10455201 genuine factory substitute resin band, fits gw-9400-1, gw-9400 and others

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  • imported
  • actual casio replacement band
  • band width: oem length as on authentic watch
  • colour: black, fabric: resin
  • stainless-steel buckle and loop
  • fits model: gw9400-1

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product description

about casio : with the launch of its first watch in november 1974, casio entered the wristwatch marketplace at a time when the watch industry had simply located virtual generation. As a employer with current electronic generation developed for pocket calculators, casio entered this area assured that it is able to broaden timepieces that might lead the marketplace.

8 reviews for 10455201 genuine factory substitute resin band, fits gw-9400-1, gw-9400 and others

  1. Don

    80% sure it’s a fake Casio band. It is NOT an exact replacement. It’s shorter by 4.5 mm, narrower by 1mm, the crispness of the details is missing, it’s not the same color and appears a little gray instead of black. The buckle moves much more easily due to the narrowness and I had to adjust from 5 holes to 4 because it’s shorter. While it’s a really good fake I believe it’s still not OEM and only $10 cheaper than a real one from the store.Read more

  2. John and Mindy

    I’ve seen some reviews calling this a fake. I previousy ordered this band from Casio Parts and this is the exact same, including the factory packaging. This is a genuine Casio part.This band is the replacement for the GW9400 Rangeman. However, I bought it this time to put on the G9300 Mudman and it is a perfect fit.Don’t hesitate to buy this product and ignore the negative reviews. This is the real deal.Read more

  3. Ken W.

    This is (NOT) the factory replacement. This is a completely different resin rubber. My new band broke within a week of putting it on my G 9400. The rubber resin is cheap and will not hold up like the original band. I had to find the original band on eBay directly from Casio. The new factory band is much different than the sellers on Amazon. Don’t pay the high price with sellers on Amazon, go with the real thing instead of a knockoff.Read more

  4. M. R. Meyer

    My old band finally broke from dry rot after 5 years of heavy use and exposure to dirt, salt water, and chlorinated pools. This new band fits great I also replace the bezel and my watch looks brand new again.Read more

  5. Karl D. Kessler

    It’s perfect! I’ve had my Rangeman for 5 years now. The last band I bought was a nylon strap, it was ok, but not as nice. I love my watch as much as the day i got it! I have a new bezel coming soon and between that and this band, it’ll look like a new watch!Read more

  6. Sue

    The band arrived quickly and my boyfriend put the band on himself using the small screwdrivers that come with eyeglass repair kits. It was easy. Now if Casio would make a band that lasted longer than a year.Read more

  7. Remus J. Gaynor III

    The product fits and wears great, very easy to change the old strap to new but, it does not come with any screws to hold bands.Read more

  8. Amazon Customer

    As advertised. To factory specs. Even though they are bit more expensive, it matches exactly the same as the old factory band. Simple to use with a jeweler screwdriver.Read more

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