Ballet residences women’s footwear, exceptional foldable & bendy apartments, slipper socks, tour slippers & exercise footwear, dance footwear, yoga socks, residence footwear, indoor slippers, purple

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  • ninety eight% neoprene/ 2% nylon
  • imported
  • attractive, versatile and relaxed with a graceful look and vibrant colour alternatives
  • ideal for journey, yoga, the gym or office, dormatories and more
  • smooth care, nufoot is system washable and air-dries speedy
  • made from neoprene, it provides a secure, easy, and appealing opportunity to the conventional slipper
  • length small suits a girls shoe length between four and 5
  • in case you are in between sizes, please order the bigger length
  • if you are among sizes, please order the following size up
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  • are those slippers machinewashable?
  • query: are these slippers machinewashable? Answer: these slippers are system cleanable on a mild placing and will quickly air dry. With the aid of frequent direct brands supplier on july 20, 2018 did not get solutions. See more solutions (three) collapse all solutions

  • what size for ladies? I generally put on a 10.
  • question: what size for girls? I generally put on a 10. Answer: they may be small. I wear a size 7, so i purchased a size m and they’re quite tight. If you’re a length 10, i would suggest getting a length xl. Through patty on september 27, 2014 did not get solutions. See more answers (6) fall apart all answers

  • are these an excellent summer slipper for cold stone flooring?
  • query: are those a terrific summer slipper for bloodless stone floors? Solution: the slippers are very skinny and wear pretty quick. I wore them on hardwood and carpet, inside a very quick period of time the bottoms were worn through. Unfortunately, they’re very cozy, but now not long lasting. I might now not encouraged for stone flooring. I hope this allows you’re making your decision. By means of ab5566 on may additionally 2, 2017 didn’t get answers. See greater solutions (5) fall apart all solutions

  • any 2020 critiques ? Put on an eleven / 12 relying on shoe , kinda long feet; do they stretch to the 12 simply in case not real to length
  • query: any 2020 opinions ? Wear an eleven / 12 relying on shoe , kinda lengthy toes; do they stretch to the 12 simply in case now not actual to length answer: they cn stretch to a size twelve. However after awhile they will start ripping at the feet. Sure your toes will start hurting. With the aid of elsa schuhert on november 28, 2020 didn’t get answers. See greater answers (2) crumble all answers


    Small, Small (Pack of 1), Medium (1 Pair), Large, Large (Pack of 1), X-Large (Pack of 1)


    Black, Pink, Coffee

    8 reviews for Ballet residences women’s footwear, exceptional foldable & bendy apartments, slipper socks, tour slippers & exercise footwear, dance footwear, yoga socks, residence footwear, indoor slippers, purple

    1. Chef de Cuisine

      Definitely not ballet shoes, dance shoes, yoga shoes, not even good enough as slippers. Very disappointed. I wore them for about an hour for work, hoping I could finally have something comfortable for work but these are essentially a thick styrofoam poorly shaped to fit correctly on the foot and they have glue-type chevron marks on the bottom (no sole) to create a non-slip grip; instead, they are still slippery on bare flooring and make a “whoosh whoosh” sound on carpeting no matter how carefully you try to walk to avoid others looking at you. But why bother if you can’t walk safely and naturally? They had an odd smell as well which I had hoped would go away but after 2 days of staring at the ugly things, they have found their way into the waste basket. Read more

    2. ErinE

      These are ok. I also purchased the Mary Jane ones, and like those much better though. These come up pretty far on the top of my foot – they do not fit like a ballet flat would, more like the cheap socks places sell to wear with ballet flats that are too big that you can see an inch or them peaking out with flats on. I was really hoping for the ballet flat look. They are still comfortable, stay on and provide excellent traction so I will keep them. I recommend the Mary Jane ones over these though just based on appearance when wearing. As far as functionality, I am a size 7 1/2 with flat feet, the L fits great, not too tight or too loose, but just right. The smell was hardly noticeable to me but they are neoprene so expect some smell. I have no complaints other then I expected them to look a little different, but they are still a good lightweight slipper that adds traction while still feeling somewhat barefoot. Read more

    3. Pamlet

      I wear these around the house all the time and have them in several colors. I wash them in a delicates bag with the rest of the laundry. The price is low. The one thing to realize is that the slippers cannot be worn outside – the soles are not sturdy. I’ve replaced a pair or to because the sole had developed a tear. But I still recommend them, as long as the price stays this low. Read more

    4. T. S. Powell

      I ordered the size according to the size chart. They were HUGE!! Not that big of a deal and an easy fix. The main problem I had with these are the “grips” on the bottom. They are a hard plastic and causes you to slide across the floor. I wanted a lightweight summer sort of slipper/shoe after a foot injury that I could safely wear around the house. These are not it, these are dangerous. Read more

    5. ja1011

      I loved these. Wore them every day around the house because I hate socks but need something on my feet..the problem is holes wore into the soles faster than I anticipated especially since the intended use for these are for workout or dance purposes I was surprised that just walking in them wore quarter sized holes. I had these about a month -month and a half before ultimately replacing with ballet flat slippers. Read more

    6. Cindy Paquin

      I’ll give them light weight as they’re simple slippers. I’m a 9-9.5 and ordered a large and they’re too small. There’s also no conforming fit so they feel awkward to walk in. The seams end up in the wrong places and are uncomfortable. No returns or exchanges. I feel like The Dollar Store $1 footies with the grips on the bottom would be a smarter/better buy. Read more

    7. Douglas Patrick Caldwell

      I have since ordered 4 pair of these in different colors, and I gave them to almost every person I know for Christmas. I ordered a large even though I wear a 7 1/2 because I was worried about people saying they run small. The large are a little big for me but I would rather them too big than too small. They don’t slip off at all. I haven’t washed them yet because you can’t rip them off my feet!! They are warm, so I use them as house slippers. I also use them at my daughters music class (you need to be wearing socks), through security and on the airplane to let me feet breath, and like I said around the house. You could easily wear them anywhere that needs just socks, yoga, pilates, bounce houses, whatever. Read more

    8. Panayiotis

      I might have loved these but 1) they really smell and 2) while I am a size 9 and should have ordered a large, but based on the “too small” reviews, I ordered an extra large and the elastic is still too tight even though I have narrow feet and ankles. If they didn’t cut off the circulation in my feet I would have liked them a lot.. one more thing.. I had them on less than an hour and they made my feet sweat…I’d guess the synthetic fabric doesn’t allow for “breathing”… I love the idea but the execution was a fail… Read more

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