4pcs hematite bracelet for men girls bangle bracelet magnetic tiger eye bracelets

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  • bracelet: this bracelet set consists of 4pcs one of a kind styles and designs, awesome formed black gallstones fit with tiger eye stones, colorful-tone electroplated beads or alloy fabric add-ons, make this bracelet extra fashionable and elegant for guys girls to put on.
  • adjustable bead bracelet : this bracelet fabricated from sturdy elastic string and excessive quality hematite bead, appropriate sheen and texture, clean surface and comfortable to touch, bring you exact wear feelingfit for six”-8. 6″ wrist, greater secure and easier to tackle and take off, perfect bracelet gift for males and females.
  • software: excellent gift on your enthusiasts, beneficial for redecorating your outfit and produce you proper temper, suitable as gift for lots occasions, which includes birthday, wedding ceremony, own family gathering and so on
  • three-leval pleasant manipulate–hand-crafted running;one at a time checking; individual package. Your pride is our responsibility, your reputation is our pursue ,do the pleasant i will do,just for your smile.
  • assurance: we provide one hundred eighty days cash back or change guarantee. Any troubles on the product, pls allow me know, you’ll get a better answer.

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thunaraz 4pcs hematite bracelet for men ladies bangle bracelet magnetic tiger eye bracelets

thunaraz was based on standards: provider and exceptional. Our assignment is to provide first-rate earrings.

thunaraz believes our clients are the backbone of our commercial enterprise. We are devoted to supplying you with a top notch experience at all times.

thunaraz’s designs variety from classic to present day to edgy and urban.

our massive style of specific designs can attraction to nearly any client base around the arena

meet your day by day sporting needs. Fit for both girls and ladies, first rate set in an affordable fine, should buy.

perfect bracelet length & secure cloth

this bracelet made of robust elastic string and excessive high-quality hematite bead, right sheen and texture, smooth surface and cozy to the touch, convey you properly wear feelingfit for six”-8. 6″ wrist

this magnetic recovery hematite beaded bracelet, made from black vibrant hematite bead, with yellow tiger eye bead or shade-electroplated alloy beads, with benifits: preserve you relax, giving you a internal peace, quite sleep and blood move. And many others..

  • circle of relatives gathering
  • anniversary
  • birthday
  • valentine’s day
  • christmas day
  • mother’s day
  • back to school
  • lovely rings set for each males and females

    it suitable basically for: pain with arthritis, joint pain, carpal tunnel, repetitive strain harm(rsi), fatigue, insomnia(problem napping), pressure&tension, terrible circulate related to diabetes, cold hands and feet.

    magnetic remedy has been used for years to help alleviate pain, reduce infection, and improve blood circulate. Additionally reduce stress and tension, enhance sleep and decorate overal balance and temper

    gun steel polished black. Notable gift for her/his fitness .

    exact present for your fans, beneficial for redecorating your outfit and produce you properly mood, suitable as gift for plenty activities, inclusive of birthday, wedding, family gathering and so forth

    8 reviews for 4pcs hematite bracelet for men girls bangle bracelet magnetic tiger eye bracelets

    1. bill

      Strong magnets. Helps with numbness in my hand . I have calcium build up in my wrist (from an old injury ) it pinches my nerve causing numbness in my thumb and 2 adjioning fingers . I was hving dificulty closing my hand to make a fist . Worn this braclet and was able to close my hand a make a fist easily . When worn next to skin it leaves indentation leading me to beleive it reduces water retention which in turn reduces stiffness . I have since purchase ankle braclet to help with numbnes and stiffnes in my ankles and feet. Read more

    2. bier1

      I use these bracelets for their health benefits. They may not work for everyone but they have helped me. They are comfortable and you hardly notice they are on. I have a soreness in my wrist called ganglia it can be very painful. With the bracelets the pain is either not there or very slight. Have been waring Hematite Magnetic bracelets for years and will not be without them. Read more


      Sorry but i am dissapointed. They may be magnetic enough to help but they are only about half the power of my old bracelet. Perhaps it is because not all of the beads are magnetic. Not sure. How can i tell? I am a needle felter. I have little scissors near me as i am working. My old bracelet surprises me by picking these up when i reach across them. These bracelets dont grab it unless i keep turning my hand until it finds a magnet. Akso, they used barely enough elastic to go around my small to average wrist. A suspecta man could not wear these comfortably unless he was very, very slender. I will wear them. Probably better than nothing but i will look for a more powerful one. I paid $9 for the one i have now, several years ago. Read more

    4. Lori S.

      Received on Jan. 6 and have been wearing only one bracelet since. Early this morning as I was taking it off to shower the cord broke and beads went flying everywhere. I’ve been very careful not to get it wet or caught on anything. It was very surprising to see this bracelet only last a few days. The idea with magnetic bracelets is to constantly wear them for the benefit. These bracelets are NOT made for constant wear. I am very disappointed with them. Why anyone would use such flimsy cord on these is beyond comprehension. They are not worth the hassle or money to send back. Am going to purchase better cord and restring the remaining bracelets before I wear them, so this doesn’t happen again. Would give no stars but wouldn’t allow Read more

    5. Suewanda Turner

      As you can see in the pictures the elastic in 2 of the bracelets is coming apart, this occurred with 2 weeks of the purchase. But if you notice from the picture the 3rd bracelet, which has a black thicker elastic is in perfect shape. I gave the 4th bracelet away so I don’t know how that one is holding up. I purchased them for balance and they are doing that for me. So no, I’m not sending them, they only cost $10, I’ll just replace the elastic myself. Read more

    6. Margaret T.

      I bought these as a gift for my husband after buying another Hematite bracelet for myself from another brand. I was looking for something a little more masculine for him. The reason I bought from this company was because it said “Hematite Reiki Healing Bangle Bracelet Energy Magnetic” . The Hematite bracelet I bought for myself from another brand actually WORKED to relieve pain. These are costume only and have absolutely no effect. I ended up giving them away to someone who liked them for the appearance. Too time consuming to return them. Read more

    7. Monica Frizzell

      I loved these magnetic bracelets. Good value My last set lasted a couple years and these are great replacements. I can really tell when I don’t wear them and work on my computer. My hands are less stiff and my fingers don’t hurt from typing when I wear them. Read more

    8. Janice Fails

      They weren’t quite what I wanted because they are different sizes and the strings are sticking out. Read more

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