10p p. C. Men’s cotton moisture wicking cushion low cut socks

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  • 80% indian cotton, 15% polyester , three% nylon, 2% spandex
  • size: 10 – 13 us
  • package deal contains 10 pairs of socks
  • heavy cushion keeps feet secure and secure all day
  • strengthened heel and toe for greater sturdiness
  • cushioned socks with ribbed cuff and stitch via stitch toe final
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Black, Black/Grey Sole, Mix Color, White

6 reviews for 10p p. C. Men’s cotton moisture wicking cushion low cut socks

  1. Marty B.

    I can’t believe I’m writing a review for socks! A little background……I’m a bigger guy, about 250 lb, and I’m a big (literally) tennis player. I’ve never really found what I would consider “really good” socks. I have now. I’ve tried all of the high end name brand socks, and none of them held up very long without getting holes somewhere in them. I was on here looking to replenish some of my socks that were holy, and I was looking at the Thorlo tennis socks specifically. I like the thickest socks I can find, especially for tennis. Now I’ve bought Thorlos Level 3’s in the past, and I just figured they were the best you can get, even though they didn’t last very long at all themselves, especially for around 12 bucks a pair. Crazy expensive. So I’m reading the reviews for the Thorlos, and I saw a guy’s review that recommended these socks instead. I clicked on the link he provided and read the info and the reviews, and I just thought to myself “Yeah, another cheap product with a bunch of fake reviews”. But I figured that for 10 pairs for 16 bucks, what would it hurt to give them a shot. I’m SO glad I did! These things are not only as THICK as the Thorlos, they’re much more DENSE, by that I mean a much higher thread count. These things feel so awesome, and are SO comfortable. And best of all, no holes! I wore them to work (I’m a service man) and at least 3 nights a week of 3 hour tennis matches. Still, no holes! It’s kind of hard to believe you get 10 pairs for only 16 bucks…..amazing. I want to thank the guy who put them in his review of the Thorlos (Thanks guy!). I just ordered 2 more 10 packs, and I got rid of every other sock I have. I now have only these, so no searching for matches.I ordered more because every time I find something I love, they stop making it pretty soon. I’ll just say this if you’re looking at these socks and reading these reviews, and you’re on the fence about buying them because they’re so cheap…….BUY THEM NOW, you won’t be disappointed! Read more

  2. J. Mertes

    I bought a pack of ankle socks for my husband at Walmart. The cheap ones, because he was completely out of ankle socks. How does that even happen? He tried on a pair, wore them for a day, and hated them. Too thin. “Take them back, get me some good thick socks.” So I checked Amazon because it was easier than driving half a mile to Walmart, and there were the socks of his dreams: thick, moisture-wicking, extra heavy cushion, low-cut. Everything a man could want in a sock. So I bought them and they arrived the next day. BINGO! “BEST. SOCKS. EVER.” That’s a direct quote. And “Get me another pack.” Like, 10 pair aren’t enough. He wants a never-ending supply of these amazing socks. I hope your man loves them as much as mine does. He even says they make a difference in our daily walks. I think he’s nuts, but that’s why I love him. Read more

  3. Nonamemarine

    very comfortable for my size12/ 4E wide feet. my wife’s tiny 7A narrow footsies have a little too much room for her liking. I think this sock is more suited for men’s sizing so order accordingly. The are as good or better, actually as the socks I used to get from Sam’s made by Burlington with the green stripe on the toe. Those socks have been redesigned with a lower thread count and are too flimsy and won’t stretch to fit my feet. These socks are wide enough at the cuff to fit my fat ankles and the heel section fits at my heel and not up my ankle. The socks are soft to the touch out of the bag and remained so after washing. Don’t wash in hot water and dry on med. to retain the fit. Hot wash and high dry heat will shrink them, ask me how i know. Very good and highly recommended. Wish they were made in the USA. Read more

  4. SaltySpouses

    I bought these socks to wear around the house since women’s socks tend to be flimsy and every color under the sun. They were loose on me (which is to be expected) but they fit well enough for lounge socks. This was until I washed them. Every single sock in the pack felt like it lost it’s fit. It went from being comfy and loose to slipping off while walking, and the ankle being large enough to fit around my calf. Read more

  5. JuJu

    When socks are for the average size range of 6-12, I expect them to be a perfect fit for the size 9. Maybe the size 12 might have to have it stretch to a full fit, and maybe the size 6 might have to deal with a little bit of give, but a size 9 should fit properly from toe to heal. I ordered these for my high school son, and the heel actually goes up past his ankle. These are a perfect size 12, and I can’t imagine ANY size 6-9 being able to wear them. The quality is just what I wanted, and because my son is still growing and will grow into them, for me personally they earn a 4 star. If he was still a size 6 or 7 or 8? I’d have given them 2 stars. They need to state the true sizing of these socks, and hopefully offer another smaller kind that is the true “average” size of 6-10. I know many sock makers offer the 6-12 range, but it is a bit ludicrous. Read more

  6. HustonX

    I searched for a long time before deciding to buy these socks. I wanted thick, cushiony socks, for more padding on these almost 60-year-old feet. I looked and looked some more and finally gave in to these. My Prime delivery came in today. I open, I got the mixed low cut socks as ordered. Now, this is what happened. I open, I put them on and I immediately went back to Amazon to buy another set. Yes, I just placed another order. And now I am writing this review. Can you spell perfect, that is for me anyway. They are perfect for me. Value for money? How can you beat 10 pair of cushiony thick socks for $12.58? If you can you are a better shopper than me. Anyway, that’s my experience and it should be obvious to you that I HIGHLY recommend these socks. And by the way, am I a paid reviewer. Not a chance. I am an avid Amazon shopper and I also use the reviews. Good luck in your search and hope you make the right decision for you. I know I did! Read more

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