Black resin-fe-10 series

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  • imported
  • authentic replacement straps
  • band size: 26. 50mm
  • band lug length: 15 mm

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  • will this band suit casio aq e10 watch? The band width seems to be identical? Thank you
  • query: will this band healthy casio aq e10 watch? The band width seems to be identical? Thanks answer: this band also suits the aqe10 version. With the aid of toluca watch co dealer on april 26, 2015 didn’t get answers. See more answers (1) fall apart all answers

    8 reviews for Black resin-fe-10 series

    1. T. King

      I’ve had and brought only this watch model for literately years, I must of had ten of these and the watch has never failed me. This is the first time that I decided to replace the band instead of just getting a new watch. For the price you might as well and save yourself all the hassle of replacing the band which is not that easy for the average Joe to replace. Other than that, it’s the same band which is the weakest link of this watch design. If it wasn’t for the band I would’ve of had only brought far few watch replacements. I used a jewelers screw driver and it took me a minute and a half on each side to install. It doesn’t come with the pins so made sure that you keep, clean and oil the old ones. Read more

    2. JP

      This replacement band does fit the Casio FE-10 watch. I found that installing the replacement band was not easy. In fact is was so difficult I considered just buying a new watch instead since the price difference is only around $10. I was eventually able to install the band after a substantial effort. These bands only last around 6 months or so because they are so thin. They typically break where the buckle sits as the pressure eventually wears through the thin band. While I really like the thinness of the FE-10 I think that I’d skip the hassle next time and just buy a new watch instead. Read more

    3. georjec

      I couldn’t get it to fit the watch it was made for. Took it to a pawnshop and a jeweler. Neither could get it on to the watch. I can’t tell people not to buy it just because it didn’t work for me. Keep in mind though it is identical to the band I took off the watch. I just can’t get it to fit with the original pins. Read more

    4. randall

      I want to say “THANKS” so much for making this product available! The FE-10-1A is my favorite watch on the planet! Its stylish, sleek, user friendly, and very functional. A couple years ago I sent a scathing letter to Casio chastising them for there lack of foresight in this watches longevity. Why would you make a watch with a 5yr. battery life and a 1yr. band life?(I have three watches with broken bands in the drawer)…Thanks, for the replacement band… generic bands DO NOT work with this watch! Has to be the real deal. In reviewing, it is a bit of a challenge to install… Just sayin’. Save yourself a headache, just install the broken side…;) ~randall~ Read more

    5. Lyman

      Used on my Timex Ironman Triathelon watch. The material is a bit thin compared to the Timex watch bands. No 15mm spring bars were included so reused those on my Timex. Much easier to install than the original Timex watch bands. Read more

    6. Gary Randall, Happy Forum Grad !

      The band broke within 3 months of the time I purchased it. It looks and feels like the original but the original band lasted the couple of years! Read more

    7. bjskau

      Since I wear my Casio FE-10 watch all the time, it does take a beating. I finally found the replacement bands for it and immediately ordered some. It fits perfectly and was pretty easy to install. All you need is a jeweler’s screwdriver (small flat head), and a couple of minutes later, it’s done. Too bad it took so long to be delivered, but I can always keep them in standby mode. Read more

    8. Alba at Dawn

      It is difficult writing about a replacement watch band that replaces the original that lasts only between 12-18 months. I truly love the FE-10 watch for its’ simplicity and reliability. Currently, I own about three of them and my only complaint about the watch is that it far outlasts the watch bands which begin to crack after about a year or so. Initially, I just wound up purchasing another watch which only costs $18 which is ironic considering that the band alone costs $9. If these replacement bands crack and break within a year [as did the originals], then I will just buy a new FE-10 watch. Until then I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Read more

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