Double sided shoe tape – tape for best becoming heels, anti slip for shoes – 10 p. C.

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  • has your foot ever slipped out of your high heels? Have you ever tripped in public due to the fact your shoes’ heels won’t live in place? Have you ever determined the “perfect” pair of high heels however just can’t seem to find the “best” in shape? Troubles solved! The sector is your catwalk, with sticky footwear!
  • sticky shoes is the most effective double-sided tape made mainly for your footwear! Best for each heels and apartments, our shoe tape is simply what you want that allows you to walk with self assurance in any pair of footwear.
  • here’s the way it works: the pores and skin facet of the tape firmly holds your heel in region the usage of a hypoallergenic, clinical-grade adhesive this is safe on your skin. The shoe aspect features an adhesive that securely attaches to the inside of your shoe.
  • sticky shoes isn’t the same as different tape products inside the market because our patented layout turned into created specially for shoe application. The secret is in our patented, dual adhesive technology: one facet of the tape is particularly formulated for the shoe and the opposite facet is particularly designed for pores and skin software.
  • the way to use sticky footwear: 1. Peel white tab from sticky shoes adhesive tape. 2. Place adhesive side of sticky shoes internal shoe and press firmly. Three. Peel brown tab from sticky footwear and carefully region foot in shoe. All set for a no-slip grip!

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  • can you use these with socks
  • i would now not use those with socks as they’re extra powerful to apply on feet to hold them within the shoe and no longer walk out of them. Absolutely no longer pantyhose, and wouldn’t propose with socks as they’re simply terrific sticky! After use with naked ft i had to literally scrub the sticky a part of my feet inside the bathtub numerous instances. So it could harm socks. Fyi these are definitely only 1 time use, however very powerful when i makes use of on bare feet. Hope this allows. See much less

  • how many pairs of tape do you get within the package?
  • question: how many pairs of tape do you get in the package deal? Answer: you get 10 stickers. So it is five total pairs. By thailan oliveras on july 21, 2017 fall apart all answers

  • how regularly can you operate this? What number of units are together with this buy? Thank you
  • query: how many times can you use this? How many units are inclusive of this buy? Thank you solution: there are 5 units in a package and you may handiest use them one time. They work wonderfully, however as soon as your shoe is on, it would be very hard to take it off with out pulling the sticky insert out too. With the aid of katie on april 24, 2017 did not get answers. See extra answers (1) disintegrate all answers

  • how does this hold up to sweaty toes?
  • query: how does this keep up to sweaty ft? Answer: sorry i cannot help you, my ft don’t sweat. By means of joan ross on march 30, 2017 didn’t get answers. See more answers (1) crumble all solutions

    8 reviews for Double sided shoe tape – tape for best becoming heels, anti slip for shoes – 10 p. C.

    1. crtfrg

      This product does what it’s supposed to do, which is to keep your shoes from slipping. For me it has two drawbacks. First of all it only works if you’re bare legged. You can’t wear pantyhose or tights and use this product. I live where it’s cold so I only use these in spring or summer. Secondly be careful when you take off your shoes. These stickers hold very well and unless you hold down the liner of your shoe while you’re taking it off, the liner will come up. I just hold it down with my thumb and go slowly. Read more

    2. Thailan Oliveras

      Tried these on and it worked for its purpose. My high heels stayed on! During the few hours I wore them, I thought one had lost its stickiness as my heel was somewhat slipping out. Here… the sole inside of the shoe was coming out on its on (I guess poorly made shoe)… BUT, this sticker still kept the sole on my heel! Adhesive sticker works! My only wish is that these could be used multiple times instead of a one-time application. I wear a size 5 & this was the perfect size. Removed from shoe without damage. Removing from foot was easy, although it left my heels really sticky. Had to scrub in the bath a few times with lots of soap to make it not sticky anymore. Would definitely recommend!!! Now… the upcoming test… to wear them in my heels on my wedding day! Read more

    3. Chin

      This product was good at its job. It kept my feet stuck to the shoe. However, when I went to take off my shoe in the middle of the event, the soles of my shoes had also come off. I was disappointed being that I just bought these shoes at most two weeks earlier specifically for this event. Now I can’t even return them (the shoes and this product) if I wanted to. Disappointed. Worked but messed up my shoes in the process. Shaking my head. Read more

    4. crystal

      My feet stay in my peep toe pumps! I generally order a half size up in dress shoes to accommodate my short, fat feet- with these, my heels stay in place. Feels a little weird but it’s not bad. They remained sticky when my feet started to sweat a little. Read more

    5. esalechick

      These things are great! I got two days out of one pair. They do have a tendency to make the shoe liner come up so might be good to glue the liner down prior to using these but overall I love them! Read more

    6. Joan Ross

      This product actually works, but you will need a fresh tape each time you wear the shoe. So it will not be practical for other than very occasional use Read more

    7. J. McCartney

      Worked as expected! I wore these in shoes for a wedding. My shoes stayed on perfectly for 7 hours and I was completely comfortable. My only suggestion is make sure your foot is situated perfectly before you get stuck! I had to remove my foot once and had to use a different one. I’ll definitely buy these again! Read more

    8. Colleen Daddino

      It was hard to find heels that are comfortable for my wide foot but also able to stay on. These are perfect I had avoided non-ankle strap shoes for years because I walked like Bambi on his first day on his legs. Now I can walk confidently. The only thing is that it’s so strong it might pull up the shoe liner when you remove them. A bit of crazy glue will help that. Ordering my third set. Read more

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