10p p. C. Men’s cotton moisture wicking heavy cushion team socks

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  • eighty% cotton, 15% polyester, three% nylon, 2% spandex
  • size: 10 – thirteen us
  • bundle contains 10 pairs of socks
  • heavy cushion keeps toes relaxed and relaxed all day
  • bolstered heel and toe for more desirable sturdiness
  • cushioned group socks with ribbed leg and sew by means of sew toe final
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Black, Black/Dark Grey, Black/Green, Black/Grey Sole, Black/Jean Blue, Black/Mix Color, Black/Navy Blue, Black/White, Cowboy Blue, Dark Grey, Dark Jean, Mix Color, Mix Color 02, Navy Blue, White, White/Black, White/Black Sole, White/Green, White/Grey, White/Jean Blue, White/Mix Color, White/Navy Blue

8 reviews for 10p p. C. Men’s cotton moisture wicking heavy cushion team socks

  1. Cyber Mike

    I work in construction, these are hands down the best socks I have ever worn with my work boots. They feel just as good in casual shoes or wearing around the house. I wanted to wait on any reviews until these were used and washed several times. After several washing’s I have zero complaints, they have held up like new. I just purchased another pack and will be ordering more in the future. Update: After 5 months I am still loving them. Numerous washings they still feel and wear like new!!! Attached a couple of 5 month pics. Read more

  2. Felicia L. Jones

    I bought these based on the reviews and while I was a bit disappointed, my husband isn’t. They did shrink up more than a bit after washing and I was concerned that they wouldn’t fit as they seemed to fit when he tried them on after delivery. But, he says they fit great and are very comfortable. He is an Executive Chef and on his feet many hours a day. Many socks don’t provide comfort or last very long, but he says these feel good all day and it seems their quality is superior to other brands I have purchased for him previously. At this point, we will purchase again. Read more

  3. mrlysell

    The overall thickness and integrity of the sock is very good. However it is not a crew length sock, it is more like a tube sock going almost up to the knee… approximately one-third longer than it should be for a crew length. Additionally at the top of the sock the opening constricts making it very difficult to pull the sock all the way up. I do not have particularly thick calves at all so I can only imagine what this would do for people who work out all the time or have a thicker calf. very uncomfortable at the top but the lower part of the sock is very comfortable and well-made. Read more

  4. MsKawiCara

    My husband works maintenance. He walks from 3-10’miles a day. He’s on his feet the whole 8 hours with one twenty minute lunch and two 15 min breaks. He also works a ton of 12 hour shifts and sometimes those are 7 days a week. He came home after the first day and he doesn’t usually give me more than a yeah they were good but he walked in and said these are good socks! They stayed up all day, and he said feel how dry they are. Yes they were slightly damp but they’re doing a shut down right now and cleaning the boiler and other items. He wears heavy boots with steel toes. Usually I complain saying please completely undo your socks bc they’re so soaked with sweat and they’re balled up. These really moisture wick!!!!!!!! I was amazed by the old socks wetness on a normal day were quadruple if not more than what was with these socks on a harder day. They stayed up all day!!! They were comfortable. He’s got long slender feet and he didnt complain about fit. We will buy again as long as they hold up in the long run. We got black bc I figure it will keep from looking dingy. Update: a year later he is just now needing a new pack bc we for some reason loose socks in my house. Before these his socks always wore out and got holes in the toes or heels. Not with these! They look as black as day we ordered them and no holes. This is a first for us. We will most def buy these again! Read more

  5. Deidre Holladay Hughes

    I bought these for husband who is both picky and hard on socks. I was worried, since he is so picky. He usually gets socks at costco. He was in need of socks, and we no longer have a close Costco, so after reading the reviews, I took a chance on these. He has only had them for a couple days, so to soon to tell longevity. However the passed his inspection. When I had told him I had ordered him socks, he had replied “I hope they aren’t garbage”. When they arrived, after he inspected them he said “these seem like good quality socks”. Yeah, for me. Time will tell how long they last, but if they hold up, we may have found a new sock brand. Hopefully quality doesn’t change as unfortunately so many companies these days seem to do. I cannot give five stars until I see how the hold up. Well, he has had them for a long time now, and they held up surprisingly well. Read more

  6. Debbie Farmer

    My husband is very picky when it comes to work socks. He prefers crew socks made of mostly cotton. He has tried all the big name brands; Nike, Gold Toe, Carhartt, Under Armour….and the list goes on and on. After reading the positive reviews I had to give it a try. When it arrived I only washed 4 pairs just case he didn’t like it. I’m very happy to say he loves the socks. My husband has has a foot size of 11.5 4E. I was worried the socks would be too tight with his wide feet. Finally, a winner! My next purchase are the shorter ankle socks for summer. I appreciate for all the reviews. That’s what sold me on the socks. I hope this review will help future shoppers! Read more

  7. Vicki P.

    Never heard of this brand before (and they were more expensive than the ones I generally buy), but I decided to give them a try based on the reviews. So glad I did… my husband LOVES them! They’re so thick and cushiony. My husband said his feet feel so good in his work shoes now and the elastic top actually stays in place (another plus!). Will definitely be buying more if amazon gets them back in stock. Read more

  8. Cyrus Brown

    These are pretty decent socks and fit as I expected them too. They are not too thick or too thin and feel plush, I expect and hope they will last for a long time. The one thing I don’t like about them is the gray toe area is too small which leaves a seam that you can feel with your toes. With a larger toe area like most socks the seam runs nearer the ball of the foot where it can’t be felt. I work outdoors all year long and find these acceptable on all but the coldest and hottest days. If you have the appropriate socks for more extreme days, these will do for rest of the year. The elastic tops seem to hold their shape for many washings which is important. Nothing bugs me more than a baggy sock slipping down in my work boot. There are more comfortable socks out there but these are a good value and will give you many wearings. Read more

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