Essential travel wrap womens strong jersey knit cotton cashmere combination cover up scarf

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  • 37p. Cviscose 30p. Ccotton 18%nylon 10p. Cwool fivep. Ccashmere
  • 26×76 inch versatile oblong shape that may be worn around your neck, or wrapped round your shoulders to provide comfort, as well as warm temperature.
  • high-priced jersey knit mixture of cotton and a hint of cashmere. Breathable, durable, and extraordinary smooth towards the skin.
  • that is the important travel wrap to have for your bag. Best bring-on accessory for cold airplanes, throw it on over your yoga equipment whilst on foot the canine, and a first rate nursing cover-up alternative for new moms! Pairs well with informal clothing, or is a at ease shawl over your little black get dressed.
  • first rate gift concept for each fashion, each age. No need to worry about size!
  • accessories first scarves are special to amazon! You’ll most effective find the most stylish add-ons right here.
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product description

style revolves round having critical gadgets to your cloth wardrobe that are versatile and timeless. You want your core pieces so one can adapt to any style you’ll be feeling that day. From the workplace to dinner, or maybe from yoga to saturday purchasing, you want to get the maximum from your clothing. A stylish scarf is a ought to have announcement piece to assist transform your appearance from day to night time.

think accessories first whilst styling your day! An clean replace for every fashion – every age!

it’s 2019 and you are on the flow. Sooner or later may also begin with yoga and cease with a patio dinner. This vital wrap can live with you from morning until night time and all the subway rides in between. Locate your favorite solid colour to compliment each possible fashion. Strive a heathered colour for greater of a distressed casual appearance.

make certain you grab this knit wrap in your next travel journey. It compacts easily into your carry-on so that you have a cozy aircraft blanket. Even if you did not seize some z’s, throw it on as a cape fashion cowl-up and stroll off the plane in style.

mother and father on the go must p. C. An entire nursery in one bag. Put on this multifunctional piece as a corpulent scarf so it’s right there whilst you need a brief nursing cowl asap. Dad & child on a walk and need a brief blanket on the grass? Have this tucked away for the complete family to nap on.

evidently technical

scarf styling one hundred and one

the way to tie a scarf is the number one question we are asked every day. There are no style policies, no right or incorrect – so have fun! Can’t discover the proper infinity-headband in the colour you like? Knot the ends together to create your own loop scarf. Need that blanket-headband look? Loop a everyday oblong headscarf as soon as, and attempt tucking in a single nook so it drapes all the way down to make it appear to be an oversized rectangular. Or knot the ends of two styles together to present that excessive-fashion xxl style. Your assertion headband is in which you could take the risks, so suppose outside the box. Our add-ons can without difficulty double as seashore sarongs, sash belts, or even knotted into a vest. Right here are our top tying traits to attempt out:

how to tie a scarf is the #1 query we’re asked each day. There are no style rules, no proper or incorrect – so have a laugh! Can’t find the ideal infinity-scarf in the shade you like? Knot the ends collectively to create your own loop scarf. Want that blanket-headband look? Loop a ordinary rectangular headscarf as soon as, and try tucking in one nook so it drapes right down to make it appear to be an outsized square. Or knot the ends of two patterns together to present that excessive-fashion xxl fashion. Your assertion scarf is in which you can take the risks, so think out of doors the container. Our add-ons can easily double as beach sarongs, sash belts, or maybe knotted into a vest. Here are our top tying tendencies to try out:

satisfied shopping!

just don’t get mad while you will need a bigger closet!


Black, Deep Blue, Fawn, Grey Heather, Ivory, Raspberry, Red, Siena, Wineberry

8 reviews for Essential travel wrap womens strong jersey knit cotton cashmere combination cover up scarf

  1. Katie

    Totally light and soft. Love this scarf! Read more

  2. cindy porter

    Not very good quality. Read more

  3. Picky Shopper

    Based on the description and no reviews, I wasn’t really sure what to expect as far as the fabric was concerned. When I think of jersey, I think of t-shirts. So, yeah. Had no idea what, exactly I might be getting. When it came in, I was pleased. Turns out this is very much like a very lightweight, loosely woven sweater. And it is *very* soft. Perfect length. Well turned edges. I have problems with getting itchy with some fibers, but this does not seem like something that will cause me issues. Unfortunately it is mid-summer here (85F plus day-times) and this scarf is wayyyy to autumn/wintery to be wearing yet. I wouldn’t really consider this a “fashion” scarf, IMO, it is more of a scarf you wear as outerwear, like with a coat or jacket. But I look forward to the dropping temps when I *can* wear it. I’d stick to hand-washing this and laying flat to dry. I machine-wash and dry 90% of the stuff I own (and 30% of that recommends hand-washing or dry-cleaning), but this is one item I wouldn’t do that with. I just have a feeling. If you just gotta, I’d put it in a mesh wash bag, wash on cold, gentle cycle. Air dry, in the bag, no heat, on the very lowest setting your dryer has. And hope for the best. I hope you find this review helpful. If my experience or opinion changes, I will update this promptly. Read more

