Actual divers urethane rubber watch band db73bp 20mm

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  • frame material: urethane
  • colour: black

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  • is that this band normal duration or long duration?
  • is this band everyday period or long period?

  • what is the measurement between prongs
  • what is the size between prongs

  • does the band come with pins?
  • does the band come with pins?

    8 reviews for Actual divers urethane rubber watch band db73bp 20mm

    1. Chan

      I’ve been using Citizen Ecodrive watches for decades. Prior to those, I used a very unique watch called “Contra” – its full name is Seiko Fieldmaster Contra. Due to its age, only watch and its accessories were survived. Recently I was successfully resurrecting this (well, watch repair shop replaced a battery professionally) and looking for its band. So many straight 20mm width replacement bands are available, but I decided to go with this Seiko Divers Watch Band so that my contra will have another glorious days.It looks good, fits well, and most of all, is very comfortable (not too stiff nor soft). Since this is not the original band, replacement band has “enough” wiggle room for old original 20mm pins. I am very pleased of my decision to buy this.FYI. If you have a thin wrist like me (about 8 1/4 inches), there will be extra band tip hanging.Read more

    2. tripsix

      This band looks fine, and works ok. It’s probably going to last quite some time. However, the rigidity has a negative impact on the level of comfort. Take a regular Casio G-Shock band for example; the angle that the band makes with the back of the watch is wide (120 – 130 degrees or so) and is very accommodating. This is how a thick, resin band can be made to be comfortable. But with this band, the rigidity will simply not allow for such angles to happen smoothly. So it wants to make a 90 degree angle down from the back of the watch to the clasp/buckle, and because the curvature of the wrist is in the way, it forces the band to bow out, thus pushing on the sides of the wrist, thus causing discomfort.Read more

    3. Natick4

      I have been wearing a Seiko Divers watch since I returned from Turkey and Iraq in 1991 – it was my present to myself. That band in the photo above is just slightly different than today’s; the material was a little stiffer, and had a textured pattern on the inside. Also, I don’t have the other side anymore as it broke, but the crashing wave icon was much thicker and more distinct.I wore it a lot in the Army, and especially swimming so that it degraded pretty quickly. It very well may be that the original, original material was not as good as what Amazon now sells.But I do miss the “texture” of that band, and the larger crashing wave icon just stood out.Oh well.Read more

    4. Thomas

      I mounted this band on a Timex Solar Expeditio20mm limited depth dive watch. The factory band lasted about a year and I desired a higher reliability. I live a fairly high action life that demands equipment to match. Time will tell if this Seiko band will perform. A design feature that would be nice is a safety strap that will prevent the watch from being lost if a band pin or something else on the band fails. The Seiko strap latch appears very robust.ThanksTomRead more

    5. Tommy O

      Fits my Seiko ska371 perfect. Gives it a little more sporty look.Read more

    6. CW3GTC

      This band is the genuine Seiko OEM factoryband that came new with your Monster Diver’s Automatic Watch.Yes, it’s a little more expensive than many“Sorta looks right” replacement bands.Your expensive Seiko Diver’s Watch deserves the correct fitting, correct appearing and correct material. You deserve knowing thatyour very own Seiko is secured by the real deal. You know its real by the Seiko brand name embossed on the buckle. Additionally, the cresting-wave logo is molded into the straggRead more

    7. Kenneth

      It’s a watchstrap. What else do you need to hear?Read more

    8. John

      This watch band looked just like the original band on my Seiko watch when it was purchased. Only time will tell if its durability matches Seiko’s quality.Read more

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