15-18mm gold chrome steel twist o flex enlargement watch band strap unique curved ends!

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  • suits length 15-18mm
  • gold coloration
  • chrome steel expansion
  • unique curved ends
  • measures about 6 inches lengthy

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product description

speidel 15-18mm gold chrome steel twist o flex enlargement watch band strap 6. Four inches lengthy curved end

8 reviews for 15-18mm gold chrome steel twist o flex enlargement watch band strap unique curved ends!


    Great expansion band. Great fit for the 18mm lug. A little difficult to install compared to leather or two piece bands. The gold plating is on the inside as well instead of plain stainless. Very tricky to remove links and reassemble. Go to a professional if you feel uncomfortable doing this. I almost gave up. But with some patience, it can be done. YouTube has good demos for it. If you adjust it correctly, it WILL NOT PINCH OR PULL YOUR ARM HAIR. My only concern is the wait to see how long the plating will last. Overall, this is a great deal for vintage watches. Just like my dad and grandfathers used to wear.Read more

  2. JT

    The Twist-O-Flex wrist watch band fits around my wrist greatly but I wish it was a little wider. The band is 10/16 of an inch wide and the space on the watch where the band connects on either side is 13/16 of an inch wide.I would really prefer a wider gold Twist-O-Flex watch band. You can see in my picture that there is space on either side of the band where it connects to the watch.Read more

  3. E. J.

    Took it to my local jeweler to replace the old, flex band. looks new but only time will tell if it doesn’t tarnish. the old band i had was 40 years old and gold filled but the links starting to fall out. this item matched the look of the old so i bought it for $19.99 plus $10.00 jeweler’s fee.Read more

  4. Jonathan McCune

    I lost my old watch and bought the parts to recreate it. This new band is exactly like the 30 year old one I lost. Unfortunately, you can’t add/remove individual links to custom fit it to your wrist. My wrist is just a little bit larger than this band’s standard size, and a lot smaller than the extra-long version (the only two sizes offered). It doesn’t pinch me necessarily, but it leaves indentations in my skin.Read more

  5. thejf1

    Perfect fit to 18 mm watch and wrist, including good match on curved ends, which do look better than straight on curved case! Update/2nd purchase: First “CHINA” Speidel Twist-O-Flex I’ve seen; quality maintained in a complex item with many small parts, complex assembly, and low price, all things considered! Backing pieces may be gold like top pieces, or silver/stainless steel on other examples–OK either way. Still have 35 year old one; nothing wrong with it, but not worth fussy cleaning, and not as shiny as new ones!Read more

  6. Alex

    This item is easy to install if you can use the precise length sent to you. If you have to shorten it, it’s a nightmare–I’ve done it before. Fortunately, it fit my wrist without shortening, so it’s OK.Read more

  7. Robert T. Bost

    A wonderful product and was well explained by the seller.Read more

  8. Anon

    Very happy that Twist O Flex is still being sold! A necessity for people that have difficulty fastening watchband buckles. I had to shorten the band by removing links and several internet sites with videos made this an easy procedure.Read more

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