14k gold spherical flexible thin continuous countless hoop jewelry, unisex

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  • 14k yellow gold
  • made in u. S. A.
  • length: 10mm (3/8 inch) diameter, 1mm thickness, thin and very small round flexible tiny endless hoops
  • flexible, lightweight and secure for adults and babys, simply leave them in and forget your wearing them.
  • delight – we provide a 30 day satisfaction money back guarantee. In case you’re now not satisfied for any purpose, you may get hold of a full refund upon returning your buy inside 30 days.
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  • can guys ware them
  • can men ware them

  • is that this gold plated?
  • is that this gold plated?

  • are they offered as a pair and are they nickel free?
  • are they offered as a couple and are they nickel unfastened?

  • how thick is the hoop – 1mm? 1. 25? 2mm?
  • how thick is the hoop – 1mm? 1. 25? 2mm?


    10.0 Millimeters, 12.0 Millimeters, 14.0 Millimeters, 16.0 Millimeters, 18.0 Millimeters, 20.0 Millimeters, 25.0 Millimeters


    rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, rose-gold

    8 reviews for 14k gold spherical flexible thin continuous countless hoop jewelry, unisex

    1. ashley

      These are exactly what I was looking for. I recently lost some of my favorite gold hoops and these make up for them greatly. I got the 14mm for my first lobe piercing and the 12mm for my second lobe piercing. By “flexible” they mean that the hoop will easily flex open and closed to make it easier to put them into the piercing. They are a bit difficult to actually secure once they’re in but it’s nothing impossible. Once they’re on, you can barely feel them. Perfect for a minimalist look or to be paired with other hoops or studs. For now, I’m fully satisfied. If anything goes wrong, i’ll make an update on the review.UPDATE: I have had these for 7 months and wear them every single day in the shower, at the beach, etc. They have not tarnished one bit, have not given me any reactions, and are still very intact. One of my best amazon finds!Read more

    2. Linda C.

      I have been wearing earrings like this for decades, I put them in and hardly ever remove them until they break, as these will, too, eventually. The continuous hoop style in a smaller size has been increasingly difficult to find in stores so I was glad to see many sources online. The measuring guidelines were helpful, the price was reasonable and delivery was prompt. The quality was what I expected, I like the 14k because it’s softer and bendable enough that my old fingers can maneuver the wires inside the hoops pretty easily. I bought several pairs so I have some in stock, if they hold up as I expect I won’t need to buy more for a few years.Read more

    3. Ms. Me Me

      I definitely ordered the wrong size but that’s my fault no fault on the product. I ordered the 10mm I put them in my ears and even though I’ve already placed another order for the 12mm I actually like them. My only concern is if I can wear them because I’m allergic to fake jewelry and I have some earrings that you can tell is fake but they dont irritate my ear, these I kinda felt a stinging feeling as soon as I out them in. I’m going to wear them around the house tonight and I’ll see. If I stop wearing them it will because or my ear sensitivity to nickel and some sterling silvers not because of the earrings itself.❤ I put 1 start for value for the money because it say 14k gold but my ears started feeling irritated that doesn’t happen when I wear real jewelry. Not saying i was expecting them to be Reallll but I didnt expect the irritation. I have 3 sterling silver rings i bought from amazon that i wear every single day no irritation and i shower with them so i guess it’s the metal their made with. Their still cute though.Read more

    4. Mary Catherine Reed

      I love these earrings. I wanted something I could wear by day and sleep in at night, and these work perfect. I put them in backwards so I can close them in from where I can see. I think somebody should make up a Jewelry line of items that could be hooked onto these earrings without having to take them out of your ears. I do use some matching items from my Pandora bracelet sometimes.Read more

    5. P Gigac

      10mm is the perfect size for my small ears. I have a lot of ear piercings. I wear small continuous hoops in my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th holes (10mm in the 3rd and 4th). I dont take them out unless absolutely necessary. I’m very sensitive to other metals … 14k gold is the only metal i can use. These earrings are perfect! They are not easy to get in by yourself. I do have my husband help me and he uses needle nose pliers. For those that said they’re too thin or flimsy… They are thin but thats how i like them. I’ve worn thicker continuous hoops but they irritated my holes because where the hoop starts tends to not be overly smooth on the thicker hoops.Read more

    6. A Buyer

      I fought so hard at 12 to be allowed to get my ears pierced and then basically never really wore earrings again in adulthood, almost everything irritates my ears and infected them. I thought because these don’t touch the front or back of your ear and just go right through maybe I’ll be fine. Also, that they are gold should help, I have been told I might only really be able to do platinum, that might be next. They were very hard to put in, my mom had to help, it didn’t help that I hadn’t put an earring in for a few years, so I treated my ears with alcohol almost like they were freshly pierced to not have any issues for about a week. But once these were in I haven’t taken them off, it’s been a month now, I sleep in them, and they don’t really bother me. Don’t pry these open to put them on, kind of twist the back end to the side gently to get it around your ear lobe, helps if someone else is there to get the point into the tube, these are so thin and mine are as small as I could get and still clear the bottom of my ear, 12mmRead more

    7. SG

      If you have sensitive ears, these are the earrings for you!!!I don’t like putting on earrings every day due to the extreme sensitivity issues that most earrings cause me. So the holes were constantly closing up and I would have to basically re-pierce the holes with earrings anytime I wanted to wear them. Then I would experience irritation/swelling/bleeding and not even be able to keep the earrings in all day. This process has been on repeat for 20 years!These earrings are an absolute monster to put on, so I definitely recommend having someone else with you to help latch them because that makes it more do-able. I think it was more challenging to put on partly because I have a double piercing on both ears, so the 2nd one was getting in the way while we attempted to close them.But once they were in, the 20 year process of pain while wearing earrings has finally ended! Sleeping in these is a dream and my earlobes feel so healthy for the first time in a long time!I’ve had these in for weeks and they are FANTASTIC! Since there’s no gap in the back, nothing gets caught on them either. I wish I had discovered these years ago, highly recommend!!Read more

    8. Tenaya

      Great quality. The 12mm is perfect for cartilage piercing. Some ratings complained about size. You pick the size! Lol. I got the 10mm initally, but returned cuz it was too small. These are of superior quality, great price, and light. A little pain to put in, but look great.Read more

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