Easy reader day-date leather-based strap watch

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  • adjustable brown 18 millimeter proper leather strap suits up to 8-inch wrist circumference
  • white smooth-to-study dial with day and date window at three o’clock; full arabic numerals
  • silver-tone 35 millimeter brass case with mineral glass crystal
  • indiglo light-up watch dial. Wearing or storing the watch with the crown in the “center” function will reason harm to the motion always return the crown to the everyday role, or if you want to shop the battery life while storing the watch, depart the crown in the “out” position
  • water proof against 30 meter (a hundred ft): in wellknown, withstands splashes or quick immersion in water, however now not appropriate for swimming or bathing
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  • how do i configure the date? How does the watch knows that february has 28 days and the rest 30/31??
  • the watch does not understand the date. You need to manually regulate it. You do this via pulling the stem very lightly approximately halfway out. In case you pull it out too a long way, the palms will turn as a substitute. When you pull it out just the right amount and flip the crown in one route, the numbers change from 1 to 31 and if you switch the crown the opposite way, the days will alternate. It would take a touch finagling, however you will get it. One greater tip… The date changes in the dead of night, which means that it might exchange too quickly the next day if you set it at the wrong 12 o’clock. It would not can help you recognize whether or not its am or pm like a virtual watch, so that you ought to keep music of that yourself. Nonetheless… I really like this watch. Numbers are first-class and huge and the dial lights up at night time. Lovin’ it. Desire this helped. See much less

  • does this timex men’s wrist watch have a “sweep” second hand or does it go tick tick tick, which maintains me conscious at night?
  • technically, all watches cross “tick tick tick.” even an automatic rolex beats 8 instances per 2nd. This seems to “sweep” to most of the people. You can get low cost automatic watches that come close to this sort of movement. They beat 6 times according to second. “sweeping” is usually a characteristic of automated watches, and as far as i recognize, the handiest hazard you’ve got at a semi-low priced watch it really is battery pushed (quartz) and “sweeps” is the bulova accutron ii precisionist which beats 15 or sixteen times in line with 2d and expenses $350. A cheap asian computerized or “mechanical watch” that sweeps might be approximately $seventy five , but assume no frills or name manufacturers (there can be a seiko or near that charge point too). Or you could short kicking tires and cross discover a appropriate swiss watch which include a tissot for approximately $350 on a site like jomashop. See much less

  • what’s usual band duration?
  • question: what is overall band period? Solution: a: i don’t keep in mind the duration of the inventory band, but for what it’s well worth, you can without difficulty discover substitute bands for it manufactured from a diffusion of lengths and substances. Customize it the way you need. By way of totallyfrozen pinnacle contributor: pets on july 12, 2019 failed to get solutions. See greater answers (2) disintegrate all solutions

  • is the crystal glass or plastic?
  • question: is the crystal glass or plastic? Answer: crystal glass. A completely first-class watch. Through hcb on april 7, 2018 did not get solutions. See extra solutions (7) fall apart all answers


    Dark Brown/Silver-Tone

    7 reviews for Easy reader day-date leather-based strap watch

    1. J. J. Eige

      This a great watch for anyone, but maybe especially for old folks like me (86). I love to be reminded of the day of the week and the day of the month, just in case. The time keeping is very accurate. I like the red second hand, and the way it jumps ahead for each second. (I cannot hear the tick, unless I hold it up to an ear.) As an engineer and artist, I find it very modern and functional looking, and easy to read at a glance, with no extra junk. One big thing for me is that when I have to get out of bed in the dark, a push on the stem makes plenty of light ahead. It is just bright enough to see obstacles, but not enough to ruin my dark vision accommodation when I stop pushing the stem! This watch at $30 beats anything I’ve seen 100 times more expensive. What a deal! Read more

