Barton alligator grain – quick launch leather watch bands – select color, period & width – 16mm, 18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 21mm, 22mm, 23mm, or 24mm fashionable or lengthy

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  • barton satisfactory: top grain cowhide leather-based watch band with embossed alligator or crocodile styling. 316l surgical grade brushed metal buckle.
  • choose right width: compatible with any traditional or clever watch that makes use of 16mm, 18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 21mm, 22mm, 23mm, or 24mm spring bars. Short release spring bars are covered with and integrated into the band, so it’s miles critical that your watch’s lug width matches exactly.
  • smart watch widths: ‘product description’ phase on this web page lists right widths for asus zenwatch & zenwatch 2; fossil q, q tailor, q gazer; huawei watch, watch 2 & watch 2 conventional; moto360 gen2 42mm men’s & girls’s & moto360 gen2 46mm; lg watch, urbane g, urbane r & watch style; pebble, pebble 2, pebble round massive & most different pebbles; galaxy, tools s2 conventional, s3 classic, s3 frontier, tools game; ticwatch 2 & e; withings nokia activite, metallic hr 36mm & metal hr 40mm and others.
  • luxurious styling: 2mm taper from watch head to buckle. 24mm strap uses 22mm buckle, 23mm strap makes use of 21mm buckle, 22mm strap makes use of 20mm buckle, 21mm strap uses 19mm buckle, 20mm makes use of 18mm buckle, 19mm strap uses 17mm buckle, 18mm uses 16mm buckle, and 16mm strap makes use of 14mm buckle. Padded for style and luxury. Total thickness is about 5mm close to spring bar and 3mm close to holes.
  • most suitable healthy: approximately eight” total duration when no longer attached to look at; designed to fit wrists five. 75″ to eight”, but watch geometry additionally impacts match.
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product description

barton alligator grain leather-based short launch watch bands

breaking-in leather-based

our alligator grain straps are pretty secure out of the box and grow to be even extra relaxed with some days of wear. To hurry up the damage-in, flex the strap as far as you can up and down for a couple of minutes earlier than attaching to look at.

to decide proper width for your watch

  • check the underside of your current band to look if the width is marked
  • use a metric ruler to measure the width wherein the modern-day band attaches to the watch head
  • seek online for the specs of your watch make/model
  • all of our brief launch straps are designed to suit wrists between 5 half and eight inches in circumference. But, the size and geometry of the watch will also impact fit.

    manufactured from hand-decided on bovine leather.

    incorporated quick launch spring bars can help you swap straps in a flash… With none gear!

    well matched clever watch lug widths

    – well suited with asus zenwatch 2 1. Forty five” like minded with asus zenwatch 2 1. Sixty three 22mm width

    – like minded with fossil q mission 18mm width

    – well matched 20mm width

    – well matched with fossil q founder 2. 0 / marshal / wander / crewmaster / explorist / commuter / grant well matched with huawei watch / healthy 18mm width

    – like minded with huawei watch 2 like minded with huawei watch 2 classic 22mm width

    – lg watch style 22mm width

    – compatible with moto 360 second gen men’s 42mm well matched with moto 360 2nd gen 46mm well suited with pebble time spherical large well suited with pebble classic / time / time metallic 22mm width

    – well suited with galaxy watch (42mm) compatible 22mm width

    – compatible with equipment s2 classic / sport 20mm width

    – like minded with equipment s3 traditional 22mm width

    – well suited with ticwatch 2 / e (express) / energetic / conventional compatible with withings (nokia) activité pop / activité metal / activité sapphire / steel 18mm width

    – well suited with withings (nokia) metallic hr 40mm now not perfect for the compatibility with moto360 first generation or for the moto360 second gen ladies’s which uses a 16mm band.

    those bands additionally in shape hundreds of other traditional and smart watches with fashionable 18mm, 20mm or 22mm lug widths.

    disclaimer: our watch bands are not compatible for the garmin vivoactive three, the garmin vivomove hr or the suunto traverse.


    12mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm, 18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 20mm – Long, 21mm, 22mm, 22mm – Long, 23mm, 24mm, 24mm – Long


    Black & Stainless Steel Buckle, Coffee Brown & Stainless Steel, Crimson Red & Stainless Steel, Forest Green & Stainless Steel, Merlot & Stainless Steel, Navy Blue & Stainless Steel, Smoke Grey & Stainless Steel, Toffee Brown & Stainless Steel, White & Stainless Steel, Black & Black PVD Buckle, Black & Gold Buckle, Black & Gunmetal Grey Buckle, Black & Rose Gold Buckle, Coffee Brown & Black PVD Buckle, Coffee Brown & Gold Buckle, Coffee Brown & Gunmetal Grey Buckle, Coffee Brown & Rose Gold Buckle, Coffee Brown & Stainless Steel Buckle, Crimson Red & Black PVD Buckle, Crimson Red & Gold Buckle, Crimson Red & Gunmetal Grey Buckle, Crimson Red & Rose Gold Buckle, Crimson Red & Stainless Steel Buckle, Navy Blue & Black PVD Buckle, Navy Blue & Gold Buckle, Navy Blue & Gunmetal Grey Buckle, Navy Blue & Rose Gold Buckle, Navy Blue & Stainless Steel Buckle, Smoke Grey & Black PVD Buckle, Smoke Grey & Gold Buckle, Smoke Grey & Gunmetal Grey Buckle, Smoke Grey & Rose Gold Buckle, Smoke Grey & Stainless Steel Buckle, Toffee Brown & Black PVD Buckle, Toffee Brown & Gold Buckle, Toffee Brown & Gunmetal Grey Buckle, Toffee Brown & Rose Gold Buckle, Toffee Brown & Stainless Steel Buckle

