Diamond stud jewelry

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  • princess fashioned miracle plated spherical diamond stud jewelry
  • all our diamond suppliers verify that they comply with the kimberley system to make sure that their diamonds are battle loose
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a bit extra about diamonds: the 4c’s you need to know about when buying a diamond.

  • diamond cutting is the technique that takes a difficult diamond that is observed within the mines, and adjustments it right into a sparkling gem. The procedure have to be undertaken by using a professional with professional expertise, device and gear for the task when you consider that every unmarried decision made will have an effect on the outcome and yield of the stone. Tough diamonds are mined from various parts of the world, together with south africa, australia & canada. From the mines, the tough diamonds are traded by means of the huge mining companies like de beers, rio tinto & argyle and acquired by means of rough diamond dealers, who in flip sell it to the diamond cutters or manufacturers. The first desire to make is to determine at the form itself; spherical, oval, pear and so forth. And secondly, the proportions of facets and fine of the cut (i. E. Symmetry and polish) are deliberate with high tech pc simulations, with a view to minimize waste and maximize the yield of the hard stone. Once that has been decided, the diamonds are actually reduce with a laser era for precision and accuracy. Now the tough ‘rock’ is changed into a terrifi shimmering stone within the shape of a faceted completed diamond! Those are then traded and sent to jewelry manufacturing centers to be set into completed portions of jewelry which you could enjoy all the time.
  • diamond miracle plate stud earrings (1/10cttw, i-j color, i3 readability)

  • cut refers to the proportions, finish, symmetry, and polish of the diamond. These elements decide the fire and brilliance of a diamond. Nicely cut diamonds sell at a premium and poorly cut diamonds promote at discounted fees. Because the great of the cut is at once answerable for the stone’s splendor, the precision with which the sides are arranged is of high importance. They determine the amount of mild meditated to the attention, called brilliance.
  • shade describes the quantity of yellow tint the diamond contains, or lack thereof. This will variety from colorless to yellow with slight tints of yellow, grey or brown. A colour grade of d is the highest feasible, while z is the bottom and most yellow.
  • clarity: natural diamonds are the end result of carbon uncovered to top notch warmness and pressure deep in the earth. This could result in many internal traits called ‘inclusions’ and external traits referred to as ‘blemishes.’ clarity describes the clearness or purity of a diamond. That is decided via the quantity, size, nature, and area of the inclusions and blemishes.
  • carat weight is the unit of weight for the diamond. A carat is in addition subdivided in one hundred factors ( zero. 01 carat = 1 factor ). One carat is equal to a hundred points or 0. 20 grams. The cost according to carat will increase with carat size, due to the fact large hard diamonds occur less frequently. In other phrases, 2 1/2-carat diamonds taken collectively will not fee as a great deal as 1 one-carat diamond, as the only-carat stone is more rare and will price more.
  • truth: our solitaire stones have all been offered, cut and set by the identical employer, omitting the middlemen, consequently bringing you the satisfactory viable value for your money.
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    sterling-silver, yellow-gold-plated-silver, white-gold


    0.1 carats Princess, 0.1 carats Round, 0.75 carats Round, 1 carats Round

    8 reviews for Diamond stud jewelry

    1. ja19

      I’m so excited about this purchase! I got exactly what I was expecting. The description clearly says I3 clarity, and a simple google search will show you that is the lowest on the scale, with diamonds containing the most inclusions. But for $20 for silver and diamonds, I am very impressed. Came in a simple box, but that didn’t bother me since I rarely keep those things anyway. I was looking for a pair of small, simple earrings for daily wear. I keep my earrings in 24/7 and don’t change them unless I’m dressing up for something. I have very small ear lobes, so I needed something small. These are perfect! I also got a pair for my daughter as her first pair of diamond earrings and she loves them too. One of her’s has a small black inclusion in the stone, but it isn’t noticeable unless you are REALLY up close. And it also proves that this is a natural stone. As a geologist, I actually think the imperfections look cool. My daughter loves geology and thinks the inclusion is awesome as well. My mom liked them so much she asked for a pair for her birthday! If you want perfect clarity and color, and larger diamonds, then this isn’t what you are looking for, be prepared to pay top dollar for those. These are just simple little diamonds, and given their size, the imperfections aren’t as noticeable. I had actually seen a pair of similar earrings at Kohls (same carats, same sterling silver) the weekend before purchasing these. They were retailing for $105, but on sale for $40. I definitely think these were the better buy. Read more

    2. Bridget

      The ones I received look nothing like the ones in the description or video. Very cloudy and virtually no sparkle. Definitely in the S-Z range of diamonds. Read more

    3. shontay dessart

      Very poor quality. One earring was slightly larger than the other and the stone quality was very different from the other earring. Do not recommend. Read more

    4. heave

      I bought these earrings for myself and I wear them to bed and they are comfortable and doesn’t hurt my ears when I sleep in them. I keep them on all the time except when I change them out for another pair of earrings for the day. But as soon as I get home I exchange those for my commfies. That what I call them. These earrings are just right, not too small and not too overwhelming. I’ll buy them again for a birthday present or for a Christmas present. I have to great granddaughters and I can’t wait until there mothers pierce their ears so I can buy these for them. I love them! Read more

    5. Karenina

      I like these as a casual earring for the gym or everyday. They look nice, and you won’t want to cry if you lose one. The illusion setting makes them look bigger, and they are quite sparkly. Read more

    6. Rw

      Highly disappointed in this purchase, I wish the pictures were as what they promised. Pictures looked better than the actual earrings. Super small by the way. But they are cute I’ll give em that… Read more

    7. Babii~Angel

      Seems nice but one of them looks like it was completely bent down and someone tried to bend it back,,, I couldn’t take a very good picture but you can clearly see that one is straight and the others curvy can’t imagine I’d ever be comfortable wearing it so they get to collect dust with the rest of the earrings I can’t wear but won’t toss cuz they cost me too much. Definitely won’t be ordering again!! Read more

    8. Mrsdrummer

      They are a perfect size for everyday wear and very attractive! Nice shine and a decent length post and secure backings! The price was a bargain! Very nice gift box packaging, too! Would highly recommend! Read more

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