Amazon brand – goodthreads men’s 5-percent patterned socks

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  • seventy four% cotton, 25% nylon, 1% spandex
  • imported
  • device wash
  • five pairs of group-period get dressed socks providing a mix of solids and patterns
  • reinforced heel and toe
  • spandex top to toe
  • ribbed cuffs
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an amazon logo – 5 pairs of group-length dress socks presenting a mixture of solids and styles

goodthreads’ collection of men’s garb crafted with care takes put on-anywhere garb to the subsequent stage. Create cannot-miss pairings with lengthy- and short-sleeve button-down shirts in trendy and slender suits, plus chino pants and shorts crafted from wrinkle-free non-iron fabric. With these classics-and t-shirts, polo shirts, and outerwear to spherical out your appearance-goodthreads is your move-to for wardrobe staples with the style you need.


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Amphibian Pack, Assorted Animals, Assorted Blue Grey Stripe, Assorted Blue/Grey, Assorted Blue/Red/Grey, Assorted Blue/Yellow/Grey, Assorted Cobalt, Assorted Dogs, Assorted Green, Assorted Sea Life, Assorted Stripes, Big Cats, Birds, Cactus Pack, Cat and Rhino Pack, Christmas, Doggo, Food Pack, Games, Good Morning Pack, Grey Navy Stripes, Hannukah, Island Embroidery Pack, Orange Blue Stripe, Party, Pink Blue Stripes, Pink Flamingo Flower Pack, Plaid and Stripe, Pride Bright Pack, Pride Embroidery Pack, Skier, Southwest, Space, Stripe Dot Pack, Swan Pack, Tropical Birds Pack, Under the Sea Pack, Vacation Pack, Wave Pack

8 reviews for Amazon brand – goodthreads men’s 5-percent patterned socks

  1. JB DC

    I like the designs of these socks, but the quality really disappoints. One pair got a hole in them on the second wearing. Read more

  2. Robfish

    First time buyer of this brand. Probably last time too. Fit is good, and they are comfortable but they have spent all day creeping down my calf or nestled happily at my ankle. I have literally pulled them up 50 times. I have what I would consider average size lower legs so I believe this to be a sock issue rather then a body type issue. To be fair, this is the first of 5 pairs. If I discover the remainder to be different I will amend this review. But for now, not a great sock! Additional Commentary – I have now tried 4 of the 5 pairs. 3 fall down constantly. 1 stays put. Washing does not seem to either correct or worsen the issue. Original view has not changed. Would not buy again. Read more

  3. IC

    I like these socks for several reasons. These socks look great with their patterns. They are very soft and can be worn with anything and can be worn even at home. The material isn’t cheap, but it isn’t the best. It is pretty good though. For me there was only one minor problem, which is that since I’m a slim guy with thin calves, the socks are a bit loose and sometimes tend to fall, but not drastically, just a bit. Overall, I would recommend these because these socks are comfortable, the material on the socks is good, the patterns on the socks look good, and the price isn’t expensive, but at the same time it isn’t a steal. The price range isn’t too bad. Personally I would be willing to buy more socks like these, but different patterns of course, and I will definitely buy more products from Goodthreads. Read more

  4. thethirdheat

    My main problem with these socks are that they feel synthetic. I prefer cotton socks so I bought 3 different types of dress socks with varying amounts of cotton to synthetic. This was too synthetic feeling for my comfort. The flower socks somehow weren’t stretching when I first wore them but they do now. Not sure what was wrong at first. Other than that, they seem fine. I won’t buy them again but they seem fine if the synthetic/cotton ratio is ok with you. Read more

  5. bour3

    I bought three sets of these socks for myself, the silliest possible, and I bought another three sets for gifts. All four of us love them. The smallest man commented on their great fit, apparently he is difficult to satisfy, and the largest man commented on their great fit as well. Three other people remarked on them unsolicited. One person noticed them on top of my laundry basket and remarked on them. Imagine someone looking at your laundry and commenting. Those were the most ridiculous ones with garishly mismatched colors. He liked that. Two separate doctors remarked on them, “cool socks” when I removed my boot for them to examine my foot. I’ve tried a lot of socks and I have some kind of problem with all of the other types, except these. I recommend these socks for yourself and they also make great gifts. And you cannot predict who will appreciate the muted tones or the most garish ones or the most silly. Just buy the socks and give them away. Let the recipient do with them what they will. Let them make hand puppets if that’s what they want. They’re so inexpensive that they’re nearly free. They stay up. They don’t impress a line into the skin by the elastic, the sewn toe is comfortable, the weight is perfect, they breathe very well, they insulate, they’re soft, they’re not too hot, and the length is fine. Finally, socks that hit all the marks. Read more

  6. Phill.The.Thrill

    I recently received my 5 pack of socks from Amazon’s Goodthreads brand and I’m looking forward to wearing them out and about. These dress socks all have a common color palate depending upon they type you chose. I went with the blue/green option and I like how the colors are vibrant and bold. I’ve purchased several garments from Goodthreads and I’ve been pleased with them all. Great clothing for a great price! Their deals will knock your socks off! Read more

  7. Ionlybuydeals

    I really enjoy these socks and their designs. They’re soft, comfortable and my feet never sweat or get cold, an ideal sock blend. Only thing I don’t love about them is they’re a little too stretchy, by the end of the day they’re sagging just a bit and feel a little stretched out. Just pull them back up and they’re good for a few hours. I wear size 13 shoes and have muscular legs, they’re very comfortable and not tight like many other socks so I’ll take this minor issue any day vs. socks that compress too much. Bottom line: they’re worth it and I have no regrets, happy with the product and will probably pick up another 5 pack when needed. Read more

  8. moises

    When i received this product i was pretty shocked with the designs.. I have seen and used other socks that have weird designs and i was pretty unimpressed with the quality of the pictures.. Once I opened the package, the socks do have a great feel and are definitely good quality… They were a little on the bigger side, but not something that you cant hide. I would buy them again but i would get basic designs nothing with animals. Read more

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