Dance girls’s performa stretch canvas cut up sole ballet shoe/slipper

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  • cloth or fabric
  • imported
  • leather sole
  • shaft measures about low-top” from arch
  • adheres to the arch fantastically
  • shock absorbing heel cushioning
  • pre-sewn crossed elastics
  • generous the front and rear leather-based sole pads
  • sizing: begin 2 sizes down from avenue shoe. Outstanding soft, light-weight ballet flat hugs the dancer’s foot flawlessly and accentuates the contours.
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from the producer

it all started out with a promise…

… To make the maximum secure dance shoes inside the world.

jacob bloch, a shoe maker by using trade, emigrated to australia in 1930 in the course of the height of the first rate depression.

jacob’s love of song and dancing took him to the neighborhood ballet colleges and at this sort of faculties he observed a young dancer suffering to stay en pointe. Jacob promised he might make her a better pair of pointe footwear to bounce in, and so he did.

jacob’s recognition for making awesome dance footwear unfold unexpectedly.

jacob’s shoes have become so well-known and trendy, that it sparked the advent of a full range of dance footwear and dance style merchandise. The emblem grew unexpectedly and over time have become the bloch we realize and love.

nowadays, bloch has a recognition as one of the maximum relied on inside the industry and continues to be pleasant the promise made by its founder close to 9 decades in the past; “to make the most at ease dance shoe inside the international”.

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product description

a bloch favourite! With a incredible relaxed lightweight stretch canvas split sole and a toe form mainly designed for closing stability, this outstanding soft and light-weight ballet flat hugs the dancer’s foot flawlessly.

founded in sydney, in 1932 by way of jacob bloch, bloch is a pioneer in the technical dance marketplace. On account that its inception, the renowned footwear emblem has produced hand-crafted pointe footwear for esteemed ballet dancers worldwide. Bloch these days entered an interesting new period of innovation and fashion layout with the advent of mainstream shoes, following the needs by current customers to create avenue-equipped footwear.


2, 2 Wide, 2.5, 2.5 Wide, 3, 3 Wide, 3.5, 3.5 Wide, 4, 4 Wide, 4.5, 4.5 Wide, 5, 5 Wide, 5.5, 5.5 Wide, 6, 6 Wide, 6.5, 6.5 Wide, 7, 7 Wide, 7.5, 7.5 Wide, 8, 8 Wide, 8.5, 8.5 Wide


Cocoa, Sand, Theatrical Pink, White

8 reviews for Dance girls’s performa stretch canvas cut up sole ballet shoe/slipper

  1. vk25

    after I finally got the right size I love these. But it took 6 tries, and I only made it thanks to Amazon’s easy return process, otherwise I’d have given up after 1st try. I wear a 6.5-7 US, 36.5-37EU in street shoes. Per instructions, my first Bloch pair was a 4. I tried and returned every single size between 4 and 6 Bloch and 6 is perfect. I will never understand why a company insists on having a sizing chart that matches nothing else in the world. 2 starts off for the frustration. Read more

  2. G

    I’ve been dancing for years and this is the first time I’ve received shoes from a major dance brand with all elastics pre-sewn. These elastics are very tight on high arches. I posted a pic of my foot in coupe devant that shows how hard the elastics are pulling the shoe on my foot (2nd pic). It makes a nice aesthetic but is very uncomfortable. There is not enough material to cut and reattach so I’m debating if I want to spend more money on elastics or if this particular shoe is geared towards more recreational dancers and not designed to hold up to hours of class, teaching, rehearsal, etc? Also, there are no adjustable elastic ties, but there is an elastic around the entire inner opening. Again, this creates a nice, clean line, but the inability to adjust to my foot is frustrating. However, the thin canvas is comfortable. It also the first shoe I’ve had that has a square suede heel (on the sole) rather than the more traditional teardrop shape. I actually think I prefer the square because I only feel the floor and not the outline of the teardrop. Though the elastics need modification, I might end up keeping these just to see how that different heel shape feels. For sizing, I normally wear a size 7.5M (sometimes a 7, rarely an 8) and size 5M fit well. 5.5 was too big. (P.S. just to throw it out there, I’ve overheard parents at the studio say that only adults need to size down in Bloch, but kids can order normal size—that might account for some of the sizing issues I’ve seen in other reviews?) Read more

