7 pairs 18g 20g stainless steel stud earrings spherical cubic zirconia barbell earring set for men girls 2mm-8mm silver tone

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  • 7 pair set—one set consists of 7 pairs in silver tone, every pair in 2mm/3mm/4mm/5mm/6mm/7mm/8mm, cz from tiny to big, meeting your needs of a couple of sizes, attempt distinctive size each day
  • sparkling cz—20 gauge(zero. 8mm) pin thickness, aaa+ shiny cubic zirconia nicely inlaid, stylish reducing talents, without a doubt a visual ceremonial dinner, delicate gifts for your pals and households
  • bendy backs- traditional butterfly backs design, hold relaxed, not unfastened or fall off, no fear of dropping, handy to tackle and take off
  • healthy material—made from solid stainless steel, rust resistant, notably polished finishing and strict steel electroplating craft create remarkable smooth and bright floor, at ease to put on
  • after-service guarantee—if you have any trouble about our merchandise or service, please sense unfastened to contact us anytime, we can get to you in 12 hours with excellent and affected person solutions, our merchandise aren’t suitable for children
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  • i wanted to get those for my 2 12 months antique daughter. Shes had her ears piercd for a 12 months. Could these in shape?
  • query: i wanted to get those for my 2 yr old daughter. Shes had her ears piercd for a yr. Would those healthy? Solution: i just it a few in my 12 months olds ears and that they fit wonderful by using ceseilly wilbur on september 20, 2019 did not get solutions. See extra answers (2) disintegrate all solutions

  • i simply acquired mine however i can not get the backs off, any hints??
  • query: i just obtained mine however i can not get the backs off, any pointers?? Solution: we are sorry for this problem. Please try to get the backs off with a paper or fabric. By means of tornito dealer on august 31, 2019 didn’t get solutions. See more solutions (1) crumble all solutions

  • is the flat lower back earring a screw on earring?
  • question: is the flat again earring a screw on earring? Solution: yes it screws on. Its very cozy and at ease. I wear in my ears and my labret piercing. By means of amanda on august 29, 2019 did not get solutions. See extra solutions (2) fall apart all answers

  • i have a not on time transport, so what’s passed off?
  • query: i’ve a delayed shipping, so what’s happened? Answer: this is generally because of the climate depending on wherein, that passed off to me too and it was constantly behind schedule due to climate problems with the aid of emma m on october 2, 2019 did not get solutions. See greater answers (1) fall apart all answers


    A:7 Pairs,Butterfly Backs,20G, B:7 Pairs,Flat Backs,20G, C:7 Pairs,Ball Backs,20G, F:7 Pairs,Ball Backs,18G

    7 reviews for 7 pairs 18g 20g stainless steel stud earrings spherical cubic zirconia barbell earring set for men girls 2mm-8mm silver tone

    1. Zoe Chilton

      You get a ton of earrings for this price. The quality is very nice. I have been wearing them 24 hours a day. I have not removed them in about two months. Showering and sleeping in them, and they are very comfortable. My only negative comment is that the backs are a little too heavy for the rhinestones. The backs are kind of thick. I think if they were half the thickness, they would work a lot better. I would give them five stars if the backs was a little thinner. And the largest sizes just don’t stay nicely on the earlobe. They hang off. But they were easy to put in, easy to tighten, I have not lost one earring. There were so many earrings with this order, that I divided them up between myself and my two daughters. The photo shows them in my second and third lobe piercings. Read more

    2. Raelynn

      I have 3 holes in each ear & like to wear 3 small studs in my ears that I never have to take out. I was looking for something durable, long lasting & pretty. These definitely delivered all 3 of those things! They’re shiny & pretty & do not look cheap. I originally purchased them to wear to a formal event & they were perfect but I’ve also been able to keep them in & wear everyday. I highly suggest these & I will definitely reorder in the future. Awesome quality for cheap. I also have sensitive ears & these haven’t been an issue! Read more