    8 reviews for Barton alligator grain – quick launch leather watch bands – select color, period & width – 16mm, 18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 21mm, 22mm, 23mm, or 24mm fashionable or lengthy

    1. Chris

      So my watch has the “quick release” knob where you can easily change the watch band. It was a P.S. type 2 band. This Barton watch band will fit my watch but there are some big differences in width and material. The picture on the left is the P.S real alligator skin watchband. It cost over $200 and lasted about 1 and 1/2 years. The middle picture is the new Barton watchband “quick release” knob. As you can see from the picture the area around the “quick release” knob already looks worn. Or maybe the material wasn’t cut properly? The picture on the right is the Barton’s design of the “top grain leather” simulating alligator skin. Because of the cut design of the P.S watchband, it is actually about 20MM in band width. The cut design of the Barton watchband is about 15MM wide which makes it look more like a woman’s watch band. (not unisex). The Barton’s does not look as good and is not as wide as the P.S watchband. But if you are just looking for something that fits your watch and is a good price, this band is for you. remember it is not full leather (top grain leather). Maybe I’ll a update in a few months of how it holds up. Read more

    2. dumeril7

      I bought the blue alligator band, which picks up the blue hands on my Seiko Cocktail Time and adds a nice little color pop. Quality is good. The leather is nice, the stitching is well-executed, and I couldn’t find any problems with the fit and finish. It’s not real alligator – it’s top-grain cow leather, embossed with an alligator texture, which is fine at this price. The only nit-picks I have is that I’d prefer a very slightly darker shade of blue and a finish with just a little more shine. It has a satin finish and I think just a touch more shine would make it look even better with my watch. I’ll probably buff some more shine into it myself. But as I said, those are pretty nit-picky complaints, especially for the price. Read more

    3. TB96762

      So far I can say that I really like the way it looks on my Galaxy watch and blue bezel. As for how long it will hold up, that is yet to be seen and only time will tell. Very easy to install and remove and I needed that because I use my watch to track my workouts and I like the ability to quickly swap bands. Package was super good looking as well. Overall my thoughts and hopes are high for this watch band. I’ll post up an update in 6 months and see if there’s a difference. For the price, although it was a little more than many of the watch bands out there, I feel it was still a good buy. I would definitely recommend this band if you’re looking to give your Galaxy watch a little upscale look. Read more

    4. 3r

      Pins to short i left the same review on the silicone bands i also ordered. Need to remedy the pin length. The 20 mm is the correct size for my watch Tag Heuer Aquaracer. I compared the pin length with 3 other 20mm i have and the pins in this barton are too short. Just a small bit but because it wont stay in the pin holes the watch band falls out Read more

    5. raka

      Thicker near the bezel and thinner & softer on the tail-end. Love it! Exactly what I was looking for. Impressive build quality. Will definitely buy more. This is my Skyhawk which just got that Breitling Cockpit B50 sort-of makeover!! ☺️ Read more

    6. Austin Fort

      Great quality band. As stated in another review, this is “top grain” rather than full grain, and they are very clear about that. I don’t think anyone should have any issues with the quality of the leather. The quick release is also a wonderful feature. It’ll make it easy to switch back to my black band when needed. I will definitely purchase from Barton again. Read more

    7. R J Weller

      First the good; this is a great looking watch band and appears to be well made. Installing it onto a watch is a cool Summer breeze, a welcome event. The captured pin with it’s installing tab is SO much better than the old type. No need for a tiny screwdriver or searching for the pin that you inadvertently launched across the room when the screwdriver slipped. Now for the not so good; this watch band is much less than supple. It is down right stiff. This makes putting it snugly on your wrist awkward. The stiffness also has the effect of keeping the band in a circle. I have it on a smart watch and since my wrist is more of an oval shape and not a circle, the reading and less than accurate. Too bad because I really like the appearance of the watch and band together. Read more

    8. MrChiSox

      I purchased three different bands recently in order to replace the one which came with my most recent watch purchase because the included band wouldn’t go around my wrist, nor did the first replacement order of two different bands. I finally found this one and ordered it in LONG. It worked out terrific. I chose a lighter color than what came on the watch because I like the color better. I spent a few days playing with the band, rolling it up and gently bending/flexing it in order to make it a bit more flexible. I also applied a fair amount of saddle soap to it in order to give it a bit of moisture and soften it up a bit. It didn’t change the color at all but the added moisture and softened leather is welcomed. It looks great, feels great and the price was real decent. Of course it’s not genuine alligator, that is expensive, DUH! But it’s genuine leather with a very reasonable alligator look which suits my $400 watch just fine. This is the first leather strap I have ever owned as every watch I have owned has had a metal band. It’s really a nice look! I recommend this band highly! Read more

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