14k real yellow or white gold 2mm thickness huggie earrings (10 x 10 mm)

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  • size : 10 x 10 mm
  • assured 14k actual gold and “14k” stamped
  • no gold plated or crammed
  • “no question requested” 30-day return coverage.
  • promptly packaged with free gift box
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product description

light up any occasion with those lovely 14k gold jewelry. Those rings are completed to present off greater shine and luster by way of reflecting surrounding light. Combined with high polished gold, this set is a assured hit at any occasion. Comfort, class, and practical are words to describe those earrings. Order this today or browse our exceptional choice of low-cost exceptional gold earrings.


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8 reviews for 14k real yellow or white gold 2mm thickness huggie earrings (10 x 10 mm)

  1. Barbara Hernandez

    Absolutely love them. I originally ordered the 8x8mm but they were too small. These are the perfect size for me and absolutely beautiful. I have very sensitive ears and they haven’t irritated me yet so I’m hopeful these are as described. Will update if there are any changes with that.Read more

  2. GeeGee07746

    Love everything about these white gold huggies. So easy to put on, hadn’t worn earrings in years so I had to force them through the first time. No itching or swelling like I get from other earrings & no problem sleeping in them. Started out with one pair, liked them so much I ordered a 2nd pair the next day, loved the way they looked with 2 pairs ….my 3rd pair will arrive tomorrow for the 3rd holes in my ears..😀Read more

  3. Marta-Puerto Rico

    Sturdy and very shinyRead more

  4. Amelia L. B.

    I bought the 10mm version in yellow gold and was intimidated by the size at first. I have hand deformities and arthritis in my fingers, so I was unsure how difficult it would be to put them in. There was no problem at all, and I usually drop anything that small! Also no concern for security after I heard the firm “click” when closing them. Will update if there’s any problem. I’m a pro at losing one earring.Read more

  5. Sam and Kormasa Taylor

    I don’t write many reviews. However, these were such amazing quality that I had to. My body completely rejects fake or cheap metal jewelry. Even the normal, very sterile new piercing jewelry from nice piercing places makes my 10+ year old pierced holes ooze puss, form keloids, bleed, create build up, and turn colors. So, just completely forget about costume jewelry, fake gold, or other low quality metals.I had ZERO reaction to these! Just before putting them in, I had another pair of earrings in for a day, that irritated my ears so badly they were raw and oozing. After cleaning my ears and popping these in, my ears immediately began to heal. I could just feel that they were “clean”.So, if you have easily irritated earrings or a sensitive body, these are an investment worth making. They are my everyday earrings now.*I have pretty small ears for an adult. So, if you have regular or large earlobes, the will fit a more snugly on you.Read more

  6. Elle Driver

    These earrings are just gorgeous! I have a white gold wedding ring, and these match perfectly. They are very small, and leave just a teeny bit of space between the earring and my earlobe (actually because they are so small, I can tell that my earring holes are not even – there’s more space under one earring than the other! Thankfully this is not obvious). My earlobes are unattached or hanging, so those with attached lobes might have more space between ear and earring.My skin is extremely sensitive and my earlobes usually can’t handle earrings without getting really red and gross, but these don’t irritate me at all, and I frequently forget they’re even in. While small, they are still striking and noticeable; very classy. It’s been many months and I never take them out!Edit: Three years later and I still wear these earrings most of the time. They still look as good as new! Once in awhile my ears do get slightly red and irritated (infrequently – maybe a few minutes per week), but most of the time there’s no problem, even with sleeping and showering. All cheap earrings cause my ears extreme discomfort, and these have not disappointed. I am still very happy with the purchase.Read more

  7. Leah Langstaff

    Ordered these beautiful earrings for my grandma, she needed them so she could have earrings she could sleep in while she goes thru her 2nd round of chemo treatments. I did hours & hours of research, and these *were* going to be the best option for her. However, we waited and waited for them to arrive, (she was so excited for them), but finally 4 days AFTER they were supposed to be delivered- I called Amazon & was told they had been lost.I have Prime & I order things for myself practically every other day, and I never have problems. So, I’m really sad that this one time I try to order something important, (not to mention for my 92 year old, sick grandma; AND after I promised everyone that this was the best solution and the best product)– that Amazon failed the mission.Now, I start searching for small, 14K white gold, huggie earrings for my Nani, all over again.Read more

  8. Jan M

    I put these it the day they came and haven’t taken them out yet about 30 days. Love them, they stay shiny have not come apart and I sleep in them comfortably. Would definately recommend them, I threw my sterling silver in the trash as they tarnished and came apart right away. Worth the money and will be purchasing a second pair for the back holes.Read more

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