1ct round remarkable cut def coloration moissanite engagement earrings for women

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  • true colorless moissanite: def colour and vs clarity. Highest craftsmanship level and jewellery end. Shine is better than a diamond ring, hardness almost at the identical degree. Most terrific gem in the world.
  • center stone: 1ct 6. 5mm size def vs spherical first rate cut moissanite,zero. 91ct actual weight.
  • aspect stone: set with def colour vs1-vs2 struggle-free melee moissanite.
  • the middle moissanite (1ct dew, 6. 5mm) has a completely unique identification as laser inscription at the moissanite’s girdle.
  • metal: rhodium plated s925 sterling silver, high polished finish, nickel free
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  • has anybody had an difficulty with this ring tarnishing or turning green?
  • question: has every person had an problem with this ring tarnishing or turning inexperienced? Answer: no i have had no problems with that. Its clearly an first-rate ring. By using jennie west on march 13, 2021 did not get solutions. See more answers (2) disintegrate all answers


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    Cathedral, Chamise, Elodie, Petite, Reverie

    8 reviews for 1ct round remarkable cut def coloration moissanite engagement earrings for women

    1. AZ Shopper

      I thought the ring was very pretty and could totally pass for a real diamond to the untrained eye. The carat size was perfect – not too big that it would look fake. I was able to purchase the matching wedding band separately, and they looked great together. My only complaint was that both rings kept spinning on my finger, but maybe the ring size was just a little too big for me. Read more

    2. Erica Romans

      Love! Super cute, fits perfect! Read more

    3. Brii

      I love this ring so much. Def worth it! Read more

    4. Jennie West

      Its stunning. My husband bought this ring for me to replace my lost wedding band. And I absolutely love it! Read more

    5. jenny Lynn

      Love the ring looked exactly like it supposed to and it fits Read more

    6. Steven

      Beautiful ring and worth every penny!!!! Read more

    7. B Wallis

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I didn’t know how gorgeous moissanite was until a family member used it in a beautiful ring for his fiancee. I was excited to have a piece for myself to wear out when I don’t want to risk losing it. I actually lost my wedding band a year ago and have beat myself up ever since, so this was partly to help me decide what I wanted to get to replace it, and to have something nice to wear when I do replace it and don’t want to risk losing it (again!). I chose the Reverie ring from this set, and absolutely love the delicate lines of the ring with the prong setting and bridge accent. It’s really, really pretty. The stones sparkle beautifully and I’ve actually worn it multiple times a week and was surprised to see how well it’s held up! Of course up close there are tiny scratches from daily wear but no more so than my white gold band I lost before. The video shoes the ring after I’ve worn it for a month, and excuse the little bit of lint on it. The ring came in a red velvet box with black lining. I think I’d choose something a little more delicate or pretty for an engagement presentation but it’s a very nice box all the same. I’d definitely recommend this ring as a promise ring, something to wear out when you are not wanting to wear the “real” thing or heck, if you just don’t want to go broke and into debt buying a beautiful ring. The diamond business is riddled with ethical concerns and most diamonds are ridiculously overpriced. Unless your best friend or judgy relative is a jeweler with a loupe ready to whip out and scan your hand, nobody will know the difference and you can spend the money you saved on an experience vs. an object for your special occasion! Read more

    8. Gina Marie

      This is awesome. Looks just like my real engagement ring, just smaller side stones. I doubt anyone would notice unless it’s me or my husband. This is great to wear when I dont want to wear my real ring (out on a boat or traveling) but I still want to wear a ring. My ring was valued at over $10k so if I lost it it would be devastating but if I lost this one its a fraction of the cost. Definitely worth buying. Read more

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