Cotton shemagh tactical barren region headband wrap

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  • a hundred% cotton
  • the tactical desolate tract shemagh headband is manufactured from cotton, excessive pleasant woven cloth, not revealed.
  • thick and soft fabric protects your head and neck from sun, sand, wind and dust. Extremely good to apply for looking, taking pictures, hiking, mountain climbing, motorbike, and paintball sport.
  • hand or device wash, line dry.
  • lightweight, net weight: 6. 35oz. Length: forty three x 41 inch.
  • 365 days warranty.
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  • is it secure to machine wash or would it not fall apart? It says system wash however i wanted a solution from someone who has honestly attempted washing it.
  • question: is it secure to machine wash or would it fall apart? It says machine wash but i desired an answer from a person who has virtually attempted washing it. Solution: hand wash it with warm soapy water than rinse well. The machines are difficult on those anyway you have a look at it. Except hand washing extends the existence of the material. By way of vulcur on december 29, 2015 did not get solutions. See more solutions (4) collapse all answers

  • are the tassels tied from the equal cloth as the shemagh, or are they a part of a sewn-on part? Can’t tell from the photos.
  • question: are the tassels tied from the identical material as the shemagh, or are they a part of a sewn-on area? Can’t tell from the photos. Answer: this shemagh is traditionally made in order that companies of thread once taken from the loom are bundled and tied together. So yes, the tassels aren’t sewn on. They are an essential component. Every thread in a tassel goes via the complete weave and ends in some other tassel on the opposite side of the cloth. By using michael w on march 13, 2017 failed to get answers. See extra answers (2) fall apart all answers

  • has all of us ordered the sand variation? Is it as pictured in phrases of coloration?
  • query: has each person ordered the sand version? Is it as pictured in terms of colour? Answer: the sand i got has a touch of red in it. Through elysa konski on may additionally 26, 2017 failed to get answers. See extra solutions (four) disintegrate all solutions

  • wherein is this object made?
  • query: wherein is that this object made? Answer: china. By way of whitecloud electricity on january 28, 2018 crumble all solutions


    Black, Blue, Tan, Gray, White, Sand, Dark Green, Green Camo, Black and White, Desert Camo, Black, White, White and Blue, Olive Drab, Black and Green, Red and White, Black and Red, Foliage, Black and Brown, Coyote Brown, Black, Black and White, Black, Blue, Black, Gray, Camouflage, Solid White, White and Tan, Black, 2 Pack, Black, Black and Brown, Black, Black and Green, Black, Black and Red, Tan, 2 Pack

    8 reviews for Cotton shemagh tactical barren region headband wrap

    1. Jason.t

      Works great. Read more

    2. MrsTess

      It works for the winter in below freezing temperatures. Can’t wait till it’s warmer to wear in style. Lots of compliments on the style. Read more

    3. CGG

      Very likely the finest quality Shemagh I’ve purchased, and I have a few dozen from various sources. Weave is tight and basically flawless. The weight should be perfect for all weather conditions. I’m currently using in winter and it’s hovering around 10 degrees f here. The tassels are among the cleanest I’ve seen on a Shemagh – very uniform and doesn’t have loose strings hanging everywhere like so many others do. You can tell the makers of these actually take pride in their product. I got the black/grey one and I wouldn’t hesitate to use it as a scarf out on the town in full business attire… it’s that nice. I’ll definitely be buying more colors! Read more

    4. Mr. & Mrs.

      Two things to know about me: First, I live in the hot and humid South Texas Gulf Coast. It gets HOT here. Sunburn is a real issue here, especially for guys as white as I am. Second: I HATE sun screen. I hate the smell, the oily feeling, the constantly remembering to reapply…….and no matter how high the SPF, I still burn every time I am on the beach. So I bought this. I get a few funny looks on the beach as these aren’t very well known accessories in this area, but I’m old enough to not care. It’s light, breathable and provides the ultimate face and neck protection from the son. I never felt overheated wearing this. If I had to pick a negative, it’s there are a few little strands that came loose after the first wash. Nothing that compromises the product or presents a problem, but worth noting. there is higher quality out there, but this gets the job done. Read more

    5. Michelle

      I didn’t have high hopes for this shemahg as the loose thread on the design and tag was the first thing I noticed when taking this out of the packaging. However I’m quite surprised. The price is great and it’s very comfortable. My husband had a wool one from the Marines that was warm, but I didn’t want one that heavy. I bought this for when I go Urban Exploring because of how versitle the shamahg is. This one is lightweight, but when wrapped well keeps my face perfectly warm. It works well over my GoPro headmount as well. I’ve used it several times and aside from the snags that where already visible, it’s holding up just fine. I’m going to end up buying another because they can be used as an emergency bandage/sling, among other things. It’s really a must have for anyone that spends a lot of time camping, hiking, and especially for my fellow urbexers! Read more

    6. rolfdenver

      OK, I’ve gotta admit, I don’t wear these shemaghs myself, but my son does – he swears by them. And I’ll say this: if I can find something he likes to wear during a week-long canoe trip with the Boy Scouts that’ll protect him from being burned to a crisp in the sun – that’s a good thing. He loves the feel and look of this big ol’ wrap. He has them in 3 colors – brown, green and tan. They all look cool on him. (See my photos of the brown version.) Read more

    7. West Coast Dreamer

      For the car in case needed for the BOB (Bug Out Bag) or Get Home Bag (we have one backpack with emergency items and one with clothing/shoes if needed). We travel thru California desert areas frequently – so sun/dust (think earthquake) could be a possibility. Would not expect this to replace a N95 mask but has versatility. Picked a color based on price – but it’s actually nice looking. Very soft, very reasonable quality at this price point, No smell. Machine washed first in a similarly colored pillow case and hung to dry (dried fast). Weight stored inside a gallon ziplock is 6 ounces (5.8 in a quart bag – tight wrinkled fit). Will order another for the other car instead of a bandana since either has a lot of possible uses in an emergency and we like this better than any of the bandanas we’ve picked up. Read more

    8. Mike Winchester

      I wanted to wait long enough to give this product a fair review, and luckily it didn’t take long for the proper opportunity. We finally got our first snowstorm of the year and it hit hard with a triple whammy of sub-freezing temperatures, 40-60mph winds and a modest 15 inches of snow with drifts over 4 feet. What does this have to do with a desert scarf? Plenty. As anyone who’s spent hours outside in the snow can attest to…..traditional western scarves suck. They’re thick, they limit airflow, they push your breath up into your eyewear causing it to fog up, and once they get wet…you’ve got LONG drytimes. This shemagh is a wonderfully soft cotton material, very breathable, and large. You can wear it in a multitude of ways and with a plethora of folds, providing all the warmth you desire. My favorite part though….it’s thin and drytime is about 30-90 seconds held over the hot air vent in your vehicle. The patterning is beautiful and the feel is terrific. If I could find bedsheets made of this material, I would be completely happy. I’ve put it through 3 wash cycles (on delicate) and it still looks new, so I’m happy with the durability. I’ve had shemaghs from a few other companies and they’ve been too heavy/thick and sometimes even the worst offense of all….scratchy. This one has none of those faults. I will be ordering more for the eventual onset of mosquito season. Read more

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