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  • oiled leather-based
  • imported
  • synthetic sole
  • unisex adults birkenstock arizona oiled leather
  • easy oiled leather-based higher
  • smooth cork foot mattress
  • light-weight artificial outsole
  • birkenstock branding printed on outer aspect
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product description

presenting exquisite consolation from step one to the final, the arizona sandal is a shoe you will in no way need to component with. Twin adjustable leather straps and a suede-covered molded cork footbed offer foot-friendly aid, even as a rubber outsole components adequate grip for a sure and steady step.

that is the real deal. Cork, leather-based, a buckle or : these are the easy thoughts that have made toes satisfied for over two hundred years, and that is the original birkenstock. These footwear are made in germany in view that 1774. No smoke, no mirrors, and no gizmos are wanted. You stroll, the shoe molds to your foot. The shape of the original birkenstock footbed enables frame weight to be disbursed evenly over the entire foot, providing it with premier aid.


4 Narrow, 5, 5 Narrow, 5-5.5, 5-5.5 Narrow, 6, 6 Narrow, 6-6.5, 7, 7-7.5, 8, 9-9.5 Narrow, 10, 10-10.5, 10-10.5 Narrow, 11-11.5 Narrow, 12, 13, 13-13.5 Narrow, 14-14.5, 15-15.5, 4-4.5 Women/2-2.5 Men, 5-5.5 Women/3-3.5 Men, 5-5.5 Narrow Women/3-3.5 Narrow Men, 5-5.5 Women/5-5.5 Men, 6-6.5 Women/4-4.5 Men, 6-6.5 Narrow Women/4-4.5 Narrow Men, 7-7.5 Women/5-5.5 Men, 7-7.5 Narrow Women/5-5.5 Narrow Men, 9-9.5 Women/7-7.5 Men, 10-10.5 Narrow Women/8-8.5 Narrow Men, 11-11.5 Women/9-9.5 Men, 11-11.5 Narrow Women/9-9.5 Narrow Men, 12-12.5 Narrow Women/10-10.5 Narrow Men, 13-13.5 Women/11-11.5 Men, 13-13.5 Narrow Women/13-13.5 Narrow Men, 16-16.5 Women/14-14.5 Men


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8 reviews for Arizona – birko-flor

  1. Jenny Basile

    These shoes should be allowed to pass as Birkenstocks. Just by looking at them in person without having never tried them on you can tell someone is trying to scam the buyer. They are not the materials that would pass for Birkenstocks. Goodwill wouldn’t even allow them to be sold in their store as Birkenstocks because they are crap. Crap footbed, crap buckle, crap straps, crap soles. Zapos and Amazon should not be selling knock off Birkenstocks for this price. Hopefully people will do their research before purchasing these. The quality of a real Birkenstock would never use synthetic materials. Look at what the shoes are made of before purchasing. Read more

  2. Misty

    First, they were too big. I have two other pairs of Birks and ordered my normal size. I wear a shoe size of 9.5, ordered the 9-9.5 size, and they were more like a 10.5 Second, the ‘weight’ of the shoe did not feel correct. Birks have a certain heft to them, but these felt styrofoam light. I got mesmerized by the ‘shiny’ and didn’t read the reviews. My fault! The hardware looked correct, the stamping looked correct, the footbed and sole LOOKED right but something just wasn’t right. There was no Birkenstock box; it just came in a plain cardboard box. Thank goodness for Amazon’s easy returns. I took them right to my local Kohls’ the very next day. Read more

  3. Gabby4

    I wore Birks back in the day because they were “in” and fashionable. I wore those out and hadn’t worn this style since. Flash forward to old age and aging feet. What a blessing to have these shoes still available. They provide arch support and seem to cradle and support the whole foot. I even threw out my house shoes and wear these instead…hoping if I take care of my feet I can avoid further surgeries on my feet. They take a day or two or three to soften up, but stick with it and you will have the most comfortable shoe around. They aren’t just for warm weather either…just buy some thick warm socks and stay out of the puddles 🙂 Read more

  4. William W.

    Update: More problems – the faux leather upper is now tearing and the sandals are basically unuseable. It’s only been a year and three months since purchase. When I bought Birkenstocks back in the early 90s, I wore them for almost a decade before the leather failed. I’m very disappointed in this purchase. Update – Longevity test fails. After only three months, the cork is cracking and falling apart on the heel of the left sandal, and the glue is giving way that holds the upper to the cork/side. These are not the Birks I remember. I spent a lot of money for a pair of sandals that I could have got at the dollar store. —————————————— I chose the Birko-Flor due primarily to price; they are significantly less expensive than the leather version. I was skeptical, but after wearing them for a couple of weeks (and I mean everyday, all day), I’ve come to really appreciate them. They have everything the leather version offers – the quality, the comfort and fit, etc. – but at a more wallet friendly price. We’ll see about the longevity. My previous pair (essentially the leather version of what I have now) lasted almost a decade before I had to toss them. I’m curious as to whether these will provide the same long wear… So far, so good. Read more

  5. Woods

    I had bought these Birkenstocks for my 14-year-old daughter who has been wanting a pair for years for Christmas she did not start wearing them until the weather was warm as you can see in the photos the bottoms have barely been worn but the Birkenstocks have cracked on the leather and pilled the cork has became super soft and falling apart this was a very expensive five for a piece of crap the company that made them should be ashamed of taking people’s money when they’re not evenGood quality I don’t even know if this is truly Birkenstocks but I’m ticked off for paying $102 for them And the only reason that I gave it a one star rating is because it wouldn’t let me submit it without reading the pieces of crap Read more

  6. Maura & Sean

    I ordered a 38/7.5 US and they fit perfectly! I did order a narrow and am glad I did. The shoes took a couple wears to break them in so have a salve or band aids handy. I wore these on a Lake Tahoe and took them everywhere! The beach, the river, the forest. They stood up to everything and still look great. I know they are on the more expensive side but they are worth every penny. Plus, I like the iridescent snake skin because truth be told, these are kind of ugly shoes and the sparkle makes them a little more feminine. Although, no matter how they look, they are SO comfortable!! Read more

  7. Grant D. Kessler

    First, did not arrive in a Birkenstock box. Upon unpackaging, noticed a difference in color of footbed between sandals (see pic). I’ve had multiple pairs of Birkis over the years and they always fit my feet evenly. With this “pair” the left sandal was flopping and the right sandal was digging into the side of my feet with the straps set evenly. It wasn’t the straps, it was the footbed that was different. The left sandal also had very light toe marks as if it had been worn before. Between the lack of box, the color variation and the difference in fit, it appears this “pair” was put together from returns or damages and then resold as new. Not to me. Reported to Amazon and returned. Read more

  8. Debbie

    I usually wear a size 6, so according to Birkenstock’s size chart, I should be a size 37. That was way too big, so I exchanged for a size 36, which their size chart says should fit a 5 to 5.5. It was still too big, so unfortunately, I had to return these. I’m definitely a size 35 (or according to them, 4 to 4.5), but I’ve yet to see this metallic snakeskin Arizona available in a 35. Really unfortunate because they’re so nice and comfy! Read more

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