#10096986 authentic factory alternative g surprise band gw300, gw301, gw330a, black

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  • imported
  • real casio replacement band
  • band width: 16mm – 26mm
  • color: black
  • fabric: resin/rubber
  • stainless steel buckle

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about casio : with the release of its first watch in november 1974, casio entered the wristwatch marketplace at a time while the watch industry had just determined digital technology. As a corporation with contemporary digital generation developed for pocket calculators, casio entered this subject assured that it may increase timepieces that could lead the market.

5 reviews for #10096986 authentic factory alternative g surprise band gw300, gw301, gw330a, black

  1. Diosmaya

    Hopefully this helps someone: Installation tip…try as I may, I couldn’t get the bands in, one finally went in, but the other one didn’t….I actually gave up after trying for hours, it looked like one side didn’t even fit…then it occurred to me that I might have them reversed…so with pain in my heart I dared take the one I had so painstakingly managed to get in out….and swap them around…it wasn’t easy…it still took about 5 min of trying, but managed to get both straps in…so beware that the long strap goes on the bottom part of the watch and the short one on the top. It is kind of obvious once they are in, but when they are off I couldn’t really tell and thought that it might not matter, till I realized that of course it does as otherwise while you would be able to use it that way, it would be awkward to strap your watch. The little installation tool makes it easier than a simple screw driver as it “holds” the neck of the pin, push one side of the pin into the first hole…then depress the other side until you manage to fit the strap in the slot…then carefully wiggle it around until you feel or hear the pin snap into that whole…otherwise the thing will just come out again. I hope this saves someone a few hours of frustration. Great band once it goes it. 3 of us..all engineers, tried and failed…:P Read more

  2. skullmann

    This band breathed new life into my Casio G-Shock GW-300 watch! I;ve owned my original GW-300 since 2003; it has over 2,000 flight hours, 50 scuba dives, and lots of abuse during hiking, swimming, and other outdoor activities. The original band finally gave out, and despite lasting an incredible 13 years of everyday abuse it was a sad day. I was lucky to find this replacement band on Amazon and it was a perfect fit! As others have described it is more of a “matte black” than the original “semi-glossy black” of the original band. Hopefully you can see this in the attached pictures; in all the pictures the new band is attached to the watch and the original band is adjacent to the watch for comparison. The difference is really insignificant at any sight distance, so despite the slight difference I’m very happy with the appearance of the band. The clasp and strap retainer are decent quality, and most importantly the band fit my GW-300 G-shock perfectly. I took the opportunity of changing out the band to give my very abused watch a thorough cleaning, to include cleaning and oiling the original spring bars (this item did NOT come with replacement spring bars). It’s a bit tricky to attach the new strap, but if you’ve ever changed out a strap with spring bars you’ll understand that it takes some patience and a very small flat head jewelry screwdriver or similar tool; just keep at it and you’ll eventually get the spring bar into each of the holes of the watch. Recommended! I’m a top rated Amazon reviewer and receive lots of free items to review; I paid full price for this item and it’s worth every cent to keep my watch functional! Read more

  3. Richard B

    Great band, but virtually impossible to install on my watch, as was the original. Due to the design of the band covering the access to the strap pins it is extremely hard to install. I finally gave up and went to a watch repairman, with his tools he did it in seconds. Save yourself the frustration, unless you have those tools, let a pro do it. The band is high quality and exactly like the original, which lasted me for over 10 years and over 500 ocean dives and countless (well 10 yrs worth) of days wearing it. So at least you don’t have to do it very often. Best watch and band I have ever had based on years of use and functionality versus cost. The watch cost me less than $35 when I bought it and I have dove to over 140 foot with no leaks. Read more

  4. 24hr Family

    I’ve had my Casio G-Shock GW-330A Watch since 2008 when I originally purchased it. It has seen plenty of use and wear over the years, but has always been extremely reliable and functioned accurately and flawlessly. Unfortunately, the watch’s wristband had eventually wore out from continuous use by splitting down the middle part of the latching side and breaking off, rendering it unwearable. Needless to say, I was pretty upset considering it was my favorite watch. I didn’t want to replace the entire watch because it held a sentimental value and maintained it’s functionality. Because the wristband was the only issue, I searched Amazon and purchased a compatible replacement. After receiving the replacement parts in the mail, I was extremely pleased that it appeared to be an identical match and was anxious to replace the old wristband. This is when I ran into a minor setback. The issue was that there were no clear instructions included for describing or diagramming the steps to take in replacing the wristband. Luckily, I found a few video tutorials online showing the appropriate steps to take on a similar watch models. I suggest anyone who purchases this replacement wristband, followup with simple online research as I did for a step-by-step video tutorial. Some videos show the use of a spring bar tool and others show the use of a precision flat head screwdriver in dislodging the spring bars. (I would recommend the use of a spring bar tool for a more secure fit and less frustration.) After following along with the video, I easily replaced the broken wristband with the new one. The watch looks and feels like new, leaving me beyond satisfied with the end result. I know that I’m going to get many more years out of my watch and feel that this was money well spent. Read more

  5. OldCat

    Exactly what i needed. At first glance you may think its the wrong band due to the way the button shows in the pic. The band itself does not cover over the area where the button is. It connects underneath it. Getting the band on is quite challenging, putting it back, even more so. It would be nice if there were instructions on how to replace the band. Even Casio has no documentation of this. There’s a pin that has a spring mechanism that causes it to extend out. You will need to force the pin using a flat head in one direction so that it shortens itself and allows the band to pop out of place. There probably is a special tool for this, but I haven’t looked for one at the time of this review. Read more

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