6 pairs rings clip on jewelry non piercing jewelry set for women and girls, 6 sizes

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  • numerous sizes: there are numerous sizes on the way to pick out, please see the photo shown for the information
  • various sizes: there are various sizes so one can pick out, please see the picture proven for the information
  • fabric: includes steel and soft latex cushion, that’s light-weight and excessive polished, dependable and will no longer cause allergies, also they’re easy to modify and comfy in order to tackle and rancid
  • packages: the ring jewelry are bendy, you may make it aside while it’s far tight, additionally you may make it nearer whilst there’s a touch loose, healthy for day by day sporting and vital events, which include events, ceremonies and more
  • shade: conventional color, rectangular gold, square silver, rectangular rose gold, which can be style, not smooth to get rust and erosion
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diameter: 70 mm, 60 mm, 50 mm, 40 mm, 30 mm and 25 mm

colour: rose gold

quantity: 6 pairs


small elements. Please keep away from youngsters underneath 3 years old.

avoid friction and hard items, avoid scratches.

do no longer wear them whilst swimming or taking other physical activities.

you could apply some transparent nail polish on surfaces before carrying if essential.


Gold, Rose Gold

8 reviews for 6 pairs rings clip on jewelry non piercing jewelry set for women and girls, 6 sizes

  1. patsmeow2

    I can not have pierced ears so I’ve been stuck with clip on , magnet or spring type earrings all of my adult life. These looked like the tension spring earrings I can only find in one store period. These earrings hurt so bad after 10 minutes I had to take them off. I tried to stretch them a tiny bit, not to break them, but they won’t give. The little rubber pad hurts also. It’s been a waste on money.Read more

  2. Priscilla

    I love itRead more

  3. Michael N.

    UPDATE: The customer service is on point. They contacted me back right away and gave me a few options to rectify the situation. It’s great to see that company’s can care about their customers like this. You don’t see it too often any more. Thank you for your help!–I purchased these for a work Halloween contest where we were dressing up as the Golden Girls. I, being the only guy in the group, was Dorothy. I thought the big pair of hoops would be perfect. Unfortunately the little rubber piece that is supposed to protect your ear from the sharp dagger underneath it kept falling off. I swapped it out with ones in the bag of extras but still no luck. I didn’t look like Dorothy without them, but more like Newt Gingrich. Yikes! “Thank you for being a friend.”Read more

  4. Drop

    Surprisingly heavy (like a good metal heavy, not like “Ugh my ears are gonna fall off” heavy), yet comfortable. They are obviously fake though because they won’t have the same points of movement as real earrings, so they just kinda hang there, stiffly.Read more

  5. Imani

    I love these earrings, they are the perfect touch to many outfits. My only complaint is that they do start to pinch about an 30mins to an hour after wearing. My advice is to move them around! Overall great product!Read more

  6. Samantha Flores

    Super cute, I am just so excited to used them. Very good quality and I love that it comes with extra pieces just in case the ones on it get lost.Read more

  7. LSG

    I had bought a different set of spring back hoop earrings, and they hurt incredibly! I could only wear them for about a half hour at a time before it started to feel like they might break skin. So I tried for a different kind. These are infinitely better in comparison, but still leave much to be desired for comfort. I can manage three to four hours before I have to take them off. I have adjusted them to the best of my abilities, but they will still pinch.There’s also the little embarrassing fact that I realized how asymmetrical my earlobes are after wearing these. My right earlobe hangs fine, while my left just wings off in a crazy direction! How did I never notice this before?! They look normal with all my other earrings! Ladies, do you also have this problem?? I have to twist and adjust quite a bit to make them match, so for each pair there’s a right and left hoop. But I was able to adjust them without breaking the hoops and without much hassle. Otherwise, I like them. People mistake them for pierced all the time, and I like that each size suits a different occasion. Just wish for a little more comfort.Read more

  8. stephanie

    They look very real!Exactly like the picture.They might hurt your ears at first but if you just move they around you’ll be fine.They also come with extra backs!Read more

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