Casio men’s pro trek quartz recreation watch with resin strap

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  • fishing mode, one hundred-meter water resistance, led mild
  • moon data, dual time, stopwatch, countdown timer
  • multi-characteristic alarms, hourly time sign, sunlight hours saving on/off
  • complete automobile-calendar (to year 2099), 12/24-hour layout, button operation tone on/off
  • approx. Battery lifestyles: 10 years on cr2025
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from the manufacturer

casio values

“necessity is not the mom of invention, invention is the mom of necessity.” these are the phrases of considered one of casio’s founders. The people who created casio were decided to ‘invent necessity’- to create merchandise that met latent desires with groundbreaking abilities no one had ever visible earlier than. Ever on the grounds that, casio has been doing simply that, bringing new discovery and satisfaction to humans round the arena. That is casio’s way of building a fair more prosperous, richly rewarding global.

key functions

built in 10 12 months battery, will offer a decade of use with out the trouble of changing batteries.

appropriate for regular use and swimming and snorkeling.

  • 1/100-2d stopwatch with a purpose to run for 23:59:fifty nine
  • completely programmable countdown from 1 minute to 24 hours
  • way to its innovative fishing indicator, moon phase records and graphs, this watch will help in determining the exceptional time of day to fish.



    6 reviews for Casio men’s pro trek quartz recreation watch with resin strap

    1. Kevin Davis

      I love the unique watches that Casio makes. This is my first fishing gear watch from Casio. I have other Casio watches with other functions so I had to try this one. It’s fun to see all the fish start popping up on the screen when it’s a good time to fish. I will be using it this summer on my fishing trips. Here fishy fishy fishy fishy fishy fishy fishy! Ernie!!! Oh hey Bert. Read more

    2. j wolf

      As you can see in the pic, I bought 4 of them, long over due, but these weren’t for me. I wanted to prove to my cousins first that these really do work. Since we live on the coast and fishing is our main hobby, figure to let them in on this watch. The way it works is like this…you program it to your GMT in my case -5 hours in South Texas and my Longitude 97° and your watch is set. For the $20 the watch costs, you don’t have to really rely on the baitshop for the high tide and low tide times in case you forget to bring back a few tide graphs back, THIS WATCH WILL TELL YOU. You can switch to the search button and will indicate the best fishing times for that day only. These won’t be the last I buy, probably get the rest of my family some, THE ONES THAT FISH and then tell my friends about it. The best damn watch for fishing PERIOD. You can buy more expensive ones from Casio that do the same job but when you are going fishing you don’t need all the bells and whistles. Oh, when you purchase, make sure you pay attn to the watch band color, mine were OD, was expecting black, probably my bad when I placed the order. There is black and blue available. So hope this helps, I live next to South Padre Island, Tx Read more

    3. Jack Farrell

      This watch is based on a fishing concept known as “SoLunar Theory”. I am not speaking to the efficacy of this concept beyond how it is implemented on this watch, if you want to know more, search the afore words in quotes. It functions very similar to Casio’s other 4-button digital watches, very similar to their G-Shock models. One of the “mode” screens is the Fish/Moon screen and that is the central point of this watch, I will return to this later. In the standard timekeeping mode two aspects of the display communicate unique elements beyond Time/date/day-of-week. One is a moon-phase indicator that mimics the visible face of the moon from earth with new moon|waxing crescent|first quarter|waxing gibbous|full moon|waning gibbous|third quarter|waning crescent as the possible display states. Above this is a funny radar-like display that displays at any time 1 of 5 different levels of fish activity that is derived from the SoLunar Theory. This tells you at what time of day, per day, fish activity is suspected to be locally maximal as per this theory. The radar display is full of fish when all the “stars-align” so to speak, indicates no fish when nothing is “aligned”, and 3 intermediate levels within this range of SoLunar alignment. Some anglers swear by this method; my wife swears by her horoscopes. The reason I bought this watch is because it does exactly what it says it will do, and, behind the scenes (if you care to examine SoLunar literature), it is simply communicating the phase of the moon (cool) and also whether the tide is low or high (moon rising/setting or at zenith/nadir) (cool). I thought these features were fun. In principle, using only information from this watch, you can point at roughly where the moon is in the sky and report its illumination at any given time even if you were in an underground bunker, provided you had an idea which way north was (and your longitude, it will ask for your longitude when you set it in order to calculate your local apparent moon position, or tidal force… or fish activity or whatever). The Fish/Moon screen focuses the watch’s display on it core features, the Adjust button toggling between the Fish (tide) and Moon (phase) modes. Moon-mode allows one to step through the days one by one starting from the current date and it reports the age of the moon phase in days with the accompanying graphic. You can not cycle in reverse (this can be frustrating) so not only can you not see the phase for previous days, you can not look at days you’ve already searched past. If today was 10/13 and I wanted to see what the moon phase is on Halloween (10/31) I step through until I reach it and see that it is a Full Moon (spooky). Then I remember my friend’s birthday is on 10/26 so I want to see that moon phase too, as I skipped past it. I need to cycle through all the screens again to get back to the Fish/Moon screen to reset the starting point to today’s date and then step back through to 10/26, annoying but doable. However I can not (as far as I know) see the moon phase for, say, 10/5 of this year. Fish-mode instead searches through the current day hour by hour (this is the minimum resolution) and in the “radar” part of the display, indicates fish activity. Similarly, you can not step backwards, but whereas the moon calendar goes on seemingly forever, the Fish indicator only shows hours of the day as selected in the Moon-mode (the current day if you have just switched to the screen) so it’s only a matter of looping back to the hour you want in the 24-hr range. As noted before this screen is equivalent information as to the current tide/moon position, the moon phase also is equivalent to tidal strength (spring/neap). In short, this watch indicates all the information about the timing of the tides, convoluted by a theory regarding fish activity. It gets 4-stars because of a little clumsiness in the relevant menus and I don’t like the strap and how it feels; it could just be my wrist though. Read more

    4. Josh

      Love this watch. So much more convenient to have the fishing predictions on my wrist than having to fiddle with a Iaggy app. Mine came with small scratches on the face. Not even sure theyll come up in the photo but who cares its gonna get beat up anyways. Read more

    5. Josh

      Got this watch for my dad because his original Casio FishEnTime watch stopped working after about 25 to 30 years. Might be a battery malfunction though. So i bought him this to replace it. It works on exactly the same principle as the old original version from the 1990″s. They really do work well and while it seems like it would be hard to set up, its super simple. He absolutely loves it. On day 1 of having this watch it was flashing the word fish, with 5 or so fish icons showing up on the display, he was ready to go in 5 minutes. Excellent gift idea for any fisherman, pro or hobbyist. I will be buying more for other people as gifts. His original one worked for over 25 yrs, and probably still will with a decent new battery. And cost was substantially higher when they 1st came out. To get it for 20 bucks was a steal. I expected to pay 75 minimum for it if i was lucky. I was obviously very lucky and found them at an excellent price. It really does work and not just to tell time. Try it yourself or buy it as a gift for somebody. Go catch some fish. 2 Read more

    6. Jesse

      Came in brand new condition. Its a gift. Easy to adjust time and time zone. Time and date are easy to read. Backlighting works great. The fish display changes quite often so im told. Moon phase is accurate. Its a bit bulkier than F-91w but not as bulky as a G-Shock. So it will be comfortable to wear. The color on this watch looks more like an outdoor tactical watch. I inserted a compass for aesthetics. Get one before they run out!!! Read more

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