Barton elite silicone watch bands – brief launch – choose strap coloration & buckle coloration (stainless-steel, black pvd or gunmetal gray) – 18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 21mm, 22mm, 23mm & 24mm watch straps

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  • change in seconds: quick launch spring bars let you switch bands in seconds to compliment your cloth cabinet or blend and healthy with barton’s different leather-based, canvas and silicone brief launch watch bands to take your timepiece from the fitness center to the administrative center. Sincerely slide quick release knob with finger as shown in diagram.
  • choose right width: like minded with any traditional or smart watch that makes use of 18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 21mm, 22mm, 23mm or 24mm spring bars. Measure watch lug wherein band and spring bar meet the watch casing. It’s miles essential that your watch’s lug width is the precise width of the band you choose or spring bars will no longer fit successfully. You may additionally locate the specifications for maximum watches by means of looking on-line.
  • lengths blanketed: each band comes trendy with one of a kind lengths of the ‘long aspect’ of the strap (the side with the holes), assuring a really perfect suit for almost any wrist. Assured to match all males and females or money lower back; fits wrists five” to 8″ in circumference, however watch geometry can also effect match.
  • locking characteristic and different attributes: barton’s proprietary locking characteristic assures that the loose give up of the strap stays securely in place. Short release spring bars, long lasting silicone, solid tang 316l stainless steel buckle, heady scent loose and dust loose, 2mm taper from watch head to buckle.
  • clever watch widths: ‘product description’ segment in this web page lists right widths for asus zenwatch & zenwatch 2; q, q tailor, q gazer; huawei watch, watch 2 & watch 2 conventional; moto360 gen2 42mm men’s & girls’s & moto360 gen2 46mm; lg watch, urbane g, urbane r & watch style; pebble, pebble 2, pebble spherical massive & maximum other pebbles; gear s2 conventional, s3 conventional, s3 frontier, gear sport; ticwatch 2 & e; withings activite, steel hr 36mm & metal hr 40mm and more
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product description

barton elite silicone short launch watch bands with black buckle

to determine proper width for your watch

  • check the bottom of your modern-day band to peer if the width is marked
  • use a metric ruler to degree the width in which the modern-day band attaches to the watch head
  • search on-line for the specs of your watch make/version
  • well suited smart watch widths

    – like minded with asus zenwatch 2 1. 45″ well suited with asus zenwatch 2 1. Sixty three 22mm width

    – well matched with fossil q assignment / scarlette / tailor like minded with fossil q gazer compatible with fossil q founder 2. 0 / marshal / wander / crewmaster / explorist / commuter / grant 22mm width

    ​- well matched with huawei watch / match 18mm width

    – well suited 20mm

    – well matched with huawei watch 2 traditional 22mm width

    – well suited with lg watch style compatible with lg watch / urbane / r compatible with moto 360 2nd gen guys 20mm width

    – like minded with moto 360 2d gen 46mm like minded with pebble time round large 20mm width

    – compatible with pebble conventional / time / time metallic 22mm width

    – well matched 20mm width

    – well suited with galaxy watch active 20mm

    – like minded 22mm width

    – like minded with gear s2 classic / recreation well suited with gear s3 classic / frontier like minded with ticwatch 2 / e (explicit) / lively / classic like minded with withings (nokia) activité pop / activité metal / activité sapphire / metal 18mm width

    – like minded with withings (nokia) metal hr & steel hr sport 40mm not perfect for the moto360 first-era or for the moto360 second gen girls’s which uses a 16mm band.

    those bands additionally match masses of other traditional watches with general 18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 21mm, 22mm, 23mm or 24mm lug widths.

    disclaimer: our watch bands are not compatible for the garmin vivoactive three, the garmin vivomove hr or the suunto traverse.


    18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 21mm, 22mm, 23mm, 24mm


    Black, Army Green Top / Black Bottom, Army Green Top / Black Bottom & Black PVD Buckle, Army Green Top / Black Bottom – Gunmetal Grey, Black & Black PVD Buckle, Black – Gunmetal Grey, Black Top / Aqua Blue Bottom, Black Top / Aqua Blue Bottom & Black PVD Buckle, Black Top / Army Green Bottom, Black Top / Army Green Bottom & Black PVD Buckle, Black Top / Crimson Red Bottom, Black Top / Crimson Red Bottom & Black PVD Buckle, Black Top / Crimson Red Bottom – Gunmetal Grey, Black Top / Pumpkin Orange Bottom, Black Top / Pumpkin Orange Bottom & Black PVD Buckle, Black Top / Yellow Bottom, Black Top / Yellow Bottom – Black PVD, Chocolate Brown Top / Khaki Bottom, Chocolate Brown Top / Khaki Bottom & Black PVD Buckle, Cool Grey Top / Black Bottom, Cool Grey Top / Black Bottom & Black PVD Buckle, Crimson Red, Crimson Red & Black PVD Buckle, Khaki Tan Top / Black Bottom, Khaki Tan Top / Black Bottom & Black PVD Buckle, Navy Blue, Navy Blue & Black PVD Buckle, Navy Blue – Gunmetal Grey, Navy Blue Top / Crimson Red Bottom, Navy Blue Top / Crimson Red Bottom & Black PVD Buckle, Pumpkin Orange Top / Black Bottom, Pumpkin Orange Top / Black Bottom & Black PVD Buckle, Pumpkin Orange Top / Black Bottom – Gunmetal Grey, Smoke Grey Top / Black Bottom, Smoke Grey Top / Black Bottom & Black PVD Buckle, Smoke Grey Top / Black Bottom – Gunmetal Grey, Smoke Grey Top / Mint Green Bottom, Smoke Grey Top / Mint Green Bottom & Black PVD Buckle, Two Toned Blue (Flatwater), Two Toned Blue (Flatwater) & Black PVD Buckle, White Top / Black Bottom, White Top / Black Bottom & Black PVD Buckle, Black Top / Army Green Bottom – Gunmetal Grey, Black Top / Pumpkin Orange Bottom – Gunmetal Grey, Black Top / Yellow Bottom & Black PVD Buckle

