Ahh said the foot cushioned no display liner sock

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  • 70% cotton, 28% nylon, 1% spandex, 1% polyester
  • made in us
  • machine wash
  • half cushioned
  • no show
  • 3 pair %
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from the manufacturer

no nonsense has great legging options to make you look and sense your first-rate!

there’s nothing like a exceptional pair of tights to make your outfit shine!

with a selection of patterns from informal socks to game socks, ankle socks to boot socks, and a spread of colors, there’s without a doubt a favorite inside the blend!

great + progressive design means you’ve got reliable hosiery with made inside the united states credibility.


4-10, 43931


White, White – 9 Pair Pack

8 reviews for Ahh said the foot cushioned no display liner sock

  1. Amazon Customer

    I so hate to leave a poor review, especially of product made in USA. However, these socks just arrived today and I immediately put them on for an hour long walk. The whole time it felt like I was walking on threadbare socks – it seemed all I could think about was how uncomfortable my feet were. Now after the walk, my feet are really sore. I took my shoes off and it feels almost blister like on balls of feet and heels. My old socks from Costco were starting to slide down, but are really comfortable. Going back to them. So disappointed. My feet are aching right now. They do stay up fine. I think all new socks do though – hence the one star rating. Also, beware “no show” description – I wouldn’t call them “no show” as they cover whole top of foot. If I were to wear them with my slip on shoes, they would completely show. Since I already have good no show socks, these were for walking with my athletic shoes and I don’t care that they show. Just misleading description. Read more

  2. Haven

    I searched for decent socks for a loooooong time. More than should be normal for a sane person. A few years ago, I discovered No Nonsense socks- and I’ve been hooked ever since. They are, literally, the only socks I’ll wear. And that statement should be a ‘heads up’ to everyone who keeps buying me socks for Christmas with silly designs on them. I have like a whole drawer full of those socks and I never wear ’em. Why No Nonsense? You know those tiny knots, up by your toes, that are a product of how socks are sewn? You know the knots I’m talking about, they rub on your baby toe until it looks like an over ripened raspberry, by the end of the day. Yeah- No Nonsebse doesn’t have those. Like, ever. And because of how they’re made, they feel & fit the same way, 2 years later, as they did the first time you put them on. If No Nonsense ever quits making socks- and they better not!- then I’m going to have to move to a place where it’s sunny and warm all the time ‘cuz if I’m not wearing No Nonsense socks- then I’m only wearing flip flops. Read more

  3. buffettfan

    I purchased this style No Nonsense socks many years ago and really liked them. These No Nonsense socks feel smaller than the ones I have, but since I have small-ish feet (about size 6 1/2 – 7 shoe size), they fit very well. The cushioning also seems to be a little less than my old ones. However, overall, I am happy with this purchase. The price is reasonable, they did not shrink when I washed them, they do not slide down when I walk in them, and the fit is good for my size feet. Even though the package says size 4 – 10, anyone whose feet are considerably larger than perhaps size 8, might find these too small. In my case, I am glad I found these on Amazon and am happy I purchased them. Read more

  4. Nicole

    I’m an RN and wear these for my 12 hr shifts. They stay on the foot well and are thick enough to not let my instep make the fart sound in my waterproof work shoes. However, compared to previous No Nonsense sock purchases, they aren’t as absorbent- when I get done with my shift, my feet are slightly moist and slightly smell. Read more

  5. Hannah Dahl

    While I do love these socks, the item description is inaccurate. Says 70% cotton and yet they are only 59% cotton. It’s extremely confusing that Nonsense has so many socks that say they are the same but the materials are completely different. This are however the highest cotton version I have found (which is what I was looking for) just had to order and return a ton because they ALL have inaccurate descriptions. Read more

  6. Alana P.

    I used to buy these socks at Walmart in my area, but all of a sudden they stopped selling them. These socks are true no show and are very comfortable. They are more expensive on Amazon and you get less socks than I did at Walmart, but I hate all other socks so now I buy these. Loss of a star as I feel they could be cheaper and/or you should get double the pairs in the package. Read more

  7. JV

    I have been looking for these socks, literally, for years. I was on vacation with some friends and ended up with one of their No nonsense socks in my suitcase and I was like wow, these are nice socks. So I bought some at the store. Well, I wanted more and they were gone. I bought some that I thought were the same but were terrible- more breathable and thin. I literally threw them away. Finally, Amazon, you have found me the right ones. These “Ahh said the foot” ones are cottony and semi-thick, not that thin fabric that catches on your dry skin and slips around inside your shoes. They’re not athletic type socks or “breathable,” which is fine because I have different socks for running. Calling them cushioned is an over statement but they’re the best I have found, and I am on my feet all day as a nurse. Buy these socks!! Read more

  8. Amazon Customer

    These “one size” socks are advertised on the package to fit a women’s shoe size 4-10. I’m a size 7 and after one wash/dry per directions these have shrunk to the size of a child’s foot. The socks are very thin and poor quality. Read more

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