14k gold-stuffed round striking medal madonna pendant necklace with stainless-steel chain, 20″

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  • 14k gold-filled necklace featuring round pendant with embossed virgin mary and inscription round border
  • inscription:”o mary conceived without sin pray for us who’ve recourse to thee”. Clean to examine lettering and high-quality detail.
  • gold plated chrome steel chain with spring ring clasp.
  • hand crafted within the america.

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14k gold-crammed necklace proposing round pendant with embossed virgin mary and inscription around border

this gold-filled rounded pendant includes the sentimental dazzling medal layout. The pendant rests from a robust and durable stainless steel chain.

8 reviews for 14k gold-stuffed round striking medal madonna pendant necklace with stainless-steel chain, 20″

  1. Ozlem B.

    I loooved! Read more

  2. Kelly P

    Gorgeous and love it! Fits nicely and looks great. I’ve been looking forever to find one that wasn’t oval shaped. Read more

  3. Michael

    My mom cried when she saw it . she loved it ! the medal itself is beautiful ! it’s like a very pale yellow gold. it almost looks like white gold. it’s very beautiful for being gold filled. This is perfect for someone to wear everyday without the fear of accidentally losing an expensive piece of jewelry . the chain is short , but just long enough to reach your collar bone. If you don’t like thick chains, then you might want to buy a separate chain. The chain does not match the medal, the chain is a slightly darker yellow. the medal is what counts though! just buy a different chain if you don’t like thick and dark yellow chains! Read more

  4. Yarnfinder

    I don’t think I can say enough about this Miraculous Medal. The necklace is delicate enough for a child to wear and yet is nice on an adult women. It is about the size of a dime. My teenage daughter has one and I bought one for myself too. I almost never take it off and it is so light that it doesn’t bother me when I sleep, change clothes or lean over. (My Scapular can become a bother sometimes if it gets twisted but not this necklace.) What a beautiful and charming way to express your love for the Virgin Mary. I highly recommend this for personal use and as a gift. Mine came in a little box and was in excellent condition. Read more

  5. Suzy

    This was more than I expected. For me it is the perfect size and the image is eye catching. It shines and looks super expensive. The chain is the perfect length and sturdy. Since I never take it off even to sleep or shower it still looks brand new. I need to get it blessed because it’s a keeper. Read more

  6. Suzanne Elizabeth Anderson

    I bought this for myself. I love the unusual round shape of the Miraculous Medal (usually they are oval in shape). I wear it with a cross and it looks lovely and I’ve received compliments on it. I believe it’s an excellent value for the money. Very lovely, and I’m happy I bought it. Read more

  7. Happy Camper 2

    The quality and look of the medal and chain is very nice, other than the misspelled recourse word (But it is so small to notice)! A nice price as well. I had to buy a crucifix to go along with it at my church bookstore to make sure the gold color , bale, and size of the cross matched the medal and chain, since I wanted to wear them together. Wished the shape of te miraculous medal was oval, like the original medal. Read more

  8. P.W.

    This pendant is a nice piece of jewelry. It is small (no more than an inch in width or length), though elegant and subtle, and thus neither gaudy nor tacky. Having had it for almost two months now, I can say that I am satisfied with the purchase. It has neither tarnished nor worn in any places, as far as I can tell. Moreover, it is a good representation of the Miraculous Medal as presented to St. Catherine Labouré by her vision of the Blessed Mother in 1830. I will note, however, that there are some minor imperfections with the piece I received, hence why I have not given the product five stars. First, the discerning customer will note that the word “recourse” on the pendant is misspelled as “recource” (with a “c” instead of an “s”). I checked numerous places and as far as I can tell, “recource” is simply not a correct spelling of the word and never was. Nevertheless, the mistake is small enough that likely no one besides the owner would notice. Secondly, the back of the pendant — which houses the “Marian Cross,” the twelve stars symbolizing the Virgin’s crown, and the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary — is very tiny and the detail isn’t the best. Moreover, I found that the details on the back do not completely fill the back side of the pendant, leaving some extra space that detracts from the beauty of the piece. The imprints on the back are also somewhat off-center. Overall, I am happy with the piece and have learned to live with its minor imperfections. In a certain sense, they might also add to the uniqueness of the necklace. Read more

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