#10273059 proper factory replacement band for g shock watches

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  • imported
  • true casio replacement band
  • band width: 16mm – 25. 5mm
  • color: black
  • fabric: resin/rubber, chrome steel buckle
  • fits model: awg-m100, awr-m100, aw590, aw591, g7700, g7710

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product description

proper factory casio substitute band for models: awg100r-1av, g7700-1v, aw591-2av, aw591-4av, awg100-1av, awg101-1av, aw590-1av

8 reviews for #10273059 proper factory replacement band for g shock watches

  1. halebs

    Have had this watch for over 10 years and wanted to dress it back up with a new band. Was a little unsure whether this would fit my older 4765, but it looks and feels like the original. Only difference is “Made in Thailand” vs “Made in China” on metal buckle. As others commented, installation was a bear. To get the straps and pins in the holes you have to wrangle the straps close to the watch body. Short strap went OK, long strap took forever. But, happy with the result. The band came looking brand new, but I wore it doing yard work and was too lazy to wash for my photos. A note that they have another cheaper band that looks like it would work, but I believe this more expensive band is the real fit for the AWG100-A1.Read more

  2. Mark Brickman

    My original Casio sports band was tearing so I bought the Casio replacement band. The band itself is great and is an excellent replacement. It fit the watch perfectly (25mm width and 16mm spring bars). I originally bought my watch (the G-Shock AWG100–1A) in 2010 which is little older than the G-Shock models listed in the band description. I was able to perform the replacement using a small 5mm flat blade screw driver but if you want an easier time I strongly suggest you buy a watch spring bar tool for spring bar removal and insertion.My only criticism is the lack of a diagram showing how to do the replacement. However I did find videos posted on the web that walked through the procedure. If you neeed a replacement band for your G-Shock watch then I highly recommend this band.Read more

  3. TacticalDad

    This band was the spot-on replacement for my AW 590. Now I have a few watches & bought a tool kit years ago so I have a spring bar tool. Removal of the old band was easy, installing the new band was a PAIN for sure. All I can say is take your time & don’t get frustrated. I made sure one end was in first, then worked the other side until it was seated correctly. Probably a 15-20 minute job with the right tools but I felt that it could have taken less time, that’s nothing against the band itself, just the way the G-Shock is set up. If you need a new band for your G-Shock I’d highly recommend this one, my watch looks brand new.Read more

  4. Fred

    This band seems to match the Casio factory item number, but there is a difference in small ID numbers stamped onto each piece of the band My old band: 740 FB3 16 >PUR< These are arrayed top to bottom near the outer end of the strap. The new 'replacement' band: 740 GD4 16 >PUR< The only number that is relatable is 16, which matches the width of the attachment fitting - 16mm. I have searched for any explanation of these numbers, but can find no info. I know these bands are notoriously difficult to install, and I have all of the spring bar compressor tools, thin flat blade screwdrivers, and have even tried to use magnifying glass to get alignment of the spring bar pin. To check my technique I have repeatedly been able to re-install the short/buckle half of the strap bur cannot get the new short strap installed. It looks like the spring bar hole in the attach end of the strap may be misaligned, because when I push the bar to try to align it, it appears to be bowed. The spring bar works normally out of the strap, and I can install it in the watch (sans the band) easily. I was able to install the long end of the strap without too much difficulty - about average for this watch band. I believe the short strap is just not formed to precise specs - the hole is not aligned on an axis that fits the pin holes in the watch case. My watch is a 9-10yr old G-Shock AWG M100B.Read more

  5. Amazon Junkie

    I was nervous when I ordered this watch band because, for some reason, replacement bands for the AWG100-1A are hard to find. I was relieved when the band arrived in the original Casio packaging and was exactly the watchband that I needed.After viewing some instructional YouTube videos, I was able to replace the band by myself with a mini flat head screwdriver. I will say that it was very difficult to press the spring-pin bars back into place, but I persevered for about an hour-and-a-half and ultimately succeeded.The original watchband lasted for 9 years so I hope I will have many years of use from this new watchband before I need to replace it….or the watch!Read more

  6. Royc

    I’ve had my Casio watch for 9 years now and it works great. The band however needed to be replaced. It takes a beating and finally wore out. The hardest thing about getting a new one was finding the right one. Once I did, It was shipped quick and arrived the next day with Prime. Installing it can be a bit complicated, luckily for me a friend of mine just replaced his and did mine for me. Now my watch is as good as new.Read more

  7. Ryan Marlin

    I’m really rough on my Gshock. Way more rough than anyone should be. Saltwater daily, tons of shock, scratching, more than an acceptable amount of grit and grime has seen this watch. My band finally dry rotted after 4 years of constant saltwater (which is a long lasting time) and bought this new one with zero hassle and easy to put together. It also allowed me to clean out the watch, which I was blown away at how much debris can collect around the watch faceplate. 10/10, would buy again (but hopefully in another 4 years)Read more

  8. Amazon Customer

    Broke my 4-yr old band the other day. Went on the web and looked at 3 videos of how to replace. They all said to buy the Casio band. It’s more expensive than some others but it does look like the original and fit like the original which I think is the way to go. Getting the old one off was relatively straightforward doing what the videos showed but getting it back on was hard, hard, hard and I finally gave up after more than an hour of getting close. Took it to a local watchmaker (The Watch Pocket, Silver Spring, MD) and the watchman put the new one on it about 15 seconds! Said he’s done a lot of them. So be dexterous or go to a shop:-)Read more

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