Dance footwear ladies rhinestone satin latin dance footwear ballroom overall performance shoes model ycl430


  • 100% synthetic
  • suede sole
  • the upper fabric is artificial cloth, adorned with rhinestones at the floor of the dancing footwear. With the dance motion, the footwear will shine and replicate your splendor and fashionable
  • soft and non-slip suede sole, defensive your toes throughout the dance rotation. Appropriate for indoor dance practice and ballroom performance
  • our shoe sizes are wellknown. You could pick out a suitable length according to your foot duration and our length chart.
  • about the heel ,we will customize distinct heel types and heights in step with your needs.
  • when you have any questions, please sense free to touch us. We will strive our excellent to help you.
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4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5


Beige-7.5 Cm Heels-l375, Beige-7.5 Cm Heels-l379, Beige-7.5 Cm Heels-l380, Beige-8.5cm Heels-l375, Beige-8.5cm Heels-l379, Beige-8.5cm Heels-l380, Black-6 Cm Heels-l380, Black-7.5 Cm Heels-l388, Black-7.5 Cm Wz Heels-l430, Black-8.5cm Heels-l388, Black-9 Cm Heels-l428, Black-9 Cm Heels-l429, Black-9 Cm Heels-l430, Black-9 Cm Heels-l432, Black-heels 7.5cm -L430, Blue-7.5 Cm Heels-l382, Blue-8.5cm Heels-l382, Blue-9 Cm Heels-l429, Brown-8.5cm Heels-l380, Nude-7.5 Cm Wz Heels-l430, Nude-9 Cm Heels-l428, Nude-9 Cm Heels-l429, Nude-9 Cm Heels-l430, Nude-9 Cm Heels-l432, Nude-heels 7.5cm -L430, Pink-7.5 Cm Heels-l388, Pink-8.5cm Heels-l388, White-7.5 Cm Heels-l388, White-7.5 Cm Wz Heels-l430, White-8.5cm Heels-l388, White-9 Cm Heels-l428, White-9 Cm Heels-l429, White-9 Cm Heels-l430, White-9 Cm Heels-l432, White-heels 7.5cm -L430


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