Expedition digital chrono alarm timer 39mm watch

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  • indiglo night-light with night time-mode
  • a hundred-hour chronograph with 99-lap counter and break up times
  • three each day, weekday, weekend or weekly alarms with 5-minute backup
  • time region settings
  • water resistant to 330 feet (100 m): appropriate for snorkeling, as well as swimming, however now not diving
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  • cannot stop the beeping @ 1 am help
  • from the training pdf: setting the alarm is similar to setting time. Your watch model has 3 alarms. Follow below manner to set every alarm. 1. Press mode repeatedly until alm1, alm2, or alm3 seems. Pick out alarm you need to set. 2. Press set to set alarm. 3. Hour digits flash. Press + or – to exchange hour. 4. Press next. Minute digits flash. Press + or – to change mins. 5. Press next. If in 12-hour layout, am/pm flashes. Press + or – to alternate. 6. Press next. Press + or – to pick each day, weekdays or weekends. 7. Press carried out to verify and go out. 8. Press begin/split or stop/reset to arm or disarm alarm. Whilst disarmed, off may be displayed. When armed, the alarm clock icon will seem. If that doesn’t stop it respond to the remark. See much less

  • does it have dual time zones?
  • sure it does, however it took me a while to parent out how to switch from one to the other. To see the trade time zone you press start/split, and to make it stay on the show you hold that button down till the exchange time region sticks. Accessible for me due to the fact when i go from one coast to the other it is smooth to remind myself what time it’s far returned domestic. See less

  • does the indiglo light up the numbers, so that they glow? Or does it backlight at the back of the numbers, so they look black?
  • query: does the indiglo mild up the numbers, so that they glow? Or does it backlight behind the numbers, so that they appearance black? Answer: the numbers are black, they glow with a inexperienced colour when the button is pressed…… Wish this allows…. By using paul e. Burge on july 24, 2015 did not get answers. See more solutions (3) disintegrate all answers

  • what length are the watch band springs?
  • query: what size are the watch band springs? Solution: i had the band it comes with removed & an adjustable band placed on, so i am no longer certain. Via m. Phipps on october eight, 2019 collapse all answers


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    4 reviews for Expedition digital chrono alarm timer 39mm watch

    1. Bob

      I mainly use this watch for work where we rely on having accurate time. I have been wearing this watch now for 2 weeks. What I like about the watch: 1: Watch face is large enough to be able to clearly read the time,date and day of the week. 2. Watch face is not so big that it is uncomfortable (roughly 1 5/8 inch wide by 1 3/4 long) 3. The combination nylon/leather strap is thin and flexible (but durable). The thickness is about 3/4 of an inch making it very comfortable to wear. 4. Indiglo feature is bright in the dark and very easy to find the button as it is on the face of the watch as opposed the side of the watch. 5. Setting are easy to navigate and easy to set time and date 6. Includes chronograph, timer and you can assign 3 different alarms. 7. Has the hour chime ( which you can disable). 8. You can set it to a 24 hour clock. What I did not like: 1. The watch did not come with instructions on how to set the watch up and to navigate it. But as i stated earlier it is super easy to figure out. (to set your time just press and hold the set button while you are in time mode,hit the mode button, hit start/split button to adjust time, hit set to set the time) 2. Sometimes i have a difficult time getting the watch on and off, but i think that will get easier as the watch band breaks in. In conclusion I would not hesitate to buy this watch. Again, it is super comfortable, light weight, easy to read and has been very durable so for. And at this price point how could you go wrong? Read more

    2. Raul

      UPDATE (Nov 30, 2019) I just replaced the battery again, the watch is still working fine, including the indiglo button. UPDATE (Oct 11, 2018) Just a month after I wrote this review, I went on vacation with my family, I spent a lot of time in the pool with this watch on, I guess the water might have loosen the indiglo button because it started working again. I have upgraded this review to 4 stars, the only bad thing with this watch is the low quality wrist band. ORIGINAL REVIEW (Dec 05, 2017) I originally bought this watch on December 11, 2011, the case is still going strong, I had to replace the battery last year, the original strap lasted a couple of years only, then I got a Timex Genuine Leather 18mm Brown Replacement Watchband , that again lasted only a couple of years. Finally I just got a couple of Ritche 18mm Nato Straps , I hope they last longer than the original Timex ones. The indiglo button doesn’t work anymore, everything else works fine. PROS: – Sturdy watch case. CONS: – Screen can be easily scratched. – Original Timex watchbands don’t last enough. – Indiglo button fails after 2 years. All in all, it is a good watch. Read more

    3. Ed

      This was the perfect watch. Large display, great functions, durable, inexpensive. All of the features on every T48042 I’ve owned worked great. They last me several years, until the watch band breaks, the face is more scratched than I like, or the control buttons become difficult to get to work. But I have always gotten a great life from them. I like them so much, I have bought nine of them over the past ten years. I have four in reserve right now, so I can continue to have this model after Timex decides to discontinue them. So why the one star, don’t buy again? Timex has changed the design – replacing the battery (available through Amazon for $0.61 each) is no longer simple. It used to be just a small jeweler’s Phillips head and good eye sight. But the three I just bought does not have screws holding the batteries in place. I surfed the web for instructions, but found nothing. I emailed Timex and they said they do not provide instructions – take it to a jeweler or ship it to them to have the battery replaced (for $12 – $15). Hmm, $12 to $15, plus postage and two to four weeks to get the watch back (per Timex’s email) or the gas and time to take it to a jeweler, vs. $0.61 for a battery delivered to my home? These watches are now one battery watches, disposables. This change is why I advise do not buy this watch, unless you want to throw it out when the battery runs out. Read more

    4. Ferd

      I’ve been wearing Timex watches for years. I think they are the best inexpensive watch you can buy. I’ve never had one fail other than the battery eventually die. I use the 3 alarms extensively but these do use the battery faster than just the time keeping and Indiglo back light. I used to replace bands and batteries but now I just buy a new one every couple of years. I keep the old one for gardening, swimming, etc. They will keep perfect time long after the battery is too low for the alarms and back light. I’ve spent hours swimming with these, never got water in them. The size is perfect for me, I don’t like clunky oversized watches. The band is probably the weakest link on these but I still prefer it to Velcro straps. Not the dressiest watch but I seldom get dressed up. I have a fancy gold watch the company gave me for that except it quit working several years ago. Old faithful Timex’s just keep on working. Several years ago they changed the operating system on these watches and the “new” system is great. Having the + and – buttons for setting timers, etc. is great. Much easier to use the second time zone too. Read more

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