    2. Abba the feed ’em and read ’em grandmother

      I am a woman but like the larger size of the face dial of this men’s watch, not too big nor too little. Has a white background with black numerals and a red second hand. The best feature for me is that even though it is analog (which I prefer) it does have roll dials for both the day of the week and date which is kind of hard to find these days. The dial also lights up (Indiglo feature) by depressing the single watch stem which is also used to change the time, day & date so that it is streamlined like an old-fashioned watch. Changing the day of week and date is accomplished by pulling out on the watch stem (two differing degrees) and turning forward or backwards through the hours 24 hours of the day. Notice when your desired day of the week turns up on the dial–that will be past 12 o’clock midnight, then you set to the appropriate hour. The date will also change past 12 o’clock midnight (near 2am) so you’ll need to align day of week & date by turning the dial. Initially setting the day & date seems a bit of a pain in this instantaneous gratification world we now live in, but once it’s set you’re good to go for a while. I just had to reset mine due to Leap Year but that only happens once every 4 years! Timex is not a fancy watch, but it famously reliable. Read more

    3. Steve Bryant

      Received this watch and it looks much better in person than it does on the website. The color is a nice darker brown, the dial is easy to read, and the holes are spaced very nicely for the perfect fit. For $30, you cannot go wrong with this watch. Read more

    4. Waters 2004

      I recently bought both the Easy Reader and the Weekender versions. I bought the Weekender first because it was highly discounted at the time. It came with one of the colorful NATO type bands which I knew I would replace with a standard brown leather band. Comparisons: 1. They are both easy to read but the edge goes to the Weekender because it doesn’t have the Day/Date feature which I think clutters up the face. 2. Also, the hands on the Easy Reader extend across the center of the dial. I’m still getting used to this. The Weekender lacks the extension. 3. The Easy Reader is slightly smaller in diameter than the Weekender. I actually bought the Easy Reader because I thought the Weekender dial was a little larger than what I was used to. (Timex Camper). I wear both about the same amount of time now. The more I wear the Weekender the less I notice it’s larger dial. The Weekender I bought was marked down to under fifteen bucks. Read more

    5. Paul E

      Typical Timex product. It functions well and is easy to set. I did download instructions because those included come in multiple languages and very fine type that is challenging for me to read. It has the same features as similar watches that are thicker and much more expensive. I have small wrists and did not want a 38-44 mm watch face. This Timex is only 36 mm and looks good on my wrist. I wanted a watch with incandescent hands to read in the dark without touching the watch. However, the indiglo face lets me read it in the dark with the push of a button from my other hand. It was a small compromise to save hundreds of dollars. The brown band is a little heavier than I wanted, but it is sturdy leather and should last several years. Have owned the watch 6 weeks now and it is performing well. I have reset it for time zone changes only. I am able to start the change as the second hand strokes 12 and click to start it based on a cellphone or computer clock. So far the second hand has stayed synchronized with the computer clock. Read more

    6. RWGII

      Great value watch. The band is cheap and has been replaced. I purchased this in 2012, I have gone through 3 bands and the light just stopped working in March 2020. The watch died in August 2020. I have yet to replace the battery. I assume the light function will return when the new battery is installed. I’ll update. I have worn the watch on and off for 8 years, I have showered with it, gotten rained on, sweated in MD and KS summers. The watch is durable and great value. The face is small for men who prefer bigger faces. Not quite a “standard” female watch small. If you are looking for a basic watch that has a day, date and lights up. Look no further. Read more

    7. John Sullivan

      Bought this because I couldn’t get my old, long-term Timex Indeglo back together after changing its exhausted battery. This one arrived today, so no experience yet with its longevity. Based on prior experience, however, I expect long life from battery. Instructions were included in an infinite number of languages, but they fail to address the fundamental process of setting time, day, and date. Strange, but has instructions, once you input the watch’s model number (T20041). To set date, pull stem half-way out (takes practice). You can move the date either up and down by rotating the stem either way. The only way to set the correct day is to pull the stem all the way out, then turn it until the day window indicates accurately, then set the time. Again, you can rotate the stem in either direction without problem; that was new to me, and welcome. The top layer of this watch’s band is leather, as advertised; the bottom is not. No comment, as I immediately replaced that band with the metal one from the old watch–finicky process. For the price, I recommend this item. Read more

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