925 sterling silver bar chain stud rings for women ball rings with chain drop cling rings

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  • 💗 first-rate cloth – proper solid sterling silver bar chain dangle earrings for girls w/ 925 stamp. Nickel loose, nickel free, hypoallergenic. Thick 14k gold plated and best polished guarantees long-lasting shiny and cozy sporting experience
  • 💗 dimension – 10mm x 2mm bar with 1. 57″ (40mm) chain, 4mm ball studs, the chain with butterfly buckles is about 2. Fifty six” (70mm), lightweight, simple but fashionable, extermly shiny and appealing, delicate hold jewelry is top notch for each day put on. This easy minimalist earrings may be matched as layering earrings
  • 💗 perfect choice for minimalists – in case you’re uninterested in attempting to find an exciting add-ons, then our minimalist jewelry might be an excellent choice. Bar chain earring is the most recent earrings fashion. The chain stud earrings will increase any outfit in a diffused and tasteful way
  • 💗packaging – our rings packaged in a velvet drawstring pocket which creates a cute packaged gift. Perfect gift in your mom, lady friend, spouse, fiancee, brides, bridesmaids, friends on anniversary, birthday, christmas, thanksgiving day, valentine’s day, mother’s day, graduation, wedding ceremony, and so on
  • 💗lifetime first-class assure – further to imparting preferential charges, we will also provide quality after-income provider: a hundred% pleasure and money back assure. We offer a [lifetime] go back policy with out a restocking price
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Rose Gold Plated, White Gold Plated, Yellow Gold Plated

8 reviews for 925 sterling silver bar chain stud rings for women ball rings with chain drop cling rings

  1. Babbz

    I love them. They’re simple, dainty and light. Read more

  2. Carole Stone

    I thought the earrings were larger.. but I love them anyway .. thank you!! Read more

  3. hybroanglid

    I really like the unique design of these earrings, at least in theory. The pair I received are sterling silver, not gold plated. They are dainty and delicate, and the chain gives them a lot of movement. The hanging bar is nice and shiny and catches the light as it dangles. I have caught the chains in my fingers a few times when flipping my hair, and I dare not brush my hair while wearing these. The biggest annoyance I have with these earrings is that it is tricky to put the backs on the post. The backs used are very, very small and they are attached to the rest of the earring by the chain, making it difficult to hold them in the right angle. I have to get one positioned between my thumb and forefinger just right before inserting the post into my earlobe, and it often turns before I’m ready to mount it on the post. It’s kind of hard to explain; suffice to say it’s fiddly. Also, the chains of these earrings do get tangled in a jewelry box a little, but I keep mine on an earring holder and that prevents tangling. I like the swing and shine of these earrings, and the design is interesting and unique. They are very lightweight, though they get caught with my hair sometimes. The current price of almost sixteen bucks is probably a little more than I would be willing to pay, but twelve dollars is a more appropriate price. I will probably wear these every now and then. They won’t be everyday earrings, but they are cute and I do like them. I hope my experience with this product might help YOU make a more informed purchase. Happy shopping! Read more

  4. 🌈 KT

    – Made in China – I can’t find a sterling stamp. Make of that what you will. These are pretty simple. I was a bit disappointed in the chain. It’s not as delicate as I had expected, but it is nicely shiny. A very tiny link so it’s not easily recognized as a chain, from normal distances. The hanging uh block thing is smooth and shiny as well. I made a couple of pix to show size comparison, since they didn’t. I don’t know where they get “edgy” from. These aren’t the least bit “edgy”. I like them fine, just not as much as I expected to and I’m skeptical at the sterling claim. Don’t forget to use the address – It’s an Amazon program where many everyday things you buy will generate a small donation from Amazon to the charity of your choice. Info here: Read more

  5. GardenCat

    These are extremely easy to put in. The backs are attached to the chain. I like that because it makes the backs hard to lose. My husband complimented me on these and he doesn’t often notice my earrings. I like them too and surprisingly they haven’t caused a problem with my long hair. They look long and dangly and very shiny, but I can hardly feel them at all. They are very lightweight and I frankly forget that I’ve got them in. They do go into your ear as posts. I like that because that’s the easiest kind for me to get in. My holes are pierced with a small needle, so some styles can be hard for me to get in, but these just slip right in. These are marked 925. They come in a box that could be used for gifting and come with a small wipe to help wipe off any tarnish that might form. Read more

  6. WD

    Stamped with S925 on the earring backing. My very sensitive and allergy prone ears had no reactions wearing this for a few days. Like other Milacolato jewelry that I have, the quality has been really good. I’m always hesitant about buying earrings where the style is slightly different and I can’t see how it looks on someone’s ear. The hanging bar’s weight pulls down on the stud to the point where you can see my piecing and it makes the whole earring look like it is sagging. I can fix this by pushing the backing further up but then the backing ends up poking the behind my ears. While the quality is pretty good, unfortunately the style doesn’t work for me. Read more

  7. LifeIsGood

    These earrings are so pretty and modern! They are elegant and edgy at the same time. They look a little bigger and longer in person than I expected (not a bad thing) and will definitely be noticed from a distance. The silver is very shiny and the earrings are well-constructed and durable. They are not heavy but you will feel them while wearing them. I really love the design because it feels like you get the best of a stud and a threader while also having a unique structure that makes you look twice. I want these in every color! Read more

  8. Dria

    These earrings have a very minimalist design. However, they are very cute and stylish. I like how minimalist they are because you can either dress them up or dress them down which makes them very versatile. I got the gold plated instead of the rose gold, which I had ordered. At first, I didn’t think I liked them, because they were way too bright and yellow, unlike real gold which has a subtler color. However, after looking at them, trying them on and everything, I decided that I actually really like them. Read more

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