316l surgical stainless-steel huggie hoop jewelry 6mm/8mm/10mm/11mm/12mm/14mm hypoallergenic earrings hoop cartilage helix lobes hinged sleeper rings for men girls gilrs boys

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  • ♥ internal diameter:6mm. Color:gold. No rust, lasting coloration retention,anti- allergic, long wear
  • ♥ excellent chrome steel, safty fabric, no harm to human’s body. Handy to open or near, do not need to open with equipment,won’t wreck effortlessly
  • ♥ first-rate plating,polished surgical steel clicker hoop for ear piercing can be used as:cartilage/dermal/lobe/tragus/anti-tragus piercing/​daith/conch/rook/comfortable/forward helix piercing,appropriate for men ladies. Simple and stylish look for an expansion of activities
  • ♥ please pick the right size before purchase,if you are having troubles with pleasant or size while the usage of this hoop earring,please do not worry,you don’t want to go back it,i will ship you a new product substitute inside the shortest possible time
  • ♥ high efficiency after sale carrier:extra lengthy and extreme pace. Please do not rush to refund or go back,any questions touch us,you may get a reply in 2 hours
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product description

gabry&jwl traditional hoop design, fashionable sensitive for women,men,women,boys,babys.

a spread of shade combos, each color represents a one of a kind that means. Allow’s better match our daily outfits.

hoop rings length suit

• body region:ear,lip,nose and different frame piercing

• ear location: conch, helix, lobe,cartilage, tragus

• kind: hinge & clicker & circle

• package deal blanketed: 2pcs/8pcs hypoallergenic hoop rings

• cloth: 316l stainless steel

• we offer 6mm/8mm/10mm/11mm/12mm/14mm dia

• silver,gold,rose gold,black,colourful colorings

are to be had,submit is 18g(1. 0mm)

• approximately 1. 4g(0. 003lb),very mild weight.

  • you could put on the jewellery while bathing, swimming.
  • please preserve the jewelry away from perfume, cosmetic and any other chemicals.
  • perfume is likewise corrosive to earrings.
  • model display

    best 2d hole sleeper hoop jewelry for men,girls,youngsters

    design for every day wear, healthy for long term wearing, ideal for visiting, snoozing, celebration and many others


    A01:6mm Gold(2Pcs), A02:6mm Silver(2Pcs), A03:6mm Black(2Pcs), A04:6mm Rose Gold(2Pcs), A05:6mm Gold+Silver+Black(6Pcs), B01: 8mm Gold(2Pcs), B02: 8mm Silver(2Pcs), B03: 8mm Black(2Pcs), B04: 8mm Rose Gold(2Pcs), B05:8mm Rainbow(2Pcs), B06:8mm Blue(2Pcs), B07:8mm Rose Gold+Gold+Silver+Black(8Pcs), B08:8mm Gold+Silver+Blue+Rainbow(8Pcs), C01: 10mm Gold(2Pcs), C02:10mm Silver(2Pcs), C03:10mm Black(2Pcs), C04:10mm Rose Gold(2Pcs), C05:10mm Rose Gold+Gold+Silver+Black(8Pcs), D01:11mm Gold(2Pcs), D02:11mm Silver(2Pcs), D03:11mm Black(2Pcs), E01:12mm Gold(2Pcs), E02:12mm Silver(2Pcs), E03:12mm Black(2Pcs), E04:12mm Rose Gold(2Pcs), F01:14mm Gold(2Pcs), F02:14mm Silver(2Pcs), F03:14mm Black(2Pcs), F04:14mm Rose Gold(2Pcs)

    8 reviews for 316l surgical stainless-steel huggie hoop jewelry 6mm/8mm/10mm/11mm/12mm/14mm hypoallergenic earrings hoop cartilage helix lobes hinged sleeper rings for men girls gilrs boys

    1. Jessica

      I bought the variety pack of the 8mm earrings, and shared a picture of me wearing one of each color.Skip this paragraph if you don’t care about nickel: I’m not taking away from the product for this, because it’s my own fault, but these DO CONTAIN nickel. 316L surgical steel has upwards of 10% nickel, and while yes the nickel release rate (very different from HAVING nickel) is super low, it is still causing you to have constant contact with nickel. Even if these don’t immediately cause a reaction, they might give you problems in the future. Nickel allergies can gradually get worse the more you’re exposed to it, so it’s best to just avoid it altogether. I personally did end up having a reaction, which is the only reason I even researched the metal. Earrings with 316L are allowed to be labeled hypoallergenic, but it’s incredibly misleading.To the lucky people that don’t have to worry about nickel, these are good earrings. They’re comfortable enough to keep on 24/7, they’re light, and they stay firmly closed. I had one defective hinge out of the eight, but I’m reasonably sure the company would have taken care of it if I contacted them for a replacement.Read more

