14k yellow or white gold solid wedding ceremony engagement ring

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  • band width : four mm
  • center stone : 0. 4 carat
  • guaranteed 14k real gold and “14k” stamped
  • “no doubt requested” 30-day go back coverage.
  • promptly packaged with free gift field
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product description

this fantastic item is made from spectacular 14 karat gold, and is complete with a surprising excessive polish finish that’s sure to capture the attention of anybody who can appreciate it’s beautiful design. Order this nowadays or browse our extremely good choice of excellent gold earrings.


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8 reviews for 14k yellow or white gold solid wedding ceremony engagement ring

  1. Chris&Julia

    Update 12/25/2018: The big stone fell out due to a prong breaking. I stare at my ring in awe constantly so I don’t know when it happened but I’m so sad. I know it’s only $200 so I will definitely be purchasing another or asking the seller for a replacement. I stand by it being gorgeous, but I’m so disappointed it didn’t hold up to near daily wear. I’m a preschool teacher, so if and when I get a replacement, I may take it off at work to avoid being too rough on it 🙁 If I could give this 6 stars, I would. It’s absolutely breathtaking. I thought maybe it’d be too big for my taste, but it’s so dainty! I bought it to replace my original wedding set that’s real diamond and gold, but is worn out and needs cleaning and rhodium plating. I can’t speak to how this one holds up, but I will update in 6-12 months on wear and tear. I ordered a 5.5 ring size and it is true to size! I MAYBE should have gotten a 5.25 but that wasn’t offered, which is fine because you know us ladies bloat a little once a month 😉 BUY IT. You won’t regret it. Edit: I noticed one of the reviews said that it turned her finger green. That’s because she’s wearing Platinum ring sizers, you can see them in the photo. Not because of the ring haha. I’m very very sensitive to fake gold jewelry. I’ve been wearing it every day for a week now, even in the shower and my finger is green free because I’m not wearing fake gold sizers. I recommend getting clear sizers if you really need to. Read more

  2. Shuntae Gibbons

    I absolutely love my ring! The only reason why I’m giving it 4 Stars is because my initial ring was dirty and faded. It looked as if it was previously worn by someone else, returned, then sent to me. I ordered a replacement. Amazon and the company were extremely apologetic, so hopefully they won’t try to pull that with anyone else. About a month in, I noticed that the new ring started to look dim and dingy; even though I always took it off to wash my hands, apply lotion, etc. I started to fall out of love with it, until my fiancè researched and learned that cubic zirconia stones starts to look dingy after some time, mainly caused by exposure to air. So, all we had to do was wash it with dish detergent using a toothbrush and it was just like new! I fell back in love with it! I would definitely recommend this ring to anyone who is on a budget and just needs a starter ring!!!! Read more

  3. Chris Owen

    I proposed to my now-wife with this ring and she absolutely loves it. The ring is stunning and the price was great for such a beautiful piece of jewelry. What has impressed us the most, however, is the customer service. TWJC has gone above and beyond for our needs. I had the ring for over a month before I proposed and realized the ring was too big and that I ordered the wrong size. TWJC let us exchange the ring without any problems. Then, after a few months of wear, one of the small stones fell out. Once again, TWJC exchanged the ring at no cost to us. We cannot recommend them enough! Read more

  4. Keisy Jacqueline

    Me encanto el anillo, Mi esposo me compro este anillo. Fue una sorpresa que me tenía, cuando me entregó el anillo casi me desmallo de tan bello que es. El remplazo mi anillo de boda por este anillo. Muy bello. Gracias mi vida 😍 My husband bought this ring. It’s beautiful, I really love it. A beautiful gift from my husband, thanks baby. Read more

  5. April Eve

    I have searched long and hard for a realistic cz ring set in 14k. THIS IS IT!!! There are plenty of high quality cz stones out there nowadays that look better than most diamonds found in the mall stores but the hard part is finding a high quality setting. This ring definitely has the highest quality cz and it is so beautifully made. It’s incredibly comfortable and while it’s in the halo style which can be found just about anywhere it is still unique because of the double halo design as well as a beautiful gallery which you can’t see in the photo but is unique in itself. The center stone on this is a half carat and with the double halo design the size is the same as a 2 carat solitaire (8mm) which I think is just the right size, not too big and not too small. It will get noticed but never questioned. I will warn you that a band will not sit flush with it but very close and with the split shank it is very flattering on the hand. I am wearing it with a quarter carat half eternity band and they look perfect together. I will also say that it fits nice and snug and is not too thick between your fingers, something that I can’t stand in most rings. the only negative I can point out is that the ring is not as “finished” on the inside like the most expensive top quality diamond settings but since you don’t notice that when it is on your finger it is not much of a negative to me. I also feel that the price of this ring is incredibly reasonable especially when you consider the cost of gold right now. It is definitely the best deal I have come across and totally worth the money and believe me I have looked. This ring is truly beautiful and I highly recommend it. Read more

  6. Josh

    The double halo is amazing. Also she said yes. We didn’t break the bank and we’re getting dueling pianos at the wedding which is much more fun than a hunk of rock out of Africa. She was set on diamonds and after 50 hours of rather exhaustive research I found that I couldn’t really get along with the diamond industry. However this was the ring that came out of it. Looks really good, literally no one questions it. However I think she’s rather happy we essentially ended up robbing the diamond industry of 3-5 thousand dollars. This ring is fantastic for an engagement ring, don’t be bullied by the diamond industry. Still needing to find a wedding ring that fits this well enough. Read more

  7. Jenilee Stoltz

    I used to only wear a sterling silver or stainless steel ring for cost. I got tired of my ring always looking dingy, scratched and dull. I got this one and I LOVE IT!! It fits perfectly, it’s beautiful and if it gets scratches or wears down over time, I can always pay to get it replated. I absolutely love it. Read more

  8. Dee

    The yellow gold is GORGEOUS & I paid extra for 2 day shipping but they got it to me across country in 18 hours! The stones look like they’re real diamonds too! Forget paying $12,000 for a simiLar ring. This is beautiful. Read more

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