14k gold heart locket necklace with diamond-accent, 18″

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  • 14k yellow gold polished coronary heart locket necklace with genuine diamond
  • holds pictures
  • all our diamond suppliers verify that they agree to the kimberley procedure to make sure that their diamonds are battle free
  • hand crafted within the u. S..
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what makes a top class first-class locket?

a locket is a pendant that opens to expose a space used for storing a picture. Lockets make the right gift for unique occasions and are often exceeded from generation to era. This heirloom fine locket become designed and manufactured to final for generations.

this locket is synthetic using a system-made “hidden hinge” and bezel mechanism. The hinge is recessed barely in to the piece in order not to detract from the aesthetic splendor of the form. The hinge mechanism additionally consists of the bezel, which is the a part of the locket that is designed to maintain its pictures. Due to the fact this a part of the locket is made by way of specific equipment, the hinges are produced to strict tolerance requirements to make sure capability and durability. The image protecting mechanisms are likewise produced to make the insertion of pictures less complicated. Each locket also comes with a template that describes the way to get personal pictures in to the lockets.

made with pride in the u. S. A. A.

this state-of-the-art collection of gold lockets is synthetic with pleasure within the americaa.

this locket is crafted from a thick piece of 14k gold cloth as a way to get up to personalised engraving and bear the take a look at of time and wear.

the chain that accompanies this locket has been upgraded for sturdiness and wearability.

  • advanced photo mechanism.
  • thickness designed for customized engraving and dent resistance.
  • made in the u. S. A.
  • product description

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    diamond colour:

    although diamonds are available a huge range of colours, colorless diamonds have historically been taken into consideration the most treasured. Most diamonds are graded on a scale the use of the letters of the alphabet, from d (colorless), the satisfactory grade, via z (a mild yellow). It is tough for the untrained eye to be aware such variations in coloration until stones are being compared facet by using aspect.

    diamond carat weight:

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    our diamond coverage:

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    gold purity

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    gold coloration

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    being concerned in your gold rings

    to hold gold shining and scratch-loose, avoid contact with chlorine and different harsh chemical compounds. Do no longer put on rings at some stage in difficult work and be sure to store it in a material-lined earrings container or pouch. To clean gold jewelry, use warm water, a mild cleaning soap, and a gentle bristled brush, if wanted.


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    8 reviews for 14k gold heart locket necklace with diamond-accent, 18″

    1. Pete

      Now have had the item for a couple of weeks and it has gone dark and the interior as started to chip away. It is a shame as I bought this for my wife’s birthday and she loved it but now she is upset and so am I as this item which is supposedly 14k white gold has begun to fade and chip. We haven’t had the chance to ass photos to it yet!!! Am going to write to Amazon. Read more

    2. Beth F.

      I bought this locket as a high school graduation gift for my niece. She absolutely loved it! The gift was a huge success. It holds two pictures and includes a very pretty gold chain. The gold finish is polished and the diamond adds just the right amount of elegance without being tacky or overdone for a young lady of 18 years. The latch is secure but not hard to open. The only suggestion I would make is that the inside frames should pop out so that you can trace your pictures to fit. On this locket, you just have to sort of guestimate the size the pictures have to be and cut down appropriately. The result is that the pictures are not exactly heart-shaped. But that’s a minor problem. Overall, and for the money, I am really happy with this piece of jewelry. Read more

    3. Ruth Feliciano

      I liked every thing from size to warm my heart i get to carry my grandkids pictures with me in this beautiful locket.a wonderful gift to myself. Read more

    4. Steve Maller

      I never got my wife anything like this, and she absolutely loves it. It was a bit of a pain to figure out exactly what size to print the photos I put in there. I would appreciate some sort of online template. But in the end, all that matters is that she adored it and wears it proudly. Read more

    5. pjzdreamliner

      I love the 14 Yellow Gold Heart Locket necklace.It was a birthday gift from my honey. Read more

    6. mark perelman

      The locket is perfect, I suggest you buy it from because they have a insert photo option, they will edit the photos as well. It’s the same company. It will be more expensive there, but it’s worth it since it was SUCH a hassle to put the photos in myself. Read more

    7. KH

      Very pretty Read more

    8. Drxice

      Small but nice Read more

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