3 pairs sterling silver small limitless hoop rings set, unisex cartilage jewelry piercing earrings for ladies guys women

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  • 【word: closure is a chunk tight,it’s going to modify after more than one makes use of. First time you can even want a person help you placed it in】unisex small limitless hoop jewelry – those fashion hoop jewelry manufactured from 925 sterling silver which is hypoallergenic and does not readily corrode, rust, or stain with water
  • size -8mm,10mm,12mm for diameter, 1. 2 mm thickness,light-weight for comfort put on,the sizes are simply perfect for each day outfit
  • conventional design – hoop earrings in high polished end and with smooth floor. Easy hoop design,in no way out of fashion for traditional one
  • super present – ideal rings present to make bigger a ladies’s fashion wardrobe with a conventional, timeless style. Can be used as a special gift for christmas,valentine’s day,birthday, enterprise items, wedding ceremony, anniversaries, mom’s day,etc…
  • package deal consist of – 1pair*8mm,1pair*10mm,1pair*12mm
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A # 3 Pairs * 8MM, B # 3 Pairs * 10MM, C # 8,10,12MM

8 reviews for 3 pairs sterling silver small limitless hoop rings set, unisex cartilage jewelry piercing earrings for ladies guys women

  1. LM

    NOT STERLING SILVER. i can’t wear any metals that are any less than sterling silver or else i get a reaction….This item says sterling silver which is why i bought them. Upon receiving the earrings i checked everywhere for the sterling silver “925” engraving which no matter how small the jewelry is, it should be engraved on there somehow if it is real sterling silver. I couldn’t find it and put them in anyways and unsurprisingly got a reaction as soon as i woke up this morning. Item is also not valid for returns DO NOT BUY if you are looking for sterling silver or a seller that doesn’t just flat out lie to you about the item. I will be contacting amazon to get my money back.Read more

  2. Fiona

    I have been wearing these every day since I got them (around 5 months ago) in the shower, swimming, sleeping etc. literally never taking them out except to clean my ears & them.I wanted earrings that I wouldn’t have to worry about changing out, so I needed something comfortable, simple and non obtrusive.A lot of reviews were saying they were really difficult to clasp, and I agree, I was only able to put two in by myself & needed someone else to help me. But I actually like that because it makes it feel like they are more secure. I absolutely love them, and can hardly notice they’re in my ears unless I brush my hands against them. They haven’t started to discolor or get gross at all unlike many other earrings I have worn.I have gotten so many compliments on them, and they can fit any style perfectly.Read more

  3. memowmiranda

    I really wish I would’ve read other reviews before purchasing…these are literally the worst. They are super cute but dang near impossible to close!! I spent 30 minutes trying to put them on! And I had to give up. Do not purchase these.Read more

  4. Kendall

    i wish there was a way i could rate this ZERO stars. first off, these are impossible to open, let alone impossible to close. let’s say you get them in your ear and close them (as i did), NOW you can’t get them out. i don’t know what i was thinking.i had to CUT THEM OUT of my ear because i couldn’t get them out. i had to take it out because it infected my ear. i am VERY clean. i bathe twice a day, wash my face, and clean my ears with unscented bar soap daily because i have stretched ears. my ear is swollen and it’s discharging fluid. i’m unsure if the earring was the cause of my infection, however, it didn’t occur until i tried these your money and pain, do NOT buy these. i am miserable. spend a little extra cash on some that are easily openable to avoid this issue.thank youRead more

  5. mwest

    I like the earrings – they are the size I was looking for and they are pretty in the package but after wearing them for two days, they started turning black. I get that sterling silver needs to be polished now and then but after two days I don’t think there should have been black spots on them. I guess you get what you pay for.Read more

  6. The Rational Consumer

    Took me a HOT minute to get the 8mm in my second piercings. I needed help from a friend and she worked for a while to get them in my ears. But, now that they’re both in, they aren’t coming out – and I wouldn’t want to with the trouble we had getting them in. I’ve had them in for a month and I love them!Read more

  7. Danielle .

    These came in and they were so cute! I originally thought they would be perfect, especially for the low cost – but they’re nearly impossible to get in… I wanted to put one in my cartilage piercing but once you open the earring there’s really no way to re-clasp it… unless you’re a wizard. I also wanted to put them in my earlobes and I kind of could – but again I couldn’t re-clap them so they would fall out really easily.Buy one of the largest sizes and they might work!Read more

  8. Margaret

    These are very cute. I wanted small hoops to wear all the time and I thought they would be a bit bigger but I ended up liking the size I got. I haven’t taken them off because it is a bit hard to get on and off but they click in place and don’t come undone at all once they are put on. If you have nails I would suggest have someone else put them on for you, I had to.Read more

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