Big gold hoop jewelry for women – plated 10k gold stainless steel hooped rings for women, 70-100mm big gold hoop rings

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  • 🎁beautiful large hoop jewelry – with an tremendous sharpening process,the color could be better than different rings. Whilst you are going to a party or a bar,do you want to be the most attractive one within the crowd? You don’t need fancy clothes, you handiest need a couple of this massive hoop rings,it’s going to come up with a goddess aura.
  • 🎁hand-crafted best inspection – the rings are made from stainless-steel and it’s miles a dependable steel, whitch is difficult to vanish when you wear jewelry in peacetime. Wearing stainless-steel rings is not liable to allergic reactions. Before the packaging, we can check each pair of jewelry and repeatedly open and near buckle by way of hand. The repeated work for a long time will make the arms of the people a bit worn-out, however critical work is their precept
  • 🎁effortlessly fit your clothes – the big hoop earring fashion is very simple,regardless of what you wear nowadays,lengthy hair or brief hair can be perfectly matched. When you join up with your friends,they’ll first look at your face,then be attracted via this massive hoop earring,and eventually will praise your taste and your match,and may ask the supply of this earring. Whilst you wear this earring,you’ve got become the point of interest of your pals. It’s far now! You may have this massive earring earlier than others.
  • 🎁special present – if you have it,huge hoop earrings make you more lovely. So that you also can deliver it on your pals or girlfriends,etc. You don’t should worry that a person sporting earrings might be extra perfect than you,due to the fact you’re the first to put on,your affect is sufficient to make others deep,you are nonetheless the most particular. And they’ll be extra appealing due to this earring,they will be glad and grateful to you. Should not you have got this large hoop earring that is less expensive and dependable
  • 🎁relaxation assured to shop for – in case you are not satisfied with the size of jewelry you received, please contact us for the primary time to replace them. When you have any questions, please experience unfastened to touch us, we will reply within 24 hours. In case you are not glad with this, also you can contact us for a full refund
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  • will the button of the rings be tight? Will you feel heavy whilst you wear it?
  • because the rings is huge in diameter, you can lightly pull the ear pins out of the clasp. After which it goes via the ear hole and snaps it returned on. A mild pull will now not deform the earring. You can wear it in my manner and it will likely be a good deal simpler. It is a bit tight when you open it the first time, however now not as tight whilst you open it later. See much less

  • do those earrings tarnish?
  • query: do these jewelry tarnish? Solution: no it doesn’t, i have worn it numerous times even within the vivid solar. Didn’t tarnish at all. Via prajakta on july 11, 2019 did not get answers. See more answers (2) crumble all answers

  • i just got a couple for my female. Are they nickel/ lead loose?
  • query: i simply were given a couple for my female. Are they nickel/ lead loose? Solution: sure by using zana cornelius on can also eleven, 2020 crumble all solutions

  • how can you take this earrings off greater without problems after you placed them on? I sincerely like this massive earring and i’m certain it is just what i need.
  • query: how can you’re taking this earrings off greater effortlessly after you placed them on? I truly like this large earring and i am sure it is simply what i need. Answer: i did not have a hassle with mine. They may loosen with use. Higher to be tight inside the clasp as these are massive. Via tracey r. On september 21, 2019 fall apart all solutions


    2 Pairs of Inner Diameter: 2.36"(60MM), 2 Pairs of Inner Diameter: 2.76"(70MM), 2 Pairs of Inner Diameter: 3.15"(80MM) A, 2 Pairs of Inner Diameter: 3.54"(90MM)

    8 reviews for Big gold hoop jewelry for women – plated 10k gold stainless steel hooped rings for women, 70-100mm big gold hoop rings

    1. Nicholas S.

      These hoops are not for the faint of heart. These hoops will make your neck muscles strong from the sheer weight of holding your head up while wearing them. These hoops will last longer than your Nana’s remaining life. Lemme tell you a quick story, I dropped these hoops on my foot the other night, and they cut me. Another quick story, I got into a fight while wearing these hoops, and they took themselves out, then handed me the shiv they cut me with the other night. These are the hoops of every woman’s dreams. Go hard or go home. Read more

    2. Naihomy

      I love these earrings! They’re so nice and lightweight!! I have hypoallergenic ears and they don’t bother me at all. They’re lighter than some 50mm ones I have which surprised me. I got the 90mm, overall I definitely recommend **Update: a year later and they have become my everyday hoops! Literally switch between the gold and silver all the time! They haven’t tarnished or lost their colors, they still don’t bother my ears at all just overall great.** Read more

    3. Gabriela Z.

      I was looking for huge hoops for a halloween costume and I founded these as perfect! Extremely lightweight Read more

    4. Emily Kate

      I purchased the 60mm hoops and was so excited to wear them. Unfortunately, unlike most other reviewers, I found them pretty heavy, and the thickness of the post itself (pictured next to regular earrings for reference) really hurt my ears, and they became painful to wear after only about 10 minutes. (I don’t typically have sensitive ears, unless the hole is being stretched too far.) The clasp was also pretty difficult to fasten/unfasten—handy for not coming loose, but also made removing them from my sore ears a bit tricky. I’ll be returning these and looking for a lighter pair. Too bad—these were a great value and nice looking. Read more

    5. Terra

      Exactly what I was looking for. These earrings were the perfect size and light weight. Read more

    6. Merrylynn cowan

      The metal bar that goes through your ear is WAYYY too short. It’s extremely difficult to put on and the gold ones are too short to even sty in the loop. Useless. Read more

    7. Tania

      I absolutely love these earrings and recommend them 100% to anyone that is on the hunt for the perfect hoops. (For reference, I purchased size 70mm- perfect size). Here’s why: 1. They are super light weight for their size 2. You can’t beat the price for 2 pairs of hoops 3. They are great quality- they haven’t tarnished at all, and I’ve been wearing them quite often for the last month! 4. The closure is very comfortable and doesn’t hurt the back of your ear like most hoop earrings do. BUY THESE, you won’t regret it! Read more

    8. KimHeartsPhoto

      While I do love the earrings…. they do not fit. The clasp part that goes in your ear is rather large. 😭😭 Read more

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