  3. ShoeDevil13

    My daughter loves these shoes. I was very happy to find a “nude” for my brown ballerina Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    I love that someone finally is selling dance shoes in a darker shade of brown than beige!!! Please make something like this in leather next!!! Read more

  5. B

    As a retired ballet dancer who hung up her shoes 25 years ago, I bought these for my own “ballet barre/center” work outs. Bloch was my favorite before I retired. Because I know proper fit means dropping 2 to 2 1/2 sizes, my new pair are a perfect fit. Pleased with the quality and so happy for a fresh new pair <3 Read more

  6. Asher Taylor-Dawson

    TL;DR: Extremely lightweight. No pressure points. Fit is quite different from the Pro-Elastic and Synchrony: toe box is weirdly wide. Canvas seems flimsy and pills quickly but is more durable than expected. Edges on toe patches are less “finished” than more expensive models, but I don’t notice them when I’m dancing. Machine washed and dried (on low) my tan pair by mistake and they survived just fine so seems like that’s fine, too. Overall: 8/10 for everyday class/rehearsal purposes (recommended) 5/10 for performing when worn with shiny tights (NOT recommended) Quick caveat: I’m a guy, and like most flat shoes, these will work for dancers of any gender. I have no idea whether Bloch uses a women’s last in constructing these, but it won’t matter to most dancers. Figure out your Euro shoe size and order accordingly, knowing that the toe box is [ [ W I D E ] ]. I recently needed a pair of white shoes for a show STAT and also burned through my last pair of SoDanca SD16s without a backup pair in the wings (I seriously thought I had one!) and needed some shoes for class ASAP. All the models I usually wear were out of stock in my size, so I decided to try these guys. When they arrived, I definitely had my doubts. They’re light and thin to an almost ridiculous degree (read: I frankly thought they were flimsy), and I wasn’t sure how they’d hold up. Turns out that they actually hold up better than I expected them to, but the fit is … kind of strange. I wear a Euro size 39 or 40, so I ordered these in a 7.5, standard width (B, I think?). They’re weirdly wide, particularly in the toe box. Especially when worn with tights, this means they sometimes feel very disconnected from your feet, which can make turns and balances tricky. Couple them with slick footed tights, and it can feel like they’re not even trying to stay on your feet. I shortened the elastics on the white pair that I bought for the show, and that helped quite a bit, though the toe box was still looser than would be ideal. A little rosin on the inside would very probably have helped (I didn’t want to incur the wrath of my company’s costumer by getting the company’s brand-new tights all sticky). If I find myself performing in those shoes again, I plan to bring some grip spray and hit them with that. The “sloshiness” of the fit did result in one slip that apparently wasn’t noticed by the audience, but that felt significant to me (I was at center stage, landing an arabesque turn into a static pose, so it felt like I was ruining everything ^-^’). I’ve been wearing the tan pair daily in class and rehearsal. Since the weather has been chilly, I have appreciated the extra room that lets me wear SmartWool-type socks with these (especially in the morning; my feet take forever to warm up!), and since I typically don’t wear footed tights in class/rehearsal, they’re less prone to sliding around under my feet. The canvas does pill significantly under the foot. I haven’t noticed that in any other model of stretch canvas shoes that I’ve tried, so I’m guessing it has to do with the blend of fibers that makes the Performa so light. It hasn’t proven to be a problem, as the pills aren’t big enough or hard enough to interfere with anything. There doesn’t seem to be any sign of impending holes yet, either, and the suede patches and liners remain intact. It typically takes me around 6 to 8 weeks to completely kill a pair of stretch canvas shoes, and these are holding up surprisingly well. If they prove to be more durable than my usual options, I might consider continuing to use them for class, rehearsals, and performances that don’t require shiny tights. Read more

  7. Loretta McFarland

    I wear a size nine regularly and was directed to buy AT LEAST 2 sizes down. I bought a size 7 and they are good. I do have a little room in the toes and a little room in the heel. Maybe I could have worn a 61/2, but that was too scary . Wore them in class today, very comfortable and functional. Will buy again. Maybe next time I will buy the 61/2, just to check out the difference. Love the color Read more

  8. Min C.

    My feet size is 7-7.5 and I ordered 5.5M after I review comments. For me it fits pretty well but I think I can go with 6M too. Fabric feels good! I liked it! Read more

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