better AND left the inside of my shoe intact. Moral of the story is don’t use the product- try and find a better stretcher. Read more

  2. Shawna99

    If I could give this 0 stars I would! I used this to stretch out a pair of high heel boots about 30 days before I needed to wear them but that was not enough time. The stretch portion does not go wide enough to do a proper job and if you go all the way down the triangle piece of metal pops out. I had emailed the seller and they said to pop it back in with my hand, it totally smashed my fingers so I used pliers and that put it back in place but it pops out almost every time and then good luck pulling it out of your shoe. I feel like this was a total waste of my money, my time and my patience. I also do not feel like I am satisfied with how the seller dealt with my problem, sort of like they had heard this before and knew exactly what to do and therefore are aware they are selling a faulty item. POOR quality. Read more

  3. amazonreviewer

    Love this. Much better than the standard one you buy at Walmart or Target. Nicer quality. Metal gears not plastic. Sturdy construction. Extra side pieces. Well made. I am editing this review as my foot fitter just broke. It has only been used 3 times in a 1 1/2 year period. Am writing to company about warranty and will follow up with what they do about it. Update: I contacted the seller about my problem and they quickly and promptly responded back and sent out a new one under the warranty. Read more

  4. PwrPurchase

    Ladies, this is a must for all new high heel shoes. I like getting that previously broken-in feel when I put on a new pair of stilettos. No more blisters and toe crushing pain for me! I use these now on Every New Pair of shoes that I buy. Even if my shoes feel comfortable in the store it seems that after wearing them out for an hour or more causes me discomfort. When I buy a half size larger my shoes are coming off my foot in the heel area or require uncomfortable inserts. This product solves my problems. My only issue is that you only get ONE shoe stretcher. If you want to do both shoes at the same time you’ll need to purchase two. I just bought one and do one shoe at a time but I’ll probably break down and buy a second one. Read more

  5. Megzilla

    First of all, kudos to their shipping peoples!! I ordered one about a year ago and I remember shipping being super fast. Finally decided to buy another one this week. It’s almost like the Jimmy Johns commercials, lol. I feel like I just ordered it and it was already at my door (exaggerating to make a point here :p). Amazon tracking still says it will be delivered in 2 days lol. Anywho, these are among the best inventions ever! I love that they’re my little secret to more comfy feet in heels when out and about. They DO work even without stretching spray (if you leave in for several hours). For extra security in fixing my heels, I took advice from another reviewer and created my own stretch spray (2 parts water 1 part rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle). Now I have my secret heel team! 👌🏽 Ladies this is a MUST have! Only downfall is they don’t come in pairs. Read more

  6. love2shop

    I wish I’d found these stretchers 10 years ago! I have troible finding comfortable heels because I need a C width. This foot stretcher is turning all of my B widths into comfort. Finally. Easy to use. I don’t use a spray and still works great as long as i stretch them several times while wearing in between. Great quality and fast shipping. Read more

  7. Rosebud

    Great product, quality materials. It really works! Solid wood, not some cheap materials that competitors use. Make sure you insert the stretcher all the way to the toe of the shoe. I have 2 issues with this product. 1) The plastic pegs do not fit snuggly into the holes in the wood. When you insert the stretcher, guide them in carefully, to prevent the pegs from spinning around in the wrong direction and stretching the wrong toe/bunion area. 2) I cannot understand why these are not offered as a SET. You can only stretch one shoe at a time; it seems so silly. ..To buy 2 separately would be $64, and I feel that is too expensive. I think maybe $50/set would be reasonable. Read more

  8. Scullygirl

    I am so happy I got this. I have the worst time with buying pointy shoes because the toe boxes are always too tight but I can’t go up a size because then foot slips out. This widens the toe box so now I have many pairs of shoes I can wear again for longer than an hour. The only down side is you only get one but I just switch between the L and R and it does the job. I’ll probably by another one to speed up the process Read more

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