  4. L.M. Keefer

    This is a wide scarf, and a long scarf. So, it is versatile in how you choose to wear it. Over your head? Around your shoulders? If you’re sitting on an airplane, on your lap? It is a fairly soft scarf with a mix of ingredients: 37% VISCOSE, 30% COTTON, 18% NYLON, 10% WOOL and 5% CASHMERE. Personally, more cashmere and less viscose or nylon might have been nice in my opinion and turned this into a 5-star scarf. How big is it? 26 x 76 inch oblong shape so about two feet wide and a little more than six feet wide. The gray is a medium gray which will go well with many colors in coats, jackets etc: black, gray, navy, pink, turquoise, red etc. Gray reads pretty much like a neutral now. The price at $30 seems pricey, but not exorbitant. This would make a nice gift for the holidays, or a stocking stuffer. I guess this scarf is gender neutral and guys or gals could wear it. I like this scarf. One of its best features is that it is light weight at 4 ounces, so light to wear or carry in your backpack. Read more

  5. Reneerk

    I have waay too many scarves but this is one of my favorites! It is so simple but really pulls together a casual outfit. It says it has some wool and cashmere content but it feels more like a cotton knit to me. It does feel nice and it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. It’s not thick and not too thin, perfect for fall and spring, or winter if you don’t live in a very cold place. It can be worn as a regular scarf or as a shawl wrap. I love the color. I think the description says it’s deep teal but it’s not, it’s a vibrant navy blue. I don’t normally like navy blue, I think it’s boring and it doesn’t go good with black (I wear a lot of black), but this navy blue is brighter and really pretty. I couldn’t get a good picture of how the color actually looks in real life (that’s why I took so many!), but I would say the closest is the one where it’s on the ivory blanket. I don’t know why my camera was showing it looking so muted, it’s not. It does look good with black and really pops against charcoal grey. Read more

  6. Sabreezy Aint Easy

    This wrap is so big. I feel like I am wrapping a blanket around myself. I am in no way complaining about it either. It is definitely going to come in handy when the winter season rolls around again. It will pair perfectly with a sweater, jeans, and my cozy boots. It is a really nice thick material and it is very soft to the touch. You can also wear it around your neck as a sweater but I feel like it should be showed off not hidden under a jacket. It is made of a cashmere blend (cotton, wool, viscose, nylon, cashmere). It is not linty either which is always a problem when I buy scarves/wraps. I am always having to pick off all of the lint balls when I wear them and then they shed on my clothes (which is a whole new set of problems and lint brushes). This wrap is beautiful…bottom line. I can’t wait to wear it! Read more

  7. ♫ Trouble ♫

    I tend to like cashmere more than wool because it takes the slightly rough edge of wool and softens it while still providing the warmth. I live in Michigan and have several cashmere sweaters and a lot of wraps. This says it is 5% cashmere which should not be mistaken for a shahtoosh shawl. I was just looking up the fabric content on those and discovered the ones I brought back from Kashmir are illegal. Oops. Anyway, those are very fragile and almost airy, where as this one is thicker and more likely to survive different conditions. It is wide enough to be a shawl and long enough to do a wrap around. The content is 37% viscose, 30% cotton, 10% wool, 18% nylon, and 5% cashmere. It adds up. You’re still going to add it up. Read more

  8. Kindle Customer

    This travel Wrap is a nice length. It makes a comfortable wrap around the shoulders — not shawl size but reasonable — when you just need something more and that little air thing in the plane is right on you. The wrap can also be doubled and used as a scarf and I tried it using several different configurations and it was still comfortable and kept my neck warm when my jacket left too much open to the cold. The material is soft and comfortable against the skin — even after a couple of washes–didn’t shrink in the dryer either (of course I used the air fluff setting). Read more

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