Big om headband wrap yoga gentle cotton blend hand printed boho bohemian white black yellow

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  • uspto registered trademarked brand. Hand published cotton blend rayon wonderful smooth, vegtable dyed om designs
  • large scarf – seventy two inches via 36 inches
  • boho present day hippie scarf – mild weight & airy
  • splendid affordable present for restoration, meditation, non secular & yoga aficionados
  • truthful exchange product
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hand printed om prayer on this light and ethereal cotton blend rayon headscarf. Elegantly finished with hand tied tasseled ends. Om – the oneness of existence, the primordial sound – the balance of everything in existence’s cycle, the past, gift, and destiny: all is contained in this one utterance. Whilst you embody your individuality, your truth becomes your finest strength. A hundred% cotton. Remarkable tender, skinny, summer-weight cotton blend rayon. Vegetable dyed with hand printed om designs.


Black, Blue, Yellow

8 reviews for Big om headband wrap yoga gentle cotton blend hand printed boho bohemian white black yellow

  1. msVruiz

    OK – The scarf came with a horrible, horrible stink of chemical or dye or something. It was AWFUL! I had to machine wash it alone, let it air dry. Then fabreeze it. Then I washed it AGAIN and air dried and fabrezzed it. It still smelled. On the 3rd full wash I decided it start wearing it. I’ve been wearing it over a month. It still has a hint of smell to it, but honestly I don’t have the best nose, so I can live with it. The scarf is pretty and though I washed it three times by itself it seems not to have leaked any color at all. There was no colored water. I would have returned it except I really need it and I like the color. Anyway, I am hoping the smell will continue to fade. Do not order this unless you are willing to wash multiple times before wearing it. Don’t buy it if you have a good nose or are sensitive to smells and whatever chemicals may be on this thing.Read more

  2. Claire

    Stinks. Not that soft. Not that blue either. Doesn’t look like the scarf from the picture. The tassels on the edges just look frayed and messy. Very disappointed. May just return it. I am tired of getting bad products. You just Can’t trust what you buy anymoreRead more

  3. Discriminating Buyer

    1. Does not have Tribal Azure Fair Trade label. They are not like my other Tribal Azure Fair Trade scarves. I think they might be fake.2. The color bleeds. Wash water is black as ink. It will ruin anything it touches if wet. So much for bathing suit wrap.3. This does not feel like cotton. Pretty sure it’s synthetic and will be hot.Read more

  4. ThisGuy

    The print of Ganesha is backwards to the wording that is printed. The trunk of Ganesha should always be pointing to the right. The script says “Hare Krishna Hare Rama” …. This doesn’t even fit the Ganesha print. The footprints and Om Vishnu around the boarder is nice. Despite the other reviews, the item did not smell like anything and doesn’t have a tag. This is just a fashion piece and is not a prayer shaw. Do not purchase this if you are an actual Hindu as you will be unable to use it per the upanishads.Read more

  5. Sunny

    I honestly love these so much I bought the black one and will get the yellow and white one next 😂 they’re a great softness when I use it to wrap my head it does hold a good deal or warmth and it’s good for covering your legs when it’s cold and you’re in shorts. Only qualm is how weird it smells in the package but after a quick wash it’s all good. The color stays well and it’s very soft not scratchy at all. Not silky and only slightly rougher than regular cottonRead more

  6. TJW

    This is advertised as “soft cotton” and that’s no joke. It is 100% cotton but feels like a silk blend. I love this scarf and will buy it in more colors.Read more

  7. ninochka

    I had one of these so many years ago and just wore it to death. Camping, beaches, etc. I was worried that this would not be as good…but it is. Its a little smaller than my old one but its still nice and big. I like to hold it behind me with both hands like I am drying off my back, then bring both ends around, criss cross them over my chest and tie in back of my neck. Its a super cute little casual dress!Read more

  8. Dayna Keiser

    Very soft and while it appears to be rather thin it will keep the chill off in an over air conditioned environment. I wear it like a muffler in winter and a shaw in Spring and Summer. Worth the price.Read more

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