Bamboo slip-on pre-tied headband-caps for women with chemo cancer hair loss luxury bamboo (heather taupe)

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  • designing headwear within the united states for hair loss for over 22 years.
  • our caps provide full head coverage and fullness to disguise hair loss from cancer chemo
  • minimum and soft seams best for touchy scalps – might not itch or scratch.
  • a hundred% cotton from hand picked high-quality fabric
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our precise design provides frame and fullness to the head, making this cover specially flattering for women with hair loss from most cancers, chemotherapy, alopecia, thinning hair or folks that surely just like the flattering complete body look. The tender and minimal seams are a actual deal with for touchy scalps. This cap has pleated accordion detailing which drapes low within the lower back, providing flattering fullness. This oh so modern day hat is designed and made inside the united states of america.


Black, Bordeaux, Cameo Pink, Charcoal, Cream, Emerald, Multi Paisley, Neutral Tribal, Olive Neutral, Tranquility Blue

8 reviews for Bamboo slip-on pre-tied headband-caps for women with chemo cancer hair loss luxury bamboo (heather taupe)

  1. jaime

    I buy head coverings all the time and they usually fit very well. This one was very tight and was gathered oddly at the back. I measured the part that goes around your face/forehead and behind your neck (where a headband would go) it was 17″ but will stretch nicely to about 20″. That area on my head is 22.3″ which is why it was so tight around my head and made my ears show so much. They don’t show you a back view or a straight-on view either. Looking straight at you from the front you cannot see any gathering at all, it looks like a skull cap. The fabric is nice but thin which allows the shape of your ears to be very visible (especially because it’s tight). See images. It appears to be a piece of fabric with elastic sewn on it then pinched in several places to make the gathered look at the back. From the back I thought it looked nice once you tuck in the weird extra fabric fold. (see picture). If you have a small head and nice flat ears this will be great for you. Not for an average or large head. Measure your head first (where you’d place a normal headband) if you measure 20″ or less, this should fit you great. Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    After years of chemo, have to say this is my very favorite head cover! The material is incredibly soft, and it fits perfectly. I have a small head, and this one is extremely comfortable. There’s plenty of stretch, though, so it should work for most people. On top of all this, I love the color (exactly as pictured), and the owners thoughtfully packed this with a very sweet magnet. Highly recommend — well worth the price. I will purchase more!! Many thanks. Read more

  3. jangor89

    I was looking for some headcovers due to a recent cancer diagnosis. This is just so lovely and incredibly comfortable! I get overheated a lot – so I was worried I would sweat in it. But no, it stayed so cool. Will order more for sure. Read more

  4. Patricia A

    I bought this scarf with expectations that it would be super comfortable. I actually bought 2 for my friend who is going thru chemo. The 2nd one I am returning for 3 reasons. Price, quality and fit. It is extremely snug on the head and I think it would give anyone a headache after wearing for just an hour. There is no way to adjust the fit. Yes I have no doubt it would stay on the head but it is so form fitting, hard to believe this would actually be comfortable. The construction is very simple. Stretchy fabric shaped by elastic and then sewed together. The price was high at $23.99. Even though it was prime I will be paying $5 to return this item which I will gladly do to get some sort of credit. Sadly I can’t recommend this head cap unless you have a very tiny head. Read more

  5. Fran Barron

    I love the bow on the side, it adds a little pizzazz. I recently bought some bangs on a headband to go under it, so here’s that picture, too! And I’ve already ordered another color! Read more

  6. M. Doherty

    Soft, great fit, stylish. Have ordered another and will probably order another style. Hair loss due to chemotherapy. Very hard, but continue to be aware of my appearance. This cap helped achieve that goal. Thank you Read more

  7. Judy3338

    I waited a few days until I had a chance to wear, wash and wear again this scarf-cap. It is a wonderful product! I have lost all of my hair with chemotherapy and this cap of bamboo is extremely soft and comfortable, has just the right amount of “give” to fit snugly without being tight, is pre-tied with a stylish flair so you can just slip it on and has garnered me some compliments when I’ve worn it. This company certainly has a winner here. Thank you! Read more

  8. Juliana

    I just LOVE this head wrap! I’ve been trying different types of head wraps lately, just for fashion (and to deal with gray hair without needing to dye it). So far, this feels the best from all the pre-tieds I tryed. It looks well made, soft material, and tge packaging was cute with a sweet message on a magnet 🙂 Will definitely buy other colors! Read more

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