    3. T. Candace Lillis

      I wanted some classic durable earrings that I could sleep in without getting poked in the neck by a sharp post. These looked like they would fit the bill. They are durable and appear to be well made. They are classic and have a nice appearance. Here are my issues with them that resulted in the loss of two stars: 1. I agree with other reviewers that the posts are too long. The tinier sized ones are not badly affected by this but the mid-sized to large ones have enough weight in the stone to hang down in front because there is just too much post. They look terrible! I had to cut clear rubber backings in half with an exacto and use them between the back of my ear and the screw on backing to keep the earrings fitted to the ear properly. This could be remedied by using a larger screw on backing (see #2). 2. The threaded backing is ridiculously small. Seriously, you NEED to sleep in these things because you have to put them on the night before to have enough time to manipulate them into place. These are NOT a last minute decision! It usually takes me 8 to 15 minutes to get a pair of these on. No kidding. The spherical backs are so tiny that it takes multiple tries to get the hole lined up so that you can screw them onto the posts. The little suckers are hard to hold on to! Once I get them on-I wear the same pair for at least three days to avoid the hassle for awhile. Once they are on and I have my “post hack” in place so that the earring sit nicely I quite like them. A larger backing would solve both problems. Read more

    4. brenda

      Love these, but I’ve had flat back earrings before but they screw in the FRONT. These screw on the back which is the biggest flaw for anyone with a cartilage piercing. (I have 3) Im assuming because there are not gaged they screw in the back. Had I had help it probably wouldn’t have been a problem, but I took me a longgggg time to screw them in place cause they’re so small and kept flying out of my hands. My ear was getting swollen from tugging at it & since the posts are a little shorter than average earrings it was impossible to secure with my ear being inflamed. I had to wait a day for it to calm down. It’s not worth deducting stars cause I can finally sleep PAIN FREE without an earring back digging into my neck. They’re beautiful. I’m hoping I will never have to take them out because it takes forever to put them in. (Cartilage) There’s so many different sized earrings which is a huge plus, and the packaging (multiple mini bags with each pair of earrings) avoids loosing any. I’m happy. TIP: If you’re putting these on in the bathroom, CLOSE YOUR SINK DRAIN so they don’t fall down! Read more

    5. Sophia Hogan

      These earrings were exactly as described. I wear these in my new 2nd hole earring and they are very comfortable and have not irritated my ears over the past several days. These screw back style of earrings are difficult to get on and off easily so I would not recommend these to anyone who plans to change their earrings out frequently. The advantage to me is that they do not have long posts that cross with the other posts on my primary set of earrings so they are light weight and comfortable to sleep in. The first turn of the screw back was stiff so I would recommend using some lubricant to avoid over turning which could break the post. I think that maybe you could use petroleum jelly, WD40, or in my case I just used some antibiotic cream since my ears have been recently pierced and I wanted to avoid contact sensitivity. I imagine over use of lubricants could degrade the quality of the product but the cream I used worked just fine. Read more

    6. April

      These are really great, especially for the price! I love how comfortable they are- I was tired of the posts digging into my head at night and these were a great solution! There is quite a variety of sizes: from teeny tiny to pretty big (not insane, but quite large), but even if you only wear one pair, it’s worth it for the price. And my ears have become sensitive, but these haven’t bothered them at all. My only complaint is that the post is so long; the earrings look a bit cheap only because the dangle out from my ears a bit because the post is so much longer than my ear lobe, but it’s a small complaint and it doesn’t stop me from wearing them. They sparkle a ton and are really pretty! Read more

    7. Kimberly

      I got these specifically so that I could sleep with my earrings in. They came in individual baggies and they were in great shape. Great quality and durability. I have only had them in for about two weeks, but I have zero complaint. I can sleep with them in and I cant feel them because of the flat backs. They haven’t turned my ear lobes black so that’s ideal. Read more

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