Eight pair diabetic group socks with non-binding top

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  • 63% polyester, 35% coolmax polyester, 2% lycra spandex
  • imported
  • machine wash
  • coolmax preserve feet dry
  • non-binding top
  • cushion sole protects toes
  • lycra spandex gives the last suit and helps hug ft, lowering slippage which can reason blisters
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medipeds specializes in preserving toes healthful. Our socks are engineered to address diabetes-associated signs, leg fatigue, swelling, and dry skin. They are constructed with yarns and luxury features that help lessen foot infection and strain at the legs. As a countrywide strategic partner of the american diabetes association, medipeds is dedicated to helping folks that be afflicted by this ailment.


Shoe Size: Men 6-9/Women 7-10, Shoe Size: Men 7-12 / Women 10-13, Shoe Size: Men 7-12 and Ladies 10-13


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7 reviews for Eight pair diabetic group socks with non-binding top

  1. Bro Knight

    I have been wearing Medipeds for years and am very familiar with them. I can tell you with pretty good authority that these are counterfeit. They are not the same material, stitching, sizing or fit and in a side by side comparison, the logo that is stiched into the sock is smaller than the real Medipeds that were purchased at a local Walmart. Needless to say, I’m very upset. Read more

  2. L. Voisinet

    I’ve bought these socks for years for my husband. These are the first ones that are made in china and they are BAD. thinner, shorter, and the stitching on the folded cuff has dropped stitches. Also, they are smaller, even though they are supposedly the same size. I counted the stitches around them (I knit so I know how), and theses are 6 columns narrower than the ones I purchased before. These are NOT the same socks. The padded heel is not even close to being as padded as the other MediPEDS I have. So . . . I had my husband take a new set to his Diabetes support group along with a pair of brand new ones bought from Walgreens. Take THAT, MediPED . . . don’t try to give us inferior socks cause we will quit buying them. Read more

  3. Darrel

    I have diabetes, as well as pretty bad arthritis in my fingers. The expensive name brand socks I bought in the past were beginning to cut into my legs. With the arthritis in my fingers I had trouble pulling my old socks on and back off again. And many times they were very damp when I took them off. MediPeds solved all of that. By comparison the MediPeds stretch easily, yet the stay up on ankles. The material and open weave design provide ventilation and wick moisture away. I no longer have difficulty getting my socks on and off. And there are no seams to rub against and irritate the toes. Medipeds are also sold in drugstores and retail stores including Walmart. However, you can’t beat the price and convenience of purchasing from Amazon. I had many different colors of socks. There are not as many color choices for MediPeds, but so far I have only purchased black MediPeds. I have found that it greatly simplifies my life not having so many different colors and styles of socks. Sure makes sorting socks a lot easier after they come out of the dryer. Read more

  4. C

    NOT what I ordered.. I contacted Amazon..They were very nice about processing the return/replacement.. I told them I ordered the black socks for diabetics..It says so right in the add and on the packaging..It has BLUE writing on them..I stated I wanted the ones with BLUE writing for Diabetics..The agent was very nice and put notes down as the directions for the replacement socks.. I have had them before and they are loose enough to not leave marks..The first 3 pictures are what I got and what my leg looks like after only 15 minutes with them on..VERY tight and not at all like the sock with blue writing..The first pictures are NOT the socks I ordered.. The replacement socks came in just 2 days but once again, were still the wrong socks..The total width is way too small compared to the socks I ordered but didn’t get. Seems it is almost impossible to get the right ones..!! After 3 attempts to get the blue lettered medi peds socks for diabetics I ended up with the medi peds with non binding crew top and white lettering..NOT the right sock at all.. The last 2 pictures are my usual diabetic socks that are loose enough, have blue lettering and are very comfortable and wide enough..I will not try again..I am giving up..IF you order your socks..good luck getting the ones you actually are trying to buy! Read more

  5. Mom to 4 Ragdolls

    I wear a size 10 shoe and have some neuropathy from diabetes. The 4-10 size socks just don’t get it for me and by the end of the day, the feet are not happy. I ordered men’s socks and got the diabetic sock. I looked at them with some doubt when they arrived but figured I’d try them. They are WONDERFUL. My feet don’t feel all constricted. The socks are warm, which is a great plus and I often just have the socks on when I’m inside the house. I love being able to look down and seeing the name on the socks. It lets me know the socks are doing their job and that my feet will not be hurting when I go to bed at night. Read more

  6. Kamots22

    I am not diabetic, but I saw these in a store and they seemed extremely soft so I purchase them from Amazon. So far I’m pleased. They are a bit on the thin side so I’m not sure how long they’ll hold up. But they’re gentle on your feet and I prefer thinner socks anyhow, so it’s a win for me. My printing was on the bottom of the toes which I was happy about. Didn’t want to have advertising on the top of my socks. They are more loose fitting than other socks and I’ve had them slide down in boots when taking the boots off, but I expected that. Still think they’re worthy of the 5 stars just for the comfort. I wear a size 9.5 by the way if that makes any difference. Would and probably will buy again….. Read more

  7. Hyperiox

    I purchased these socks because I wanted cheap, comfortable socks that were thin enough to use as liners in the winter, but thick enough to wear alone in the summer (with boots). The fit was fine, price was great, and I got the genuine blue-label product, but I ended up not liking it for two reasons. Firstly, I was not a fan of the compression… the feeling of having my toes pushed/curled in was unbearably frustrating to me. I was expecting compression sideways, but not lengthwise to such a degree. Second, the socks are too thick. I kept seeing reviews of how they are too thin, and that some people saying they needed to wear 3 to get it to the right thickness, so I thought they would work as liners. What an exaggeration. They’re slightly thinner than normal Crew socks you’d buy from Walmart (like Hanes or something). The part that goes up your legs is thinner for sure, but the padding around and under the foot isn’t much different. If my rating seems too harsh, know that I am not marking off for my second gripe… that’s buyers remorse. The first issue I had really is a big one, these socks drove me insane, and I am still trying to get over the fidget in my toes I developed as a result of wearing these for about 2 weeks. Read more

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