4 laptop set big 35 x 35 inches satin square scarves neck hair head headscarf bundle

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  • 4 piece set inclusive of 4 one of a kind designs
  • measures approximately 90 x 90cm (35 x 35 inches)
  • fabricated from polyester satin with an imitation silk feel
  • in my view wrapped
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product description

with four designs in each set the strength of desire is positioned lower back into your arms in choosing the high-quality layout that matches your outfit.

vibrant hues manner that these scarves are satisfactory at the eyes and delightful to examine.

product of polyester satin which replicates imitation silk, these scarves are gentle to the touch and comfy to wear for hours on give up.

put on them your way

the lightweight and smooth nature of our scarves lead them to flexible in many conditions and provide a beautiful fashion compliment for your fashion.


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8 reviews for 4 laptop set big 35 x 35 inches satin square scarves neck hair head headscarf bundle

  1. GC

    They’re beautiful and huge!!! Very soft silk, with stunning vibrant patterns. Will purchase again!! (Size compared to my 9 year old cousin, who is 4’9”)Read more

  2. Coco P

    I have locs and these are perfect to keep them tied up at night. Long and comfortable to wear. I hope to use these for when my locs get even longer. The colors are vibrant and the material feels nice and smooth. Highly recommended.Read more

  3. Princess Wright

    They are much bigger than I thought they would be, I wear them every day. They’re soft and keep my hair looking right, definitely worth the moneyRead more

  4. Internetshoppingjunkie

    Ok. So here’s a review specific to me. I love to do vintage wet sets. Needed a scarf for wrapping over set rollers. Many say the scarves don’t stay in place. Mine do, but I know how to tie it super snug and secure. Yes, it will move. Especially if you move like the twitchy mess I am while sleeping. I do use a hairnet underneath to help, though. As far as chemotherapy/hair loss purchasers, I don’t really know if it will work. I think it would if you practice the turban tying techniques, but no promises. These scarves are beautifully, well made. They are quite large, but that’s helpful when tying over the entire head of hair with an easy to undo bow. Plus you get 4 for a stupidly low price.Read more

  5. Sarah Bruton

    These are really pretty! Glad I ordered them, shipping was fast. I ordered these for head wraps since I will be using them when my hair falls out from chemo. I have tried them, they are large! Which I’m glad for.Read more

  6. MamaJ

    When I bought these scarves, I was lookin for a large scarf to tie around my hair. to help protect it during the day when I didn’t have it styled. The patterns were nice but the scarf would not stay on my head well even with the use of bobby pins.The best use I have found for them is to use as a “driving scarf”. I love to have the windows down but hate how it messes up my hair, now I just tie on the scarf and my hair stays nice during my drive.Read more

  7. Bones

    I bought these to cover my head when I lost my hair from chemotherapy. They are a bit larger than I had expected, so they leave rather long tails when I do a straight forward triangle tie, but I’ve gotten creative with tying them. They are a bit hotter to wear than a cotton bandanna, but they are beautiful, with a silky shiny side and nice colors. I especially wear the gold one on the lower left a lot because I am a blonde and it looks natural on me. I did not get the pattern on the upper left, but the one I got is a cream and brown pattern with roses and leopard print and I actually do like it a lot.Read more

  8. Amazon Customer

    OMG these were sooo much better than I thought they’d be! I would’ve taken a picture but I’m wearing one now and the others are somewhere minding their business so anyhow… just take my word for it, these are amazing! I plan on getting a few more sets for my bf’s mom and my mom… I gotta find a fancy box so it looks like a spent a grip on these as they do look and feel like I could have so hey… they’ll never know! Wooot wooot!Read more

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