2nd gen bambino version i’ japanese automated stainless steel and leather-based dress watch

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  • domed mineral crystal
  • domed dial
  • jap-automated movement,electricity reserve:about 40 hours
  • case diameter: forty. 5mm
  • water proof against 30m (100ft): in widespread, withstands splashes or brief immersion in water, but no longer appropriate for swimming or bathing
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  • hello, does it require battery to run?
  • query: hello, does it require battery to run? Answer: that is a mechanical watch and does not require batteries. It’s miles powered both through your herbal wrist movement, or by turning the crown. By means of westlake watches seller on march 20, 2017 fall apart all solutions

  • is this made in japan?
  • query: is this made in japan? Answer: yes by means of td on august 19, 2017 did not get answers. See more answers (2) disintegrate all answers

  • how thick is the watch, from the again to the pinnacle of the crystal? Watch ads handiest inform strap width and case diameter.
  • question: how thick is the watch, from the lower back to the pinnacle of the crystal? Watch ads best inform strap width and case diameter. Solution: 11. 8mm. From a diagram on the orient internet site. Attribute more or less one-1/3 of that to the dome crystal, one-1/3 to the middle case, one-1/3 to the immaculate screw-on lower back. By way of tony polito on february 17, 2019 did not get answers. See greater solutions (2) disintegrate all solutions

  • is orient & seiko the equal?
  • query: is orient & seiko the equal? Solution: orient watch is a enterprise that become based independently in 1950. It turned into bought by means of seiko round 2007. Seiko nonetheless allows orient to operate independently, the use of only classic mechanical movements that it manufactures in-residence in japan. By way of tony polito on february 17, 2019 did not get solutions. See more answers (1) collapse all solutions


    Black, White, Black Dial, Rose Gold Accents, Gold-Tone, Rose Gold

    6 reviews for 2nd gen bambino version i’ japanese automated stainless steel and leather-based dress watch

    1. MA

      Absolutely superb timepiece! I own and rotated through high end Japanese and Swiss watches including Grand Seiko and numerous Rolex models and have no problem finding a place for this gem along its much more expensive cousins! Fantastic looking, very well sized watch with an in house auto/manual/hackable movement. Unbelievably priced. Probably the best value in mechanical watches that are entirely produced in house. Read more

    2. Jared

      Like several others who have purchased this watch, this is my first mechanical watch; my first “real” classy watch. At around $130 bucks, this is an absolute value. To save review readers some time, I’ll just say that if you’re looking for an inexpensive, entry-level automatic watch and are considering buying this, just buy it right now. You will be very glad you did. As far as appearance goes, I cannot believe how stunning this watch is to look at. The pictures and videos you see of it all over the place cannot begin to capture it’s elegance. It’s not a directly WHITE face; it’s more like a light cream/off-white color that looks absolutely brilliant. The mesmerizing sweep of the second hand is hypnotic in its beauty; you can feel the craftsmanship that went into it. It keeps quite accurate time as well; it uses an in-house Japanese movement, which is a big plus for a watch at this price range. The other thing is that due to its simplicity and its sparing of too many complications, the watch is incredibly easy to read quickly; there are some beautiful watches out there with lots of complications that make it difficult to quickly acquire the time; I didn’t think that mattered much to me until I got this watch. Being able to tell the time IMMEDIATELY upon looking at the watch seems like it would be obvious, but with many watches, this is not the case. Friends of mine who are serious watch collectors confirmed my purchase as one of the very best entry-level automatic watches that you can buy. Seiko’s SARB065 aka “Cocktail Time” or basically any other SARB also falls into a great entry level watch category; but if you want something that looks incredibly elegant, and functions and looks like a higher-priced watch. Definitely worth getting this; makes for a great daily dress watch for the office; I am using the band that came with it, and it works great with a business/smart casual look. Read more

    3. Jason H

      This is a great looking automatic watch for the price. The second hand doesn’t glide as smooth as a Rolex or Tag but I guess that is to be expected given the price difference. I didn’t care for the band. It was a little too stiff and shiny. It kind of had the look and feel of something like tuxedo shoes built for the $40 retail price point. It wants to be fancy but isn’t. I replaced it with a nice brown seiko band and I think it looks stunning. I know some people have noted that the watch loses a second or two a day. This isn’t really an issue for me because I change it up between two watches and usually have to reset the time anyway because its power reserve had been exhausted. All in all I am really happy with this purchase. Read more

    4. Ggick

      Waited a good week or so to make comments. Watch is fantastic as are all orient watches. Love to be able to hack insuring correct time. A bit larger than I care for but grew use to it in 48 hours. Size is just a nostalgic thing with an automatic / windable watch. Keeping great time. The band. Others have replaced theirs. Mine very soft after bending a few times. So no replacement for as it is very comfortable. Great purchase. Highly Recommend. Read more

    5. papereng

      I’ve had my heart set on a Seiko Cocktail time for a good while. I could not bring myself to spend the cash with my current budget. I think I satisfied my desire for now at a great budget price. The pictures appear white here, but it has a silver burst reflective glint and the detail is much better than expected (especially at this price point). I am struggling not to keep looking at it. I love how everything shines from up top, yet there is a brushed finish on the edges. I am crossing my fingers on the beautiful domed mineral glass keeping scratch free, but I love the look for now. This will definitely be my dress watch for work ….. or cocktails. I don’t see how this would handle being a daily wear watch though. How do they have all of this with hacking and winding on an in house movement around $100? Read more

    6. James R.

      I’ve been eyeing this watch for a while now knowing I need a better dress watch, but also not wanting spend hundreds of dollars. The thing that’s been casting doubt is the logo; I HATE Orient’s logo, and from the pictures, it seemed very prominent on the watch’s face. However, from first wear I haven’t wanted to take this watch off. It’s beautiful, it keeps time well, and it’s definitely a looker with the right outfit. My concern – the logo’s prominence – vanished almost immediately. It blends in well with the watch and is anything but noticeable from afar. My only qualm with this Bambino is that the automatic winding mechanism is a little noisy and forceful. Compared to other automatics I own, you can feel the winding mechanism on your wrist a little more than others, and up close you can hear it too. For a budget automatic dress watch, you can’t go wrong with this. The bezelled face, classy band, automatic mechanism, clean hour lines, and elegant arms, nothing tops this price point. Read more

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