Cavatina enlargement band watch

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  • adjustable black 9mm true leather-based strap suits as much as 7. Five-inch wrist circumference
  • white dial with full arabic numerals
  • oval gold-tone 18mm brass case with mineral glass crystal
  • quartz motion with analog display
  • no longer water-resistant
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girls’s conventional collection

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girls’s traditional collection

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product description

with uncluttered, fashionable beauty and an smooth-to-wear layout, the classic cavatina offers ordinary capability in a fashionable package.


Black/Gold-Tone, Gold-Tone/White, Silver-Tone/White, Two-Tone/Silver-Tone

8 reviews for Cavatina enlargement band watch

  1. Diane Weaver

    I bought this watch in November 2017 from Amazon. The band is supposed to be leather but it is leather only on the top. The under part of the band is not leather and is falling apart. I called Timex and they said the warranty on the band is only for 1 month. Therefore I would have to buy a new band. These bands are hard to find because they are so small. It is too bad that I cannot wear the watch because the band is broke after only 6 months. Buyer Beware!Read more

  2. J

    I’ve been looking for an oval watch and this is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I am a fan of small watches so this is perfect size for me, but beware this is smaller than most other small watches on the market. The strap is especially thin, maybe only ~7mm where it buckles and ~9mm where it joins the watch face. For its price it’s definitely good value. Simple and dainty, I like it! (FYI I’m 5’5, 125 lbs)Read more

  3. Bee

    I love the classy vintage look of the oval watch face. I bought this and then bought a 9mm brown “alligator” texture strap to immediately replace the black strap as I think the gold goes better with brown. There is an oval timex on Amazon with a brown strap, but it’s double the price! So if you want the oval face and brown strap just buy them separately. You will need to use the pins that come with the original strap though—don’t throw them out till you know if you need them.The watch came with the turner pulled out so the battery wasn’t running, but there was not the usual plastic stopper like on most timex watches so I realize I may need to replace the battery within the first few months. I usually buy timex from Target, but I can never seem to find this face style.So far this is a nice watch. I’ll edit if I have problems with it.See pictures to see the size difference between this watch and the Timex Easy Reader.Read more

  4. dpgreen

    I got this for my 88 year old mother who has very thin arms and needs the simplest watch possible. It is really hard to find watches that work for a tiny wrist but still has a full set of all 12 numbers, i.e. not just the 3,5,9, and 12,, doesn’t have Roman numerals, AND has a stretch band. She really likes it.Read more

  5. Keek

    I liked the trim design and simple look. That’s why I bought the watch. But I also wanted the watch to tell time and it has not done that reliably. The watch didn’t work when I received it so I bought a brand new battery. The watch then worked for a short time but again stopped. I wish I’d simply returned this Timex while I still could. But I thought maybe I’d been sold a bad battery since I believed Timex to be a reliable brand. But yesterday’s brand-new battery allowed the watch to work for only a few hours. Now it has stopped again. It was a mistake not to send it back immediately after it stopped working the first time. It is extremely frustrating and annoying to waste money this way as I am a senior on a tight budget.Read more

  6. Grace B.

    My watch arrived Wednesday…three days later it is now broken.I wanted a nice simple watch that was easy to use and it was for a short while. However, I had bought this watch and it worked just great for about a year until the winder completely fell out and stopped working. So, I decided to buy another one, as I needed another functioning watch. My new watch arrived on a Wednesday and on Saturday the same thing happened to this new watch, the winder is now gone and now I have another broken watch. I will not be making a third mistake.Read more

  7. CA

    I need a watch that has a small face since I have such a small wrist. This fits very nicely. It’s a tiny bit larger than my previous watches, but I found that (since I am older) the slightly larger face is easier to read. I had purchased another watch that had gold-toned digits and hands, and is harder to see in low light. With this watch, the black lined digits and hands are actually easier. They aren’t quite as dark as the picture portrays- but it’s sufficient. Considering the price, this watch is a real bargain. I haven’t had it long enough to determine it’s sustainability, but so far I am very pleased. I didn’t have any problems with the stem when I set the watch, as other people have described, but I don’t expect to need to change the time except for twice a year, so I am hoping it holds up. One note: it does not come with directions, and the link to the directions that came with it didn’t work. I had to email customer service, and they sent me the manual electronically. Not a big deal, but it was annoying. The watch isn’t complicated enough to need directions, but just wanted to mention this.Read more

  8. sinton66

    I Purchased this for my elderly mom specifically because of all the reviews that said it was made for a small wrist. She is in an assisted living facility where I am having to ship items to her during this pandemic. Unfortunately, the watch band was too large for her. She said there’s no way she will be able to use this. That is unfortunate as a return will be difficult since visitors are not allowed inside the facility yet. I did not get to see the actual quality of the watch. It may be fine, but I am disappointed In the fit, especially since I went to great lengths to find one for a small ladies wrist.Read more

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