    6 reviews for Barton elite silicone watch bands – brief launch – choose strap coloration & buckle coloration (stainless-steel, black pvd or gunmetal gray) – 18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 21mm, 22mm, 23mm & 24mm watch straps

    1. Kawakami

      Overall, this watch strap is fantastic. The strap is very soft, flexible, and comfortable, as only silicone straps can be. But, the Barton outshines the rest, because it is so thin. This makes it much more comfortable than the bulky ones from companies like Seiko. Also, the two tone look is fantastic, and the special keeper that holds the tail of the strap in place is brilliant.I only have two very minor gripes that I will total up to be one negative star. First, the spring bars on the 22mm model are not 22mm. They are slightly longer than that, rendering them unusable since they can’t fit in between the lugs of the watch. I had to pry out the spring bars and replace them with regular spring bars. The 20mm version fit fine.The second minor issue that I had was that the colors just aren’t very vibrant. The black looks very linty, and the orange is a little pale.Additionally, while the thinness of the strap feels great, it also feels like it may not be very durable. I’m not taking off any stars for this, but it’s just something for me to watch over time.Again, these are very minor issues, and overall the straps are fantastic.Read more

    2. Jimbob Nopants

      I have several canvas Bartons that I like a lot, so I decided to try out a silicone band. It’s very comfortable, more than I expected it to be, but it has approximately zero durability. First, the strap started to tear by the quick-release nub on the spring bar. When I went to try to remove the band, I found that the spring bar was stuck and wouldn’t release. I tried to use a spring bar tool like you would use on a regular spring bar, and pushing the strap out of the way resulted in further tearing of the strap. It is now ruined. To make matters worse, I couldn’t even get the spring bar out with the tool, and ended up cutting the spring bar with snips to get it off the watch.So, very high marks for comfort, fit, and style, and zero marks for durability. Don’t buy these straps.UPDATE:Barton reached out with an offer to replace the strap, but they tried to mail it to the street address of an Amazon locker, which resulted in it going to a restaurant/bar instead of the locker (USPS can’t deliver to Amazon lockers). Now I’m minus the replacement as well. They have since stopped responding to my emails. Not too impressive. Anyway, lesson learned.Read more

    3. Bckrupps37

      After just a few days the clasp switch slid into the band and the band broke. It seems as though the holes for the pin levers are too large and a weak point of the band. Update. Received a replacement because the band was so comfortable and well thought out i really wanted to try again. Second one similar problem. Pin shiftes through the pin hole and pierced through the front band. Such a shame they went cheap on the material because otherwise it’s an excellent design.Read more

    4. Precision Works Mechanical Electrical

      My Seiko SRPA83 “baby tuna” is a large watch at 53 mm across. I never could get used to the silicone band that came with the watch because it is too bulky and far too long for my small wrist. I tried bands from other manufacturers but never found one I liked until now. The Barton’s band is thin, conforms to my wrist really well and is supplied with both a long and short strap. The shorter strap fits my wrist perfectly. The band features two keepers & the strap doesn’t wrap all the way around to the watch case because it is the correct length.Seiko dive watches use a “fat” spring bar that is 2.5 MM diameter and it will not push through the strap holes without a bit of lubrication. A drop of hand soap helps the bar slide in easily. Be sure to look at the Barton’s video that shows how to remove the quick release bars that are supplied with this band. They are fine for many watches but they are too small for any of the Seiko dive watches. All in all a great band and I am totally satisfied. Highly recommend.Read more

    5. Level Mike

      Soft, flexible and so light I barely feel I’m wearing it. Cleans up easily. Buckle is smooth and has a sheen without being super shiny (which I like). The strap also has a loop with a raised nub which slots into the end of the strap. Didn’t know I need this feature until I realized it was staying in place all day and I wasn’t constantly fidgeting with it to slide it back into place, as I usually do. Don’t like it? There’s a regular loop, too. Want a shorter strap to tuck in? They throw in one of those, too. Great strap, great quality, easily the most comfortable one I’ve worn.Read more

    6. JG Carlo

      Awesome Band!!! I did plenty of shopping around before pulling the trigger on this brand watch band. I needed an everyday band to substitute for the original SS band of my Ball EMII Diver. With all the awesome reviews on this particular band I was convinced in its reliability.Pros 1) It was very easy to install and with the 2 sizes 6 o’clock position pieces included it makes it easy to fit especially for my smaller wrist.Pro 2) Its very comfortable and lightweight but also pretty rugged enough to sleep with and shower with.Pro 3) The locking capability of the second loop keeps the band in place unlike other bands where the loops scoot off the band or too high up near the buckle and the band flaps away.The only con I can come up with is wanting to buy another one for my Other Ball watch and Tag Aquaracer. LolFor the price, fit, comfort and ease it’s a no brainer. I’m very Happy with this band and will definitely be buying another set for my collectionRead more

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