    2. Synesthë

      These are PERFECT. I have 8 piercings on one ear and I have been searching for affordable, cute, comfortable huggie earrings forever. These are super easy to put on & take off, the perfect size to fit close to your earlobe, and the best part is they don’t tarnish, discolor, or turn your ear green! I have had these in for over a month now and I never take them off. I leave them in to sleep and shower and they still look and feel good as new! Highly recommended these!!EDIT: I have now had them in for almost a year and they are still as awesome as when I first got them. I have never taken them off and they have endured almost a year of showers, beach trips, sleeping, etc and still look good as new. I love these!Read more

    3. Matthew

      These earrings are great. I’m a guy who wore earrings in high school but haven’t since. I decided to try wearing earrings again for fun but didn’t want to spend a lot of money for something I’d only wear occasionally if at all and was worried that lower cost earrings would irritate my ears- I used to get infections if I wore anything other than gold.These earrings are great. The size is perfect, they close easily and securely, and—most importantly—they feel great in my ears. I honestly forget I’m wearing them and there has been no irritation or redness around the holes.Read more

    4. Elsa

      Bought 3 pairs. Was a little iffy about buying them because my ears are pretty sensitive. I had them on for about 2 weeks now and they are still holding up pretty well. No green color. No sensitivity.Definitely will buy more.Read more

    5. Sammi Vuong

      6 month update: earrings still look great, no tarnish at all. Highly recommendI have some piercings that are picky and need earrings in them to stay open, but I also don’t sleep well with normal post back earrings, so these hoops are a great solution. They are definitely nickel-free, and also free of other cheap metals, as I wear mine 24/7 and there is no tarnishing or discoloring. In fact, they look very high quality from a distance, I get a lot of compliments on my earrings.Read more

    6. Sapphire

      Got the earrings today, opened them up easily, and they close easily with no problem at all. I’m wearing them now. I got the 14-mm diameter thinking they’d be big enough to fit around the earlobe. Plenty big enough, I could have even likely gone with 12, maybe 10 for sleeping comfort as I wanted these to sleep in to keep a 2nd piercing open while it heals after recently being reopened again. They are surgical steel so hopefully I shouldn’t have any problem with skin reaction. Pictures give you a better idea of the size of the earring on someone. I might order another pair in 12-mm to put in the 2nd pierce and use these 14 in the bottom 3rd pierce. If you have any questions on size, I would suggest using a ruler to draw millimeter size lines on a piece of paper |_____| to make sure you choose the correct size for yourself and compare that to any earrings you currently have. *** Update today: Slept with these last night, very comfortable, didn’t even feel like I was wearing anything. No rash, no reaction at all, no problems. I will definitely get another pair in smaller size, and another color. I would definitely recommend these.***** Another update now with 8-mm size earrings: These ones are tiny but fit very nicely. I almost considered I should have gotten 10-mm because my earlobes are a little bit thicker, but these 8-mm should be fine. I may just get 10 or 12-mm for a matching set of 3 total to wear the 8 mm in the top 3rd, 10 or 12 in the 2nd, and wear the 14 mm in the bottom. When I get another set of hoops I will probably update this review again with new pictures of all 3 pair for people to have an idea for size comparisons.These are the same as the other ones: easy to open, no more difficult to put in than any other earring when you’re putting it in from the back side, and they close easily with a solid click and you know they are latched. Easy to clean with a salt water cotton ball, the hoop design lets air get to the piercing and help it heal and it stays cleaner without a solid back fastener shoved up against the skin like on a post earring.I’m very pleased with these and would definitely recommend them for sleepers or anyone who needs surgical steel to prevent metal allergic reactions.Read more

    7. Amazon shopper

      I ordered the black ear rings at a great price and received the gold ones. I requested a replacement online and within 24 hours I received the correct pair. They are sturdy and fit well. They are a little hard to snap closed at first, you must make sure they line up and it get’s better. 16mm fit well and isn’t too large for me. I ended keeping the first pair rather than returning them.Read more

    8. Gail B.

      Love these earrings! Bought some for my sensitive ears and my ears feel great! The day They arrived I had an infection in one ear hole and had partially redirected the other because I hate wearing earrings so much that the hole grew closed. I put these in and both ears were healed in 24 hours! I never take them out except to clean with alcohol. I just bought a set for my grand daughter.Read more

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