6p percent guys’s cotton moisture wicking heavy cushion crew socks

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  • 80% indian cotton, 15% polyester , three% nylon, 2% spandex
  • size: 10 – 13 us
  • package deal consists of 6 pairs of socks
  • heavy cushion continues feet comfy and comfy all day
  • strengthened heel and toe for stronger sturdiness
  • cushioned team socks with ribbed leg and stitch by way of stitch toe ultimate
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Black, Cowboy Blue, Dark Grey, Mix Color, Navy Blue, White

8 reviews for 6p percent guys’s cotton moisture wicking heavy cushion crew socks

  1. Joe Espo

    How had my relationship with socks become so disjointed. The chaos wrought upon my sock drawer by such a variety of looks and sizes, none wrong but… none right for my feet. Fate would align with footwear on February 21st, simultaneously the pinnacle of the bull market and the incubation of a novel pandemic. I bought Enerwear-Coolmax Men’s Cotton Moisture Wicking Heavy Cushion Crew Socks. A week later, my financial portfolio was bloodbathed by down-sloping graphs painting the canvas of absolute economic and financial meltdown. The only sure investment I had left was a six-pack comfort fund comprised of 80% Cotton, 15% Polyester , 3% Nylon, 2% Spandex. Every bleak moment was caressed by their comfort and relaxation, their enhanced durability of a reinforced heel and toe. I thought, these socks, with their ribbed leg and stitch by stitch toe closings, may be the finest socks I’ve ever worn. And I should write a review. Five stars. Read more

  2. J. M. Stone

    Well…when you get a pair that is well made, comfortable, and durable, that…IS EXCITING! I bought these specifically for my daily 5-6 mile walks. So, comfortable and durable are key, and I’m LOVIN’ these socks. Unusually thick and cushiony…just what your feet want when you’re walking for up to 2 hours…and no signs of wear or tear after many wearings. I may buy another 6 pack so I can use them exclusively, without having to resort to my older sweat socks when I go thru all 6 pairs, and it’s not laundry day yet. Highly recommended. Read more

  3. L Morrison

    This is after ONE, (1) DAY. of normal wear. Apparently they are not well made. I have never had socks fail like this, and after only one average day at work. In case you are wo dering about the footwear being the problem , they are new boots that have been worn for 1 week or so. Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    There are flaws in the weave of every pair of socks! That would not bother me except I put the first pair on and there is a hole. I think where the flaws are in the weaving of the sock will easily become a hole when worn. So these sock will not last long. They would be nice socks other wise. Read more

  5. Will Corsair

    I’m always on the hunt for good, long-wearing socks, whether dress or casual. These fit the bill for casual wear. I used to wear Dockers, but I have a hard time finding them in the colors I used to buy. So, I decided to give these a try. They’re thick, they hold up well to wear and washing, don’t shrink much, and are very comfortable. I’m sold. Read more

  6. Michael Goudge

    Bought these for work. I have a lot of uneven terrain to traverse in boots, and need socks that I can roll down a little for extra ankle padding, but are not too tight, like many of the work boot socks. These puppies are excellent, not too tight, so roll down is comfortable, they certainly ran less hot too, nice padding, all round great socks…and…at a reasonable price. I have to see how they hold up over time, but first impressions have me tickled pink, and I am expecting a thank you card from my feet. Read more

  7. Larry

    The best way to describe how the socks feel when you’re wearing them is they remind you of wool socks in terms of the texture -they are a bit rough- when I’m sure there’s no wool in them and maybe at least 50% cotton. I am still looking for real 100% cotton or a mixture that lies to my feet. I’d also like a tight knit weave; the typical old socks you get at shoe stores or sporting goods stores. There is a lot of technology in clothes in general, but how do they feel? Read more

  8. Thomas E Wirth

    I have been wearing these for a while now and they are holding up beautifully. Well made and comfortable. I have had trouble finding socks to wear with jeans and these fit the bill. Keep up the good work guys! Read more

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