Comfort 4-p. C. Team socks black/black/brown/gray lg (us guys’s 9-12)

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  • fifty eight% polyester, 25% cotton, thirteen% nylon, 2% lycra, 2% spandex
  • imported
  • machine wash
  • 1/2 cushioned foot bed for all day comfort
  • knit in arch aid

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everyday out of doors casual men’s 4 percent assorted colors comfort crew sock

8 reviews for Comfort 4-p. C. Team socks black/black/brown/gray lg (us guys’s 9-12)

  1. DS

    These are nothing like my favorite soft, comfortable, thick cotton Timberland socks that I’ve owned for years, even though the product photo looks exactly the same. Instead, they felt more like cheap, thin, tight-fitting polyester dress socks.When I checked the packaging I discovered that the socks I received contain an even lower percentage of cotton than Amazon’s already-dubious description, and higher percentages of polyester, nylon and spandex instead.I don’t know whether it’s cost-cutting by Timberland since I last bought their products or if they just sell an inferior line of goods through Amazon, but either way this was a big disappointment. Needless to say I’m returning them.Read more

  2. twfme

    I will have to second some others comments about these thinly made socks. They are a standard thickness on the shoe part of the sock but the rest is pretty dog-gone thin. Not my cup of tea. It may be yours and that’s okay. For me I like a nice thick sock that not only helps cushion my feet but also serves as a bit of protection on my ankles as I do not work in an office. For office wear they may be fine. Not warm, but fine. It is getting harder to find a well made cotton sock. It seems that most manufacturers are trying very hard to save a buck by cutting thickness here and there.Read more

  3. kennymac

    I am old… I am fat… but even if I was young, slim and strong as a horse, it would be an exercise in and of itself just to put these damn things on.. I think the Timberland socks I bought 7 years ago were the greatest thing since sliced bread but these are like the devils own idea of punishment in trying to put my feet into a pair. Waaaay toooo tight and tooo short… More like putting on compression socks than my nice “over the calf” socks of old..Read more

  4. GMusik

    After not even 2 weeks of wearing these, there’s already a gaping hole just above the heel on one of these socks as you can see from the picture – you can clearly see how thin the material is above the heel compared to the rest. I had bought these before without this issue, so apparently the quality is going down now. Very disappointing.Read more

  5. addie lay

    Just bought these Christmas. Had holes in them 3 months later. Husband loves these socks but to be Timberland and expensive I will not buy again.Read more

  6. Bob Alderisio

    I have purchased these socks a couple years ago when they were all cotton I believe.Those socks still are fine. These new ones are too hot for me, even in winter. My fault!I just assumed the material had not been changed. The information was clearly there.Read more

  7. Matt Feith

    These are 100% my favorite socks… The fit is great, the material is thick (but not too thick), the don’t fall down, and they last for a LONG time. I wear these to work in a business casual atmosphere as well as on the weekends – they’re just great socks. I’ve bought three packs so far, and not because they’re wearing out, but because all my other brand socks did! So far my oldest pair is ~ 2 years old, and still in good shape.Read more

  8. Steven M. Barnes

    I have purchased these in the past and love how they stay up around my calves and fit snug but not tight, I was them as my base layer sock when temps dip to -40 and they last a good long while, I’ve had my first pair for 5 years and no holes or anything, I bought these because my wife and children have managed to relieve me of my previous set of socks